Best Bookies For Darts Betting

Professional darts is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting sports to bet on. Players are instantly recognisable by their unique shirts and individual walk-on songs. The crowd creates an amazing atmosphere and matches can turn dramatically on just one dart.

If you’re betting on darts, it’s important to understand what types of darts betting markets are available and which are the best bookies for darts betting.

Best Darts Betting Site

Darts betting mainly focuses on PDC and BDO tournaments, for which you’ll want to find the best darts markets, odds, and offers. Many bookmakers also provide live darts streaming. Check out our best bookmakers for darts betting.

Darts Betting At Unibet

Unibet is one of the biggest sponsors of professional darts, so it’s no surprise the popular online bookmaker provides some excellent darts betting opportunities for its punters. Take advantage of a top choice of darts betting markets, especially at Unibet sponsored tournaments.

You’ll also get competitive darts betting odds, top darts betting offers, and live darts streaming. Unibet also offers one of the biggest maximum payouts on darts betting of £500,000.

Darts Betting At William Hill

William Hill is the sponsor of one of the biggest darts tournaments in the world, the PDC World Championship. William Hill also offers a large range of darts betting markets, competitive odds, and live streaming. The William Hill darts betting lines are especially popular, such as maximum checkouts and 9-dart finishes. Bet on darts at William Hill and you could win up to a cool £250,000.

Darts Betting At BetVictor

You can often hit the bullseye by betting on darts at BetVictor which is renowned for a big selection of markets and competitive odds. BetVictor is also another big bookmaker that sponsors professional darts tournaments.

BetVictor offers betting on the BDO Ladies World Championship. If your darts match isn’t being shown live on TV, you’ll often be able to watch the match using BetVictor’s in-play streaming feature.

Darts Betting At Betfred

If you throw some of your betting arrows at Betfred, you’ll never be too wide of the mark. Betfred loves to have a big betting presence in all sports and it’s no surprise that Betfred offers competitive promotions, markets, and odds for darts betting. Betfred is always worth checking out if you’re hoping for a big finish.

Darts Betting At Betfair

Punters like to bet on darts at the Betfair Sportsbook because of its generous concessions. For example, even if you back a loser, you’ll often get your stake back or get a free bet if there’s a maximum 170 checkout in a match. Of course, Betfair also offers a big range of darts betting markets, while the Betfair Exchange is one of the best sources of the best darts betting odds.

Best Darts Betting Online

If you’re hoping to enjoy the best darts betting online, it’s important to understand the type of markets you can bet on. Darts matches are normally the best of 5-15 sets, with each set being won by the player that wins three legs first.

Players take it in turns to throw first in the sets, regardless of who threw first in the preceding leg. However, some matches just consist of legs, for example, the first player to win ten legs. Players must win several matches to win a tournament.

Outright Darts Betting

Outright betting in darts is when you bet on a player to win a tournament. You can normally bet on players win or each-way. Each-way terms may vary, with some bookmakers betting two places (players that reach the final) and others paying out on four places (players that reach the semi-finals).

Darts Match Betting

Match Betting in darts takes place on individual matches, and it doesn’t matter how the player you bet on fair for the remainder of the tournament. There’s good money to be made if you can work out which players will perform to their best under certain circumstances.

You’re more likely to get a shock result in short matches, as the better players have less time to recover if they make a slow start.

Darts Multiples

Darts accumulators or multiples are normally limited to one tournament, and you can combine players to win their individual matches in a variety of doubles, trebles, accas, Yankees, Lucky 15s, etc. These bets give you the chance to land some tasty combined-odds and big payouts.

Darts Spread Betting

Spread betting can be a dangerous way of betting on darts because, if you get it terribly wrong, you could end up losing a lot of money. Equally, if you get it right, you could win a lot of money.

Darts Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is becoming more popular in many sports and darts handicap betting is no different. Handicap betting is normally available on matches in which one player is very short odds to win. For example, Michael Van Gerwin may be a short price to beat a qualifier in the World Championship.

To make things interesting, bookmakers will offer prices on both players with a handicap in place. For example, in a best-of-seven-sets match, Michael Van Gerwin may have to concede 2.5 sets to his opponent. If Van Gerwin goes on to win 4-1, the handicap match score will be 4-3.5, meaning that Van Gerwin also wins the handicap market. This type of bet allows you to get bigger odds about players that are normally at prohibitive odds.

180 Betting

Maximum 180-scoring throws are more common than you think. You can bet on how many there will be in a match or tournament and add a little extra excitement to your darts betting.

Darts Checkout Markets

Before a darts tournament starts, you can bet on what you think the biggest check out will be. 170 is the maximum but it’s not always achieved in every match or tournament.

Nine Dart Betting

Nine is the least number of darts you can throw to win a leg of 501. Nine-dart finishes used to be the stuff of legend, but they’re more common than they used to be. You can bet on whether there’s one or more nine-dart finishes in a match or tournament.

Highest Dart Averages

Players that regularly achieve high three-dart averages tend to win tournaments and bookmakers bet on which player will achieve the highest average during matches and tournaments.

Darts Correct Score Betting

Darts score betting is available on individual sets and matches.

In-Play Darts Betting

Darts is a fast-actioned sport in which matches can turn dramatically on the result of just one dart. Use your judgement to predict how players will react under pressure and you could pocket some great in-play wins.

Best Darts Betting Odds

Bookmakers have different opinions about which players will win darts matches and what score the matches are likely to be, so it’s important to shop around for the best darts betting odds.

For example, if you fancy players A, B, and C to win, you might find that the best odds for player A are at William Hill, the best odds for player B are at Unibet, and the best odds for player C are at Betfred. But you could find the best odds for the treble are at available at BetVictor.

Darts Betting Oddschecker

To make sure you’re getting the best odds about your darts selections, we recommend you use an odds comparison site like Oddschecker.

It’s a great way to see the best odds offered by each bookmaker in one place. You can also use the Oddschecker bet slip to work out which bookmaker is offering the best odds for darts accas and multiple bets.

Betting Darts Odds

When trying to find the best darts odds, we recommend you also check betting exchanges like Betfair. Compare the odds with those on Oddschecker and use whichever betting site offers you the best odds about your darts betting selections. Happy punting!

Please note, information in this article may be subject to change without notice.

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