A Guide To Betting On MLB

Major League Baseball – or MLB – is a big pull for gamblers all over the world. And, of you are thinking of trying your luck, there has never been a better time to give betting on the MLB a go. Gambling on the sport isn’t hard, but, as with any market you don’t know about, there are a few things you should be aware of before you get started. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how to begin betting on MLB – so let’s get started with the basics.

Why is MLB popular?

First of all, it’s important to understand the differences between betting on the MLB and other sports. There is an incredible number of games to be on within any given season, and there is a multitude of statistics to pore over on every player. For the professional gambler, this makes MLB a great attraction – using all those stats in the right way can help you spot the bookie making a mistake on their odds, and take advantage. Next, let’s take a look at some of the bets you can make in MLB.

Is Baseball Betting Easy?

Whether or not baseball betting is easy depends on a variety of factors, including your knowledge of the sport, your understanding of the betting markets, and your ability to make informed betting decisions. While some people find baseball betting to be relatively straightforward, others may struggle to consistently beat the bookies.

If you are new to baseball betting, it can be helpful to consult a MLB betting guide or betting tips MLB to gain a better understanding of the sport and the various betting markets available. By doing your research and staying informed about the latest trends and developments in the sport, you can improve your chances of making successful bets.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to sports betting, and that even the most experienced bettors can experience losing streaks. To be successful at baseball betting, you need to be disciplined, patient, and willing to learn from your mistakes.

While baseball betting may not be easy, it can be a rewarding and exciting activity for those who are willing to put in the effort to make informed betting decisions. By using a combination of research, strategy, and discipline, you can increase your chances of beating the bookies and achieving long-term success in baseball betting.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular baseball betting options:

Money Line Bets

Money line bets are the easiest way to get started with betting on MLB. Just like in soccer, rugby, or American football, all you need to do is pick a winner and back them. Bookmakers base the money line bets on $100 every bet, with – and + signs denoting whether the team you are betting on is the favourite or underdog respectively. So, let’s say you have the Boston Red Sox marked at +150 to beat the New York Yankees, who bookies set at -250. Clearly, the Yankees are highly fancied, and you would need to put on $250 to win $100. However, if you think the Red Sox will win, it a $100 bet results in a $150 win.

Run line Bets

The run line is a lot like points spread that you might recognise from betting on other sports. Bookmakers set these run lines in a particular way, either -1.5 or +1.5 – and it can have a significant effect on your winnings. For example, let’s say that, as above, you bet on the Red Sox to win, but they have a -1.5 run line. It means that your bet will only win if the Red Sox win by more than two runs – anything less and you lose. And, of the Red Sox are set at -1.5, it means the Yankees have a run line of +1.5, meaning you could win your bet if they win, or if they lose by a single run.


Totals are similar to goals scored in football – you bet on the likelihood of a particular team scoring a certain number of points. The bookmaker will offer you odds that a team will score higher or lower than you think, and you bet against them if you fancy the chances. As an example. Let’s say the bookmakers are offering odds of -110 for the Red Sox to score more than 9.5 runs. If you bet $110 on that event happening, you will win $100. Most of the time, you will find that bookmakers will use half numbers to ensure a result, but occasionally you will find whole numbers – 9 instead of 9.5. In these cases, if your backed team scored nine runs, the bet will usually be voided, and you will get your stake back.


Most people who bet on MLB focus on money lines, runs, and totals. But other markets exist, too, and are often worth a look as you tend to find that bookmakers pay less attention to the outside markets. Props are a perfect example and involve placing a bet on a variety and broad range of outcomes. For example, you might bet on which team is leading after three innings, or which team or player will score the first run. Check your bookmakers to see all the different markets that are available. As we mentioned before, it could be worth your while!


Futures are popular bets, too, and many people will place a bet that their local tea will win the World Series at the start of the season. But it’s not just winners and losers you can bet on – there is a huge array of betting opportunities. You can bet on who will get their league pennants, who will win their divisions, and even top run scorers.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to MLB betting – good luck!

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