Are Sports Betting Apps Legal In California?

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Are Sports Betting Apps Legal In California?

Sports betting in California is currently prohibited, but that may not be the case for long, as the California Legalize Sports Betting Initiative has been on the ballot for 2022 and might be approved this year.

Even though sports betting has yet to be legalised in California, residents can still place bets on Daily Fantasy Sports sites, with a handful of them allowed in the state.

California will be a gold rush for legal sports betting applications in the US, with 40 million residents, another 40+ million annual tourists, and more professional sports teams than any other state. Attempts to allow sports betting in California are continuing. Retail betting will be allowed at horse racing tracks and land-based Indian casinos under a proposed tribal initiative. Online betting via platforms linked with tribal casinos and racetracks would also be permitted under a legislative proposal. As of December 2021, one of the ballot propositions, backed by the tribes, is being contested in court since it addresses many gaming issues.

According to a budgetary estimate, depending on tribal adoption, the tribal proposal would enhance revenue to the state by “tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars” yearly. Any efforts in California to legalise sports betting will last until 25th June to qualify for the ballot, with up to 4 ballot proposals now on the table. To legalise sports betting in California, voters must adopt a constitutional amendment.

Other initiatives, including those having online components, may appear on the ballot; as of now, nothing is certain. Even if an online option makes it to the ballot box and is supported by the people, online sportsbook apps would not be available until the following year at the earliest. Legislators, regulators, and other state officials would wrangle for months in an attempt to fulfil the people’s decision. Regulators would probably have to set rules and licenses for the industry. To be ready, operators need to perform some preparation work on both technology and logistics.

In short, it’s unusual for the time between legalisation and debut to be less than six months, and that only happens when all parties involved have had enough time to prepare. California sports betting apps will not have that privilege, especially because everything is still in flux.

Because of its enormous population, California has long been the crowning glory for online gambling enterprises. According to recent data, California has more than 39 million people, which is 10 million more than the second-most populous state, Texas, and 2 million more than the combined population of the 21 least populous states.

There is an unequaled business potential due to the massive population and the millions of tourists to California. At market maturity, Eilers and Krejcik, a gambling research firm, predict that California’s full-service retail and online sports betting sector could generate annual gaming revenue over $500 million.

Which Are Legal Online Sportsbooks In California?

Apart from horse racing betting, there are no authorised sportsbook websites that solicit bets from residents of California. Offshore sports betting sites that accept bets from California residents are unlawful. They do not have a license to accept wagers from any US jurisdiction lawfully.

These offshore websites operate without monitoring or warranties for users because they are not licensed in California. In the United States, betting on sports from a licensed operator is the only secure and safe way to do so.

In California, How Many Sportsbooks Will Be Available?

As many as seven separate sports betting companies have pledged their support for bringing sports betting to the Golden State, with each of them offering to put up $100 million to ensure they get a license to operate in the state once it is legalised.

Given this, it appears that whenever sports betting is legalised in California, residents will have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a sports betting site to wager with.

In California, What Sports Can You Bet On Online?

Sports betting for now is illegal in California, as previously stated. Despite this, it is one of the states with the most professional sports teams and followers. Baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and basketball are among the 19 professional sports franchises in California. We anticipate that they will all be available to gamble on if sports gambling legislation is implemented.

What Are The Most Popular Sports To Bet On In California?

When bettors can finally place legal bets, California boasts a plethora of sports teams that will pique their interest. No state has more than California’s 15 teams in the four main professional sports. The most popular sports are:

National Football League (NFL)
Major League Baseball (MLB)
National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Hockey League (NHL)

What Is The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In California?

California is the largest market for daily fantasy sports, with an estimated 120,000 players raking in more than $200 million in annual entry fees. In September 2015, it was among the first states to propose DFS legislation.

Even though California has chosen not to regulate or tax the sector, major DFS sites do business there, including FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, and Fantasy Draft.

What Is The Total Number Of Casinos In California?

California has 66 tribal casinos, with 63 of its federally recognised tribes owning them. According to state data, more than 100 tribes in California are authorised to negotiate gaming compacts, with 75 of them having done so. Yaamava Casino Resort (previously San Manuel Casino), Viejas Casino & Resort, Cache Creek Casino Resort and Pechanga Resort Casino are some of the state’s more well-known tribal gaming establishments.

Is It Legal For Me To Use The Caesars Sportsbook App In California?

Because sports betting is still illegal in California, Caesars Sportsbook cannot accept wagers from California citizens.

In California, Who Would Be In Charge Of Sports Betting?

It all depends on whatever initiative prevails. Already on the ballot tribal proposition and the sportsbook-backed bill that allows tribes to provide online-only sports betting both mention the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Gambling Control as the agency in charge of overseeing the new activity. Meanwhile, the card room initiative argues that sports betting should be regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.


We’re still waiting to discover when sports betting will be legalised in California so it’s hard to advise what sports betting apps will be available. Certainly a case of watch this space.

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