How To Bet On Singapore Premier League

Want to learn the ropes of betting and get in on the action? Luckily for you, we have got you covered in our analysis of everything you need to know about betting on the Singapore Premier League (SPL).

The Singapore Premier League is a prominent men’s professional football league in Singapore. The domestic league was originally founded as S. League by the Football Association of Singapore in April 1996 to promote football at the local level. To date, the SPL has had 26 seasons, out of which five have taken place after the club’s rebranding as SPL.

As of 2022, the SPL comprises eight clubs. The season runs from March to October, and 147 matches are held, while each team gets to play 21 matches. The 2022 season has three rounds where one gets to play every other team at least once. The league’s winner plays in the AFC Champions League, while the runner-up plays in the AFC Cup.

Considering the number of matches in one season, you can expect numerous lucrative betting opportunities. Here is a breakdown of how you can be in the Singapore Premier League.

Betting on the Singapore Premier League

The first step is finding a reputed online bookie where you can place bets without worries. Before you pick a bookmaker, do your research and choose the one that offers wide-ranging markets, good odds, and reliable customer service, including transparent transaction mechanisms.

Once you have chosen a bookmaker, you must open an account and deposit the requisite funds. Most sites offer welcome bonuses and promotions, which you can use to increase your bankroll and have more opportunities to bet.

Online sites offer numerous kinds of bets to punters for the Singapore Premier League. You can pick a bet type that suits your betting style and strategy. Bookies also allow you to place bets across multiple markets at one time. Here are a few options to consider when betting on the SPL.

Singapore Premier League Winner Betting

You can place a bet on a team to win the Singapore Premier League outright.

Singaporean Match Result Bets

If you are a beginner at betting, the match result bet is the simplest kind of bet you can place. It entails betting on the match outcome in terms of the goals scored.

Singapore Premier League Handicap Bet

The SPL Handicap bet entails the allocation of a virtual + or – to the scoreline. For instance, if you bet on Lion City Sailors at +1 and the team wins in 2 goals, you will win the bet. However, you will lose the wager if the team wins using one goal or the match ends in a draw. You may need to research the team’s performance history to succeed at the wager.

Singapore Premier League Correct Score bet

The correct score bet is a popular soccer bet that involves guessing a certain game’s exact score. Other bet types include Player Prop bets, Team Prop bets, Game Prop bets, futures bet, Parlay bets, etc.

Singapore Premier League Over/Under Bets

In this type of bet, you can wager on whether the collective score of the two teams will be over or under a certain number of points that the odd makers establish ahead of the game.

Singapore Premier League Half time/ full time bets

Half-time or full-time bets refer to the results of the first or second half of the match.

How many football leagues are there in Singapore?

Presently, Singapore has three men’s football leagues at the national level. These include

Singapore Premier League
Singapore National League
Singapore Football League Division 1
Singapore Football League Division 2
Singapore Football League Division 3
Singapore Island Wide League

Singapore has two women’s national leagues:

FAS Women’s Premier League
FAS Women’s National Football League

The country also has two expatriate leagues and three youth football leagues.

How much do Singaporean footballers earn?

The Singaporean footballers playing at an international level can earn between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Meanwhile, the local players might earn between $500 and $2,500.

How many clubs are there in Singapore Premier League?

As of 2022, there are eight clubs in the Singapore Premier League. These include Albirex Niigata, Balestier Khalsa, Geylang International, Lion City Sailors, Hougang United, Tampines Rovers, Young Lions, and Tanjong Pagar United.

Of these 8 clubs, 4, Geylang International, Lion City Sailors FC, Balestier Khalsa, and Tampines Rovers, have played in all 26 seasons of the SPL.

Who won the Singapore Premier League in 2021?

Lion City Sailors won the SPL in 2021, while Albirex Niigata was the runner-up.

Is Singapore in the FIFA World Cup?

To date, Singapore has not been able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. The national team will not play at the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Who is the best football player in Singapore?

While Singapore has many strong and talented football players, the player vying for the title of the best footballer is Irfan Fandi. Fandi plays as a centre-back for the BG Pathum United, a club in the Thai League 1. He is also a part of the Singapore National Team.

The best player in the Singapore Premier League is considered to be Harris Harun. Harris Harun as a defender and captain of the Lion City Sailors and the national football team.

Is football big in Singapore?

Football is the most popular sport in Singapore as well. It is also recognised as the national sport of the island. The country’s local clubs are very well developed, and there is a lot of focus on training and practice. The national teams participate in international events while the regional football teams in the state compete against each other.

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