Why Do People Still Bet In High-Street Bookies?

Many of us still remember the days that the only place you could get a bet on, other than at the racetrack, was your local high-street bookies. However, since the introduction of online betting, many punters prefer to bet from home, or even whilst they’re out and about thanks to mobile technology – so that raises the question of why anyone still bets at high-street bookmakers?

Hiding Your Betting From Your Spouse

There’s no getting away from the fact that many people don’t like their spouses to gamble, forcing that type of bettor into the high-street bookies where they’re often missing-out on juicy enhanced odds or tasty concessions that many bookies offer to online customers. If that’s why you bet on the high-street, then you might want to consider following the advice of one or more of the successful Betting Gods’ tipsters, as that should put money in your bank in the long-term – and a smile on your spouse’s face.

Friendly Banter

If you’re one of those people who prefer to go down to the local pub for a drink and a chat with your mates rather than drink at home, then an afternoon in the bookies probably has the same sort of appeal. Although betting online offers more options, sometimes an afternoon of betting in the bookies is a great way of spending time with your mates, especially if there’s a pub next door, too.

Taking Early Prices

Sometimes a trip to the bookies is worth the effort though, as it’s often easier to get on at an early price at some of the big high-street bookies. William Hill are often the most generous in that regard, as they’ll often hold the price of a horse for an agreed period of time to allow shop punters to get on. Some limits may apply but, of course, there’s nothing to stop you having a bet on a selection online and in the bookies.

Accounts Closed

When asking the best professional punters why they bet in high-street bookies, the most common answer is that they’ve had a certain online account closed for being too successful, but still want to get the best odds available – and no effort is too much for the professional punter!

Spreading The Load

Whether you’re a successful punter in your own right, or are winning thanks to one or more of the Betting Gods tipsters, it’s often a great idea to spread the load by splitting your bets between bookies. Putting smaller bets on in a greater number of bookies means your success will often go unnoticed, and help avoid the risk of having limitations put on your accounts, or having them shut down altogether – and high street bookies are always worth considering when adopting this strategy.

5 thoughts on “Why Do People Still Bet In High-Street Bookies?”

  1. Aside from the social aspect of going to a high street bookie, all of the other actions mentioned in this article can be done just as easily on-line. Two good reasons where on-line betting wins hands down are “best odds guaranteed” and odds comparison between bookies. Betting shops need to start competing as if not for the roulette etc machines, they would be closing their doors. They certainly need to offer best odds guaranteed and they need to be more lounge like with comfortable seating, clean toilets, comfortable seating and quality drinks and snacks.

  2. There is defo a social element to nipping out to the local bookies. For me, it’s the new pub, given the amount of those closing.
    Another good reason is getting your hands on readies if your bet is a winner. It’s great seeing the bookie/bank account growing, but can’t beat putting cash in your pocket.

  3. I would love to bet online with multiple accounts but l only have one left but when that goes l will have to use a High Street bookmaker


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