An American’s Guide To Betting In Europe

Betting in the United States has become immensely popular during the past few years. It is equally popular in Europe. While there are many similarities shared between European and American betting, it is also true that there are many differences.

If you’re going to cross the line and get into European betting, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with the differences. Otherwise, you could get yourself into trouble. Within this guide, you’re going to learn a great deal more about European betting terms, so you’ll have no trouble betting on sports in the UK and Europe as a whole.

Decimal Odds

There is a good chance that you know how the odds system works in the United States. The odds are often declared as positive and negative numbers. The favorite team, fighter or horse is the one with the negative number. The one with the positive number is the underdog. While European betting uses a similar system, it is slightly different. When betting in Europe, you’re not going to see whole numbers all of the time. Instead, you’re going to see numbers with decimals. It can take it a little bit of practice to get used to betting in Europe.

In America, the odds could be +138. In European, this would equate to 2.380. The formatting of the betting odds can be very tough.

Calculating Profits

You also need to understand that calculating your profits when betting in Europe is going to be different. Decimal odds are commonly used in Europe, Australia, and Canada. In order to determine how much you’re going to win, you’ll need to perform a simple math. Just take the take and multiple is by the odds. This is the best way to determine how much money you’re going to win if you make the right bet. In America, this would be different. You would need to use the following equation.

Odds X (Stake/100) for positive odds
(100/odds) X Stake for negative odds

By figuring using these math equations, you should have little to no trouble figuring out how to determine how much money you’re going to earn should you choose the right horse.
An American's Guide To Betting in Europe

Sports Handicapper

In the United States, there are plenty of people out there that offer betting picks. If you follow their picks (commonly known as tips in Europe), there is a good chance that you’re going to increase your chances of striking it big. These people are often referred to as tipsters.

When you go to Europe to bet, you’ll be happy to know that cappers will still be available. However, they’re going to be referred to something entirely different. In Europe, these individuals will be referred to as tipsters. So, if you find yourself in Europe and need a little helping hand choosing your bets, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with a reliable tipster.

They’ll give you their opinion and prediction of the outcome of a game or race.

Football vs Soccer

Most people in the United States understand that football and soccer are two different things. For Americans, football is closely associated with the NFL. It is a hard-hitting sport that many people watch with their families. Soccer is the sport where the players kick the ball around the field. In the United States, football is likely the most popular sport in the country. If you go to Europe and talk about football, people are going to be confused. In Europe, nobody really uses the term soccer. Instead, they use the term football and it refers to the sport that you may know as soccer.

If you’re better on football in Europe, you’re actually gambling on the sport in which the players give the ball around the field.

Win/Place/Show vs Each Way

The betting systems in the United States and Europe are really pretty similar. However, there are terms that may be different. In the United States, you’re probably familiar with the win, place and show bets. Something similar is available in Europe. However, it is referred to as each way. This is nothing more than a bet offered by bookmakers. These are two separate bets available, a win bets and a place bet. In order to acquire a return for the win bet, the team or horse that you select must win.

For the place bet to provide you with a return, things can be a little different. The horse you select must win or finish in one of the preselected places. For instance, you can use a place bet to say that a horse is going to come in second or third place. While place bets are very beneficial, you need to understand that the odds paid are going to be limited compared to the win bet.

Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet combines two or more single bets in a single wager to improve the odds and the potential for bigger winnings. In order to gain a return when placing an accumulator bet, all parts of your bet must win or place (in the case of each way). If they do not, you will lose. Most betting sites only consider a combination of four or more as an accumulator, but a double or treble could also be an accumulator bet.

Understanding European Handicap

If you are familiar with betting, you probably already know that the odds play a major factor. Not only do they determine which team you are going to bet on, but also they determine how much you are going to earn in the event that you do win. Unfortunately, sometimes these situations are very profitable for the punters because some teams are so higher much higher ranked than others. When betting on an international football game, you might see Germany VS, San Marino. Of course, Germany is a much higher ranked team than San Marino, so the odds are going to be in high favorite for the Germany team to win.

You can bet a certain amount on the Germany team, take a little risk, and bring home a small profit. On the other hand, you could take a huge risk, bet a certain amount on San Marino, and take a huge chance of coming home with nothing. Most individuals don’t want to partake in these games due to the odds. This is where bookmakers try to make the situation more interesting, so they can attract more betters. In order to do this, they initiate what is known as a European handicap.

These handicaps almost work in the same manner, as if you were playing a weaker individual at basketball and you spotted them points. The bookmakers will either spot the favorite team fewer points or spot the weaker team points. This not only gives the weaker teams somewhat of an advantage, but it makes the betting process a lot more exciting and enticing for mismatched games.