Understanding Betting Tipster Advice

If you’ve ever looked at tips from professional sports bettors and have been put off following their services because the terminology they were using simply flew way over your head, this article is aimed specifically at you.

There’s no need to fear what sports tipsters say and recommend. Ultimately, the staking advice they provide for each sports bet is designed to protect your betting bank, keeping any losses to a minimum while ensuring profits are maximised.

If you’ve always wanted to better understand sports tipster advice and put it to good use to maximise your sports betting profitability, read on as we describe exactly what sports tipster advice really means and how it actually helps you practise solid bankroll management.

What Is A pt or Point In Sports Betting?

Whether you view your sports betting as a casual hobby or genuine income, it’s important that you don’t fritter away the money that you set aside for your sports gambling. Indeed, for those who really want to make a second income from their sports betting, it’s vital that you have good money management skills.

Professional sports tipsters have a plan in place to manage their bankroll while betting, which helps them deal with any unexpected losses and ensure that profits continue to outweigh the losses.

The simplest strategy that professional tipsters use is to divide their bankroll up into points, also written as ‘pts’ or ‘pt’ within sports tips.

For example, if you have a betting bank of £1,000, tipsters will recommend that you divide that bank into 100 equal points of £10. In most cases, this method of sports betting will protect any sports bettor from losing their entire bank. You’d have to be awfully unlucky to have a losing streak of 100 sports events!

What’s more, this way of articulating sports bets can be applied to any size of betting bank. Whether you have a bankroll of £500, £1,000 or even £10,000, by following the points-based betting system used by many professional sports tipsters you’ll achieve the same levels of profit regardless of how much you initially invest in a bet.

Why You Should Always Follow A Tipster’s Staking Advice

Different sports tipsters have different betting styles. Within the BettingGods.com network of approved pro tipsters we have some that place each-way bets, some that only bet on favourites and some that seek value on outsiders.

With that in mind, it’s not recommended to risk the same amount of your betting bank on a sure-fire winner as you would on a good-value outsider. It’s all a case of probabilities and using probability as a sliding scale to measure the size of each bet.

Experienced sports tipsters will have refined their betting strategy and staking plan over many months and years, with a view to increasing their subscribers’ profitability and chances of success.

Subsequently, in order to achieve the advertised levels of profit and success with your chosen sports tipster, it’s imperative that you follow their staking advice to the letter rather than go rogue and choose your own bet type. Tipsters state the ideal stake size for a reason, after all!

So, if it’s a 3pt win bet on a horse at even money, whether you’ve got £500, £1,000 or £10,000 to bet with and using a 100pt bank, you should place a £15, £30 or £300 bet respectively. The tipster regards this amount of your bankroll as a sensible investment risk when taking into account the probability of the even money horse winning.

Similarly, if your tipster recommends a 1pt each way bet on a horse at 10/1, they’re considering the horse’s reduced probability of winning or placing, resulting in a greatly reduced liability to your bankroll.

What Can Betting Gods Tipsters Do You For Your Betting?

Betting Gods members can subscribe to any of our professional sports tipster services and make the most of their expertise and guidance; turning hobbies into highly profitable incomes with optimised chances of generating a great return on investment.

With a Betting Gods tipster you’ll get your bank management and staking plan right from the word go. There’ll be no more rookie mistakes and blowing entire banks on a complete punt!

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