LA Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder – October 27th 2022

Oklahoma City Thunder will take on the LA Clippers on 27th October at the Paycom Centre in Oklahoma City. The game is the second game between the two teams this week. On 25th October, the two teams came head to head in a game that landed the OKC Thunder their first win of the season.

The LA Clippers had gone into the game with a record of 2 wins and one loss and came out with an even count of 2-2 when the game ended in 94-108. Let’s look at what the Thursday game looks like for both teams. On the other hand, the OKC Thunders had not won any game till Tuesday.

LA Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Prediction

The Clippers currently stand at number 10 in the conference, while the OKC Thunder, after their win, has moved up to number 13 from 16. The season had started on a very different note for both teams. While one team was striving for a deep run in the season, the other was in the process of rebuilding.

The two teams have played 48 matches against each other, out of which the OKC Thunder has won 27 times, while the LA Clippers have won 21 times. Before the 25th, the two teams had come face-to-face in April this year, where the Clippers had won by a wide margin of 138 against OKC’s 88.

It is also interesting to note that during the current season, while OKC had not been able to win any match before their latest win, they had put up a strong fight and had managed to keep the score gap within 10. Their lineup may be young, but the team has been striving, and the results reflect their efforts.

While the LA Clippers, one of the most talented teams in the Western Conference, had been favourites to win the match, the end result took many by surprise. The team’s defence has been good, while the offence has struggled, particularly in their game against the Suns. It has been the other way around for the Thunders, having conceded around an average of 115 points in every game. 

Although the current stats and conference standings indicate the LA Clippers to have the upper hand, it cannot be said with certainty if their recent defeat against the Thunders was just a one-off thing or if the hosts would take advantage of the home turf again to claim the game.

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