A Guide To Basketball In Macau

Basketball has become one of the most popular sports in Macau, alongside football. In recent years, active efforts have been made to promote the sport among the locals through the provision of infrastructure and opportunities to learn and improve the quality of the game.

This article offers a detailed account of the evolution of basketball in Macau, its progress over the years, and its current status in the region.

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History of Basketball in Macau

The political situation has a profound impact on the cultural and socio-economic conditions of any country or region, and Macau is no exception. The region’s representation and recognition in the global sports landscape were impacted by the region’s status as a Portuguese colony and later as an administrative unit of China. It was mainly the Portuguese who introduced contemporary sports in Macau to shape its cultural identity and affiliation.

The Macau Chinese Basketball and Volleyball Association was established in 1950 to establish the two sports formally and oversee the relevant aspects of the teams representing Macau internationally. Owing to the need of the time, the association was renamed Macau Amateur Basketball and Volleyball Association.

In the early 1980s, a new law was stipulated according to which each sports association was required to have independent registration. As a result, the association was renamed Macau Amateur Basketball Association, and the government gazetted the body in 1984 and approved it as a legal organisation.

Following this move, the association applied for affiliation with the Asian Basketball Association and International Basketball Association. In 1999, when Macau was returned to China, the constitution was revised, and in 2005, the association was renamed the Macau China Basketball Association.

The Macau China Basketball Association is striving to popularise and develop basketball in the region. It is also focusing on the training and technical development of young players. It also oversees the affairs of the national basketball teams and competitions at the domestic level.

Macau National Basketball Team

The Macau men’s national basketball team is presently ranked 152nd in the FIBA rankings. The team has been a member of FIBA since 1979; however, it has appeared in any FIBA World Championship. The team played twice in the FIBA Asia Cup in 1983 and 1987.

The Macau women’s national basketball team is also a member of FIBA since 1979. The team has played four times in the FIBA Asia Championship.

Besides the men’s and women’s national basketball teams, Macau also has Under-19 and Under-17 teams for both men and women. All the teams have represented Macau in the respective Asian Championship tournaments.

Domestic basketball competitions in Macau

At the domestic level, various amateur leagues are organised every year, which has contributed to the growth in basketball’s popularity. Macau organises these amateur basketball leagues and uses them as a medium to select players with superior performance to play for the Macau national team.

In 2017 a pre-season Super 8 Asian tournament to promote the sport in Macau and serve as a warm-up for the competing teams ahead of the regular domestic leagues.

The tournament was invitational and featured eight professional basketball clubs from China, South Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, and the Philippines. Macau hosted this elite-level cross-country tournament, causing excitement among the locals and promoting the sport in the region.

One of Macau’s most popular basketball clubs is the Macau Black Bears, representing Macau in the ASEAN Basketball League and is the city’s first professional basketball club. The team was originally known as Chong Son Kung Fu, and it was a Chinese team that competed in the ASEAN Basketball League.

The team played its games at the Nahai Gymnasium in Guangdong. In 2017, Chong Son Kung Fu joined the ASEAN Basketball League under the name the Nanhai Long Lions and changed its name so it could be differentiated from the mother team, the Guangzhou Long Lions. The team partnered with a Macau-based group, the Desportivi Ching Son, in 2017 and changed their name to the Macau Black Bears.

After the 2018 season of the ASEAN Basketball League, the team relocated to Macau to promote the development and growth of professional basketball in the city. The team’s name was derived from Bobo, the famous black bear rescued in 1980 from a gourmet restaurant.

Before the Black Bears, there was no professional basketball team in the city. After the team’s shift to Macau, the interest in the sport has increased manifold, particularly among the youngsters who aspire to take up the sport as a career. The region has numerous outdoor and indoor basketball courts that are easily available for the public, giving them the opportunity to play freely and hone their skills.

Can You Bet On Basketball In Macau?

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