Football Betting: How To Bet In-Play On The Exchanges

In-Play betting on football isn’t for everyone – but done correctly it can prove a lucrative method of betting.

However, like any type of betting, it requires a research and analysis and, above all else, the discipline and confidence to stick to your strategy.


Detailed research and analysis should form the basis of any strategy, and strategies can range from the simple to the extravagant,

Once you feel your research and analysis has uncovered a statistic that gives you an edge in the market, you must work out what bank you might need to cover potential losing runs and to make the investment of your time worthwhile.

When In-Play betting first started, one of my friends once worked out that it was possible to make long-term profits by backing the 0-0 in all the Premier League games and then laying the bets back later during each game. This is one of the simplest strategies I’ve come across, but it provides an excellent model through which to explain the fundamentals of In-Play betting.

Entry Point

For the 0-0 strategy the entry point was prior to kick-off as he wanted to get the highest possible odds about the 0-0 score-line.

However, your strategy may involve you placing a bet later in the game – e.g. last goal scored.

Exit Point

Your research and analysis should enable you to work out appropriate exit points.

In the case of my friend mentioned above, he worked out at that time that more than half the Premier League games where 0-0 after 30 minutes. His analysis also showed that the odds-for a 0-0 draw after 30 minutes where half of what they were at the beginning of the match – so in the long run he made a profit by exiting at this point by laying the bet back.

Stop Loss

In regard to the 0-0 method there is no stop-loss position as once there’s a goal the bet is dead.

However, say your analysis shows you that the with 10 minutes to go in any Premier League game the chances of another goal are 2/1, yet with 5 minutes to go you can get out of your bet at evens (when the true odds are only 4/5).

In this case you should always sell with 5-minutes to go if no further goal has been scored.

Accepting Losses & Making Profits

There are no 100% guaranteed methods to win on every football match, and sometimes you’re going to lose. You need patience and confidence in your system, and this is where your bank comes into play. Never chase losses in the short-term. Simply take them on the chin and wait for the next opportunity. If your system is good you’ll make long-term profits – which should always be your aim.

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