New Tipster: Game Set & Profit Has Launched

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Game Set & Profit, the only dedicated tennis tipster on the Betting Gods network who has completed a successful 20 weeks of proofing to the Betting Gods proofing team.

£3,114.75 Profit During Proofing

During the 20 weeks of proofing that Ravi undertook to join the Betting Gods network, he generated 124.59pts profit or £3,114.75 with £25 per point staking. What further impressed the team is that he did so with zero losing months and minimum losing periods to ensure the betting bank was consistently protected.

Who is Ravi?

Ravi is a bonafide tennis guru. He studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and has applied that knowledge to understanding the mind of a professional athlete. He’s been following tennis for over 5 years both as a bettor and a trader.

How Do You Join Game Set & Profit?

Joining Ravi’s service is as simple as joining any other service at Betting Gods. Visit his profile here, check out all the stats and info then start a 15-day trial for just £1.99 with no obligations to continue and no minimum term contracts.