How To Bet On Football

Welcome to this beginner’s guide on football betting. Here we’re going to discuss the different types of betting available to punters. It’s worth noting from the outset that football betting can be a complicated business. So this will only serve as a brief guide to a much larger topic.

One of the first things that new bettors struggle with is which type of bet to choose. There are many different ways you can bet on football, and none of them can be definitively called the best. Ultimately, it comes down to how you like to play and whether you see opportunities using any particular betting method.

Outright Winner Odds

At the start of a new season, tournament or cup championship, bookies will put odds on the chances of individual teams winning. For Manchester City, the odds of winning are high. So bookies will only pay out, say £3.40 for every £1 you pay in on a bet on that team winning. The odds of West Brom winning, however, are much lower. Bookies, therefore, will pay out £1001 for every £1 you pay in.

As more and more games are played throughout the season or tournament, the odds of a certain team winning will narrow. This causes the odds on some bets to become longer, and others shorter. For instance, bookies may only pay out £1.29 for every £1 bet on a Manchester City Premier League win after 35 games if the club is on the verge of winning the title.

Over Under Goals

Over under betting is a very popular form of betting in football. The aim here isn’t to predict who will win, but rather how many goals will be scored in total. Most betting agencies will start with a standard bet of 2.5 goals in any particular game. This means that you can either bet that there will be two or fewer or three or more goals in the match. If you bet on over 2.5 goals, then you’ll win your bet if three or more goals are scored. If you bet under 2.5 goals, you’ll win if two or fewer goals are scored.

The cut off for over under betting can change, depending on the betting agency you use. Some agencies go as low as 0.5 goals and as high as 7.5 goals for their cut offs. Obviously, you stand to win a lot more money if you bet on more than 7.5 goals being scored in a single game. But equally, there is a much lower likelihood that you’ll win.

There’s another form of over under betting that doesn’t use half goals. Instead, bettors place bets on the number of goals being scored being over or under a round figure. Take Over Under 4 goals, for instance. Bettors who bet over 4 goals need 5 match goals to claim their winnings. Equally, bettors who bet under 4 goals need three goals to collect theirs. If there are four goals overall, all bettors get a refund, regardless of whether they bet over or under.

Both Teams To Score

Both Teams To Score is another betting game that is growing in popularity. Again, the concept is rather simple. Bettors either bet on both teams scoring or only one team scoring. Often the odds on these types of bets are relatively low. For instance, bettors might only expect to get £1.77 back on every £1 they bet if they correctly predict both teams will score.

First Goalscorer

In first goalscorer betting, bettors pick the person in the fixture who they believe will score the first goal. If you place a bet on a player who doesn’t start the match, your bet will be refunded. It should be noted that you can also bet on there being no goalscorer. In this case, your bet will be the same as if you had bet on a nil-nil draw.

Match Result 1X2

Match Result 1X2 is one of the most popular forms of betting. The “1” represents the home team winning, the “X” represents a draw, and the “2” represents an away win. Bookies place odds on each of the three outcomes, depending on how likely they think they are. Punters are then invited to bet on any one of the three possible results.

In tournaments, it’s important to note that there is a chance of a game going to extra time, thus precluding the possibility of a draw. If the match goes into extra time at the end of the 90 minutes, those who bet on draw win no matter what the final result.

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