Will Sports Betting Be Legal In Texas?

The Quick Answer

Is Sports Betting Legal In Texas?

As of August 2022 sports betting is not legal in Texas. Recent efforts to legalise sports betting in Texas failed.

Sports betting is allowed in more than half of the country, but will Texas follow suit? This question has been raised many times, and we have decided to clear the confusion. The Lone Star State is oddly conservative when it comes to sports betting, which is presently outlawed in Texas. Sports betting is now legal in 33 jurisdictions around the country, but Texas has been a staunch opponent of the multibillion-dollar industry. Even though there were legislative developments in 2021 that could have given Texas sports betting fans hope, it appears that legalisation will have to wait until 2023. The time may not be far off when Texas joins the ranks.

Last year, state lawmakers squandered an opportunity to introduce Texas sports betting to sports fans. Despite signals that sports betting could be legalised, legislators missed the deadline when last year’s current legislative session. Some significant names in Texas sports, including the Mavericks, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and the Texas Rangers, have formed a coalition supporting Texas sports betting.

On the positive notion, it seems like people of the Lone Star State won’t have to travel far to get their sports wagering fix, as neighbouring Louisiana is slated to start in early 2022. Given its proximity to Texas, people can travel to Shreveport, which is just 20 miles from the border of Texas. The prospect of bettors crossing state lines is not difficult to imagine. However, for the time being, sports betting fans in Texas will have to wait for sports betting to be legalised.

In Texas, How Do You Place A Bet?

For the time being, gamblers in Texas cannot place any online wagers, including sports bets and standard casino wagers. However, knowing how to place a wager in Texas when sports betting does become a reality will be useful.

In terms Of Gambling, How Is Texas In Comparison To Other States?

Compared to many other states, Texas’s past may be considered wild or frontier-oriented. However, on most key social issues, including gambling, Texas remains a very conservative state today. This is becoming increasingly true as southern states, such as Louisiana, Arizona, and even Florida, move faster to legalise sports betting.

In reality, legal gambling is quite difficult to come by in Texas. From card games to casino games to sports betting, there is something for everyone. This is mainly due to the state’s staunch conservative anti-gambling position, and prohibition was included in its constitution when it joined the union.

Casinos are officially permitted on tribal territories in Texas. So far, Texas has had three Native American casinos, but only two remain after one closed down a few years ago. The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle is located near the Mexican border, while Naskila Gaming is located west of Livingston.

As a result, Texas lags behind other states, at least in the context of present gambling prospects. Players can only play gambling games at one of the two tribal casinos listed above. Texas does, however, offer legal poker rooms, most of which may be found in and around large towns such as San Antoni and Dallas.

Can I Bet On An Offshore Betting Site From Texas?

Even if online sports betting could take a year or more to open, it’s still better to wait than utilise an illegal or an offshore betting site. Because offshore sites have poor digital security, you can’t ensure your private details or deposited dollars will be protected. Identity fraud/theft and criminal data breaches are more common than ever before, and cybercriminals can easily steal your personal information from offshore sportsbooks, such as credit cards or Social Security details.

Offshore sportsbooks provide inferior odds and betting lines compared to their legal equivalents. Licensed and regulated sportsbooks use professional oddsmakers to develop exciting betting lines for underdog bettors and others who want to bet on favourites. On the other hand, Offshore sportsbooks may generate odds at random, resulting in an unpleasant or unsatisfied sports betting experience.

Is Betting On College Sports Allowed In Texas?

No. However, once sports betting is legalised, it may be conceivable in the future. No sports betting law has had a good chance of passing in Texas, so it’s unclear whether the state will legalise betting on in-state college sports.

What Sports To Bet On In Texas

Aside from college and professional sports for major American leagues, big sportsbooks in Texas should eventually allow you to wager on sports and leagues such as:

European soccer
Aussie rules football

What Will Be The Texas Sports Betting Revenue Once It Gets Legalised?

The exact amount of sports betting money that Texas would generate is difficult to predict. However, it would be enormous. If sports betting is legalised in Texas, it may become the country’s largest market.

For starters, Texas is a sports-mad state. Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio all have major league clubs, and two colleges have stadiums that are among the top ten largest in the world by capacity (Texas A&M is the sixth largest and Texas Longhorns is the ninth largest).

With a 29.36 million population, Texas is the second-largest state in the United States behind California. New Jersey is currently the largest sports betting market in the United States, with online sportsbooks handling about a billion dollars every month. The population of New Jersey is 8.882 million people, which is quite less than a third of Texas’ population.

That is, online sports betting apps in Texas would process at least a billion dollars each month, if not more. Texas sportsbooks will handle over $3 billion every month, or $36 billion per year if we stick to New Jersey. That’s a lot of money, and it means a lot of tax revenue for the state.

Is It Necessary For Me To Be A Texas Resident To Wager Online?

If online sports betting is permitted, you won’t need to be a Texas resident to wager in the state. To qualify, you must be at least 21 years old and physically situated inside state borders.

Is It Legal To Play At DraftKings In Texas?

Both yes and no. In Texas, DraftKings DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is accessible. DraftKings Sportsbook, on the other hand, is not available in Texas, which has yet to allow any type of regulated sports betting.


Sports betting isn’t legal in Texas at the time of writing, but hopefully legislation will change soon and anyone in Texas will be available to bet online.

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