Can You Bet On Britain’s Got Talent?

Lots of people ask can you bet on Britain’s Got Talent, and the answer is yes you can. Many bookmakers offer odds on who will win what is Britain’s most popular talent show and many people love to have a bet on their favourite act winning the show and getting to perform live for the queen.

How Can I Bet On Britain’s Got Talent?

The main way to bet on Britain’s got talent is to try and pick the winner of the show from the hundreds of acts that enter. When the show first started, it used to be quite easy to pick which acts would make it to the final, as it was more a case of Britain’s not got talent for most of the acts.

But the show has come a long way since it first started in 2007, when Paul Potts won the hearts of the nation. The opera singer also probably won lots of punters a tenner or should that be tenor.

Britain’s Got Talent also tends to have semifinals, and some bookmakers will let you have a bet on which act will win each of these.

Where Can I Bet On Britain’s Got Talent?

Many bookmakers offer betting on Britain’s Got Talent. You can normally pop into high street bookmakers such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals, and Betfred to place a bet. These bookmakers will also let you bet on Britain’s Got Talent online or over the phone.

Other popular online bookmakers where you can place your Britain’s Got Talent bets include Bet365, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Betway, Betvictor, and Unibet.

If you’re looking for the best odds for Britain’s Got Talent, it’s worth checking a popular odds comparison site such as Oddschecker. Not only will they list all the best odds from the bookmakers we’ve already mentioned, but you’ll also be able to check odds with lesser known bookmakers such as 888, 10Bet, and VBet.

If you’ve not already got accounts with all these bookmakers, you might even be able to sign up and grab yourself a variety of bonuses, free bets, and other concessions that you will be able to use to bet on Britain’s Got Talent.

Other places to consider when placing your Britain’s Got Talent Bets are the betting exchanges, such as Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets, and Matchbook.

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Strategy

It’s hard to pinpoint a strong betting strategy for Britain’s Got Talent. But what you probably need to be is a great judge of people, as the winners are voted for by the public. Of course, the public can be a fickle bunch and what’s popular one year may be out of fashion the next.

A look back at past winners may give you a clue to the type of acts the public likes. Street Dancer George Sampson won series 2 of Britain’s Got Talent, while the dance-themed continued with dance Troupe Diversity winning series 3. Spellbound described themselves as a Gymnastic Troupe when winning series, while series 7 winners Attraction where a shadow theatre group.

Joe McDowall became the second singer to win Britain’s Got talent when landing series 5, while boy band Collabro won series 8, and Colin Thackery series 13.

All the Britain’s Got Talent judges seem to love dogs but, while a dog and a trainer normally feature in the latter stages, the audience seems to have had their fill of such acts after Ashley and Pudsey (series 6) and Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse (series 9) won the show.

Magician Richard Jones enjoyed his spell in the winner’s circle in series 10, while unique pianist Tokyo Myers captured the public’s imagination to win series 11. Jim Courtenay added comedy to his piano playing to win series 14, while the Lost Voice Guy brought his own unique brand of comedy to the stage to win series 12.

Should I Bet on Britain’s Got Talent?

Yes, you can bet on Britain’s Got Talent, but whether you should bet on Britain’s Got Talent is a whole different story.

If you like to bet for fun and Britain’s Got Talent is one of your favourite TV shows, knock yourself out. Having a bet will only add a bit of excitement to what is already one of your most popular pastimes. Just don’t be too disappointed if you lose, as the result is determined by the public, who change their minds as often as the judges have Botox.

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