Best Bookies For Baseball Betting

For almost a century, baseball has been considered the finest pastime in the United States.

The basic tenet of baseball or overall sports betting is that the house always wins over time. This is because sportsbooks make money by charging an average of around 10% in most cases, which means if they’ve taken in X amount of money in bets, they’ve also paid out 10X to the winner.

This might make it seem like sportsbooks are at a disadvantage because they’re always losing money, but that’s not the case.

They make a profit by charging a processing fee for any bets they receive and then turning around and investing all of the money they’ve collected.

This has the effect of increasing their overall earnings, so after a few years, it pretty much cancels out their losses from taking high bets from good customers.

Finding the best baseball betting site is easy. Here’s a list of some of the best baseball bookies we’ve found:


Arguably the best baseball and MLB betting site is BetUS because they have the highest maximum bet allowed, which means you can place bets that are 10% of what you bet 100 times, and they will still take the bets. This well-known sportsbook has two outstanding achievements: a hefty welcome bonus and quick payouts!

They also have a very low minimum bet of $1, which means you can place very small bets if you want to. Most other bookies make you bet at least $5 before they’ll take your money, making it inconvenient for most people.


Another good baseball betting site is BetOnline because they offer great bonuses. They match it 100% on their first bet, and on your second bet, they’ll match it 50%.

They also have a maximum bet of $500, which is very high, making it convenient for people who want to bet a lot of money at once.

BetOnline also work with cryptocurrency, featuring six options for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, and Stellar.


MyBookie is another decent bookie for baseball betting. Instead of matching your first bet 100% like BetOnline, they give you 50% on your first bet and then 20% on your second bet.

They also have a maximum bet of $1,000, which is very high. There are numerous money lines and futures to choose from and numerous props and live betting opportunities. is a good site for your MLB and baseball bets. They match your first bet 100% but then give you 12% cashback on every bet you make until your next deposit.

They also have a maximum bet of $1,000, which is very high, offering excellent odds.


Bovada is well worth considering. They match your first bet 100% but then give you back up to $250 every time you lose a bet. They also have maximum bets of $250, the lowest among all these bookies so far.

This website is noted for having many sports betting lines and odds, speedy payments, and a slew of perks aimed toward cryptocurrency users.


Particularly popular across the UK and Europe, Bet365 offers decent baseball betting options.


BetWinner has some good baseball betting markets and all at competitive odds.


Betfair’s exchange and sportsbook both cover MLB and other baseball betting leagues. With their variety of baseball markets you’re sure you enjoy betting with Betfair. This is a popular option across Europe.

888 Sport

Much like Bet365 and Betfair, very popular in Europe and cover a good range of markets for baseball fans and punters.

William Hill

Another contender, particularly for Europeans. William Hill seem happy to take sizeable bets on baseball. Their range of baseball betting markets ins pretty good, and odds are competitive.

What Is The Best Baseball Betting Strategy?

Baseball betting can be done in various ways, but the following three suggestions will help you find the best bets that you’ll enjoy more:

Place bets on games that you will be able to watch, it’s always fun to watch your bet win on screen.

Never chase losses, if you’re only a losing run simply take a break and come back at a future date. It goes to say that you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

Focus on learning about a division and making predictions in that division. If you drill down on specific divisions you can develop extensive skills and knowledge and over time devise a solid baseball betting strategy for yourself.

What Does +1.5 Indicate In A Baseball Game?

This ratio shows the underdog status of the squad. The underdog side merely needs to win by any score or lose by no more than one run to win this bet.

In Baseball How Do You Bet A Spread?

In baseball, you’ll usually find a normal 1.5 run line spread. This indicates that one team will have a 1.5-run lead before the game begins. In baseball, the technique to wager on the spread is to pick one of the two teams, considering whose team has been given the first pitch.

In Baseball What Is An Action Bet?

An action bet is a type of money line bet in which the specified pitcher’s participation is contingent on the wager’s outcome. If the specified pitcher is scratched, the bet can be voided in some circumstances.

Check with your specific bookmaker to see what they do with listed pitcher scratchings if you have or wish to put bets with them.

How Many Baseball Games Are Decided By A Single Run?

According to data from Major League Baseball, between 28-30 percent of all games are dominated by a single run. According to the same data, the home/favorite teams will win by one run the most.


Hopefully, this guide has shown you some of the best bookies for baseball betting, and you can pick out a bookie for your baseball bets.

Do feel free to comment to let us know if you feel we’ve missed a particularly good bookie, or if you want to tell us about your own baseball betting wins and experiences.

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