Miami Heat Vs. Houston Rockets – December 15th 2022

Miami Heat are scheduled to play against the Houston Rockets on 15th December 2022 at the Toyota Centre, Houston. 

The last time the two teams played against each other was in October when Miami Heat won by 118:110. During the past two years, the two teams have gone head-to-head six times, and Miami has emerged as the winner in all games. 

So, how will the Houston Rockets play this time? Let’s do a quick recap of the performance of both teams in the season and get an idea of how they have been doing so far.

Miami Heat Statistics

Miami Heat is in 10th place in the Eastern Conference ranking table. The team has played 28 games, out of which it has won 13. The team played its last match against the Indiana Pacers on the 12th and won by 87:82. The team will come into Thursday’s game against the Rockets after facing the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, where they are favoured to win.

The team has won six out of the last ten games and is looking to improve its score. On the offence, Miami is scoring 107.9 points per match with a shooting percentage of 45% from the field. While their scoring average puts them at the end of the table, the shooting percentage places them in 26th place. Bam Adebayo continues to lead the score table for the team with an average of 20.8 points and a shooting percentage of 52.9%.

On the defensive end, Miami has held its own. Its defence line-up has emerged as one of the strongest, which is why, despite scoring low, the team has managed to contain the opponents in multiple instances. The team is surrendering 109.3 points per game and has only shot 47.1% from the field. This number puts the team in fifth place in the league. In terms of shooting percentage, Miami is placed in 17th place in the NHL. 

Houston Rockets Statistics

The Houston Rockets will be coming into Thursday’s game with a record of 9 wins and 18 losses despite winning its last two matches against the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. The team sits at the bottom of the Western Conference in 15th place.

While the team lost consecutive matches at the beginning of the season, it has picked up the pace and improved its record. The team lost 12 of the first 14 games, which pulled down their stats. However, the team has won the last six of the ten matches, and things are looking up.

A major reason for this could be the good form and availability of all the top players for the recent games. On the offensive, the Rockets are scoring 110.3 points per game, which is the 24th-highest score in the NBA. Jalen Green sits at the top of the scoring table, averaging 21.6 points per game to his credit. In terms of defence, Houston is the 25th-ranking team with a conceding average of 116.2 points per game. 

Miami Heat Vs. Houston Rockets Prediction

The last time Houston beat Miami was in November 2019, and it has continued to lose all its matches against the visiting team. The Rockets have the advantage of home turf and may have improved their game, but they are pitched against the fifth-best defensive line-up. Their scoring average may be better than Miami, but the weak defence may not be able to hold its ground against the opponents. It is why Miami Heat is better positioned to win the upcoming game. 

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