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Performance Snapshot

A brief overview of Mark's UK horse racing statistics since March 2022


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Key Details

Discover when Mark's UK horse racing tips are sent, and how:

Tips Every Day At 09:00 (UK)

Receive timely tips via app, your dedicated members area, and email Monday to Sunday at 09:00 (UK) (± 1hr), so you never miss an opportunity to win.

100pts Advised Bank

Based on the historical performance of The Source, we recommend a 100pt starting bank in place to mitigate risk and practice sensible gambling.

73.68% Profitable Months

Since Mark became a UK horse racing tipster at Betting Gods the service has achieved a profit in 14 months out of a total of 19.

26 Tips Per Month

Mark publishes an average of 26 UK horse racing tips per month. This is an average, you may have some days with no bet.

Average Odds of 10.91

Based on every selection ever published for The Source, Mark achieves an average odds of 10.91 on his UK horse racing betting tips.

Bookie Availability

The horse racing tips provided by The Source are available with all major bookies and betting exchanges

People Who Care

If you have any questions, or concerns at any time you can reach out to us and we will respond VERY fast, doing our best to help you out and leave you feeling delighted.

No Contracts or Minimum Terms

There are no contracts, minimum terms or clauses. You are free to cancel your membership with Mark's service whenever you want - no notice required!

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Performance Breakdown

A Full Breakdown of Mark's Statistics Since March 2022

Lifetime Performance


Lifetime Profit


Monthly Profit


Annual Profit



In Form

Recent Performance


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Last Month


3-Month Profit


6-Month Profit

Winning Performance


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Win Rate This Month


Total Winners

14 / 19

Profitable Months

Tipster Facts

March 2022

Active Since


Average Odds


Recommended Bank


Tips Per Month

Recent Winners

Check out these recent UK horse racing winners that Mark has shared:



Colonel Maderson

1pt ew @ 23.00

660 Profit




0.5pt ew @ 8.00

105 Profit



Artisan Dancer

2pt ew @ 11.00

600 Profit



Liberated Lad

1pt ew @ 15.00

420 Profit



Innse Gall

1pt ew @ 5.50

135 Profit



Luttrell Lad

1pt ew @ 6.50

165 Profit




1pt win @ 3.25

56.25 Profit




1pt ew @ 11.00

300 Profit



Dawn Rising

0.25pt win @ 3.50

15.625 Profit




1pt win @ 2.75

43.75 Profit



Diamond Bay

1pt ew @ 5.50

135 Profit


Market Rasen


1pt ew @ 14.00

390 Profit


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Performance Breakdown

Month-by-Month Breakdown of Mark's Profit:

September 2023

15.36 pts

August 2023

27.95 pts

July 2023

8.70 pts

June 2023

-19.53 pts

May 2023

49.96 pts

April 2023

13.92 pts

March 2023

38.10 pts

February 2023

-29.18 pts

January 2023

-28.46 pts

December 2022

37.80 pts

November 2022

44.37 pts

October 2022

14.66 pts

September 2022

-14.30 pts

August 2022

11.70 pts

July 2022

-11.50 pts

June 2022

12.13 pts

May 2022

16.70 pts

April 2022

43.10 pts

March 2022

11.60 pts

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The fact that more than 600 individuals have reviewed Betting Gods on TrustPilot provides strong assurance that you can expect outstanding service and support throughout your membership

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Unlock Access to the 13 Tipsters Who Have Made £104687.25 (Including The Source)

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£49 for 1 MonthThen £99 Per Month


Common questions about this UK horse racing tipster service:

Is It Really Worth The Cost?

We understand that price is an important factor. That's why we offer a 10-day trial for just £1.19, so you can experience the value of our service firsthand. And remember, this service isn't a cost, it's an investment. The average monthly profit with The Source is £319.84, so you can see how quickly the service pays for itself.

How Can I Trust This Service Will Be Profitable For Me?

It's important to note that betting is a long-term game. The Source has provided 14 from 19 profitable months. Our focus is on consistent, long-term profit rather than day-to-day wins. Since March 2022 members have collected £6,077.00 in profit by following these UK horse racing betting tips.

Why Don't You Offer A Free Trial?

We previously offered short free trials but with this comes a high volume of abuse as people repeatedly attempt to take free trial after free trial. By charging a small token fee for your trial it shows us that you're serious about becoming a professional punter, and committed to your own success.

How Are Tips Sent?

Tips are published to the Betting Gods app with instant notifications. They can also be accessed by logging in to our website, and are also sent to your email inbox. Tips are published around 09:00 (UK) and you'll be notified if there are no tips for the day.

What If I Want To Cancel?

We completely understand that circumstances can change. That's why we offer the freedom to cancel your membership at any time, with no contracts or minimum terms. We aim to provide a service that our members want to stick with because of the value it provides, not because they're locked into a contract.

Is It Easy To Understand These Tips?

Like all Betting Gods services, this service is intended to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Whether you're an experienced bettor or a beginner you're certain to enjoy betting on UK horse racing with the help and guidance of this expert UK horse racing tipster.

Can You Guarantee A Profit?

Like winners, profit cannot be guaranteed as much as anyone would love to be able to guarantee it. Please don't fall for promises of guaranteed profit. No one can guarantee a profit. It's gambling.

How Soon Will I Receive Tips?

Immediately after payment you will receive a welcome email and login details. With these details you can then login to the Betting Gods app or your dedicated members area and view today's tips.

I Have More Questions, Can I Speak to Someone?

Of course! Just visit the contact us page here and send your message across. One of the team will then be able to help you out.

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