A Guide To The Cambodian Basketball League

The Cambodian Basketball League (CBL) is the top professional basketball in the country. The league had its first season in 2013 and is based in Phnom Penh. Like the Cambodian national basketball team, the Cambodian basketball Federation also oversees the affairs of the CBL.

Top basketball players and teams compete at the Beeline Arena for the CBL title every year. The league currently comprises seven times. However, when it was founded in 2013, the top 10 teams from the country were a part of the league. 

This article offers a brief insight into the history of the Cambodian Basketball League and its evolution over the years. 

Cambodian Basketball League History

Basketball was one of the most thriving sports in Cambodia in the early 1900s. The political unrest and the mass Cambodian genocide in the 1970s, a period that was nothing short of a massive tragedy, took a huge toll on the country’s socioeconomic conditions. Sports that were thriving at one point were now a thing of the past.

However, post the tragic era, the Cambodian Basketball Federation picked up the pieces slowly and tried to revive basketball in the country. In the 90s, the national basketball team began participating in international competitions, starting with the Southeast Asian Games. The country played in various international exhibition tournaments in the early 2010s. 

During the past decade, there was a significant increase in the public interest and popularity of basketball. The Cambodian Football Federation realised the potential for the growth of basketball in the country and took initiatives to promote basketball in all 25 provinces of the country and focus on each of the five regions.

In a bid to promote basketball and increase its popularity, the association introduced various basketball competitions for players at the entry levels. These included games at primary and secondary schools level, universities, and biennial national competitions. 

This led to a massive increase in the sport’s popularity as one could easily find games being played in basketball courts, colleges, and schools. 

Cambodian National League Formation

The formation of the Cambodian National League was a part of this initiative, as the CBF wanted to provide a formal platform to the various teams and clubs formed in the country around that time.

The league was established through the joint effort of the Cambodian Basketball Federation and CamBasket, which was a group of representatives belonging to the clubs that became a part of the league. It was decided that an organising committee would administer the league’s day-to-day affairs, and a Cambodian Basketball Federation member would take on the commissioner’s role. 

The league’s first season was held in 2013 and was a huge success. A total of 12 teams took part in the season. All teams were required to have at least three players in their ranks. 

Within a year, it had become evident that the CBL would become a medium via which new local talent could be identified. It was hoped that Cambodians had an appetite for basically, and eventually, the league would contribute to improving basketball’s profile and standard in the country.

The first season of the league began in July and ended in December. A total of 80 games were scheduled over a period of seven months. Players of ten nationalities were a part of the season, including Cambodia, France, Australia, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, Russia, and China. 

The season was divided into two phases. The 12 teams played against each other in a round-robin competition. The top eight teams progressed to playoffs in December.

Cambodian Basketball League Format

Currently, the Cambodian Basketball League is the most popular in the country and has gathered a huge fan base. The league holds matches at the National Olympic Committee Stadium in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Currently, the CBL comprises seven teams. These include Extra Joss Fighters, The Yuetai Mekongers, Dragons, MOEF, Master Tapsi, Asian B, and Beyond.

In the recent season of the CBL, the Yuetai Mekongers grabbed the CBL title by beating the Extra Joss Fighters. It was the fourth consecutive final for the Fighters. In the previous season, the Fighters had won against Beyond in the final of the CBL.

Even today, many foreign players are part of the teams playing in the CBL. The teams must have at least two Cambodian players on the court at all times; however, beyond that, teams are allowed to form a line-up as they deem fit. 

Most teams in the CBL have Cambodian players in surplus, who are acquired from the national squad, youth, and adults. 


Can You Bet On Basketball In Cambodia?

In Cambodia, sports betting, including on basketball, is indeed available and actively participated in by both locals and tourists. The country has a vibrant sports betting scene, with basketball being among the popular sports to wager on. Betting sites operating within Cambodia provide a broad spectrum of betting options, covering various leagues and tournaments such as the NBA, the EuroLeague, and FIBA. This wide-ranging coverage ensures that basketball enthusiasts in Cambodia can enjoy betting on their favourite teams and leagues from around the world.

Cambodia sports betting platforms offer live betting and streaming services, allowing bettors to engage with the games in real-time, adding an extra layer of excitement to the betting experience. This feature is particularly appealing as it enables punters to make informed bets based on the live action unfolding in the basketball games. Furthermore, these betting platforms are accessible both online and through mobile devices, making it convenient for users to place bets from anywhere at any time.

The presence of these betting opportunities underscores the popularity and acceptance of sports betting in Cambodia. As such, individuals looking to participate in betting in Cambodia, especially on basketball, will find a supportive and dynamic environment. With a range of leagues and tournaments available for betting, enthusiasts have ample choices to engage with their passion for basketball through betting.

How Professional Is The Cambodia Basketball League?

The Cambodia Basketball League (CBL) represents the pinnacle of professional basketball within the country, showcasing the talents of both local Cambodia basketball players and those from abroad. Established in 2013, the league has grown in stature and professionalism, operating under the auspices of the Cambodian Basketball Federation. The CBL provides a competitive platform for teams to vie for supremacy in the sport, significantly contributing to the development and promotion of basketball throughout Cambodia.

This league has been pivotal in raising the standards of play and professionalism among players, offering a structured environment for athletes to hone their skills. The involvement of the Cambodian basketball team in international competitions, including the SEA Games, is a testament to the league’s effectiveness in nurturing talent capable of competing on larger stages. The CBL’s role in the development of basketball in Cambodia cannot be overstated, serving not only as a competitive arena but also as a catalyst for growing interest and participation in the sport across all levels.

Through its commitment to excellence, the CBL has helped elevate the profile of basketball in Cambodia, creating opportunities for players to advance their careers both nationally and internationally. The league’s success in fostering a professional basketball culture in Cambodia highlights its importance in the broader context of the sport’s development within the country.

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