Do Betdaq Pay First Past The Post?

Betdaq is a betting site that operates a sportsbook and a betting exchange, and the rules for these two platforms are different. The Betdaq sportsbook settles UK and Irish horse racing bets on both first past the post and the official result (terms & conditions apply), while the Betdaq exchange only pays out on the official result.

The Quick Answer

Do Betdaq Pay First Past The Post?

Betdaq pays out on first past the post and the official result on all horse races in the UK and Ireland.

Please note terms and conditions apply, and these are in place to prevent Betdaq from losing out to potential foul play.

What is Betdaq?

Betdaq is a prominent online betting exchange that allows its users to bet against one another rather than against a traditional bookmaker. The Betdaq exchange operates by facilitating peer-to-peer betting, where individuals can both place and lay bets, essentially acting as either the punter or the bookie. This model often results in more competitive odds, as the prices are determined by supply and demand within the market.

In addition to its exchange platform, Betdaq also offers a sportsbook. The Betdaq sportsbook functions like a traditional online bookmaker, providing set odds on various sporting events. This gives users the flexibility to choose between the exchange and the sportsbook based on their betting preferences.

When comparing Betdaq odds, especially on the exchange, they can often be more favourable than those found with traditional bookmakers due to the nature of peer-to-peer betting. Overall, Betdaq provides a comprehensive betting experience, catering to both those who prefer the dynamics of an exchange and those who lean towards the familiarity of a sportsbook.

Betdaq Sportsbook First Past the Post Rules

Betdaq states that ‘First past the post’ is the immediate result after the completion of any race, i.e., the finishing order in which the horses pass the post.

Betdaq states that the ‘official result’ is the result announced at the weight-in, after any objections to the winner or steward’s enquiry has taken place. Betdaq does not pay out on horse on any amended result after this time.

Betdaq First Past the Post Exceptions

While the Betdaq sportsbook generously pays out on first past the post and the official result, there are exceptions where the company will not pay out:

Betdaq does not pay out on selections that take the wrong course
Betdaq does not pay out on selections that carry the wrong weight
Betdaq does not pay out on selections after the jockey fails to weigh-in
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on Ante-Post bets
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on forecasts and Tricasts
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on void races
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on Tote or Pari-Mutuel bets
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on errors by judges
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on two-runner races or special match bets
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on “without the favourite” markets or other special markets
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on the Aintree Grand National
Betdaq does not pay first past the post on any bet placed at the rails on a racecourse

On What Bets Do Betdaq Pay First Past the Post?

The Betdaq sportsbook first past the post concession applies to all win singles, and the win part of any each-way or multiple bets placed on UK and Irish horse racing, in line with the company’s maximum payout limits.

I’ve Not Got My Winnings from Betdaq

If you think you’re due a payout from Betdaq from a horse that finished first past the post but was disqualified, the first thing to do is to check the exemption list above. If your horse has been disqualified because of one of these exemptions, Betdaq will not pay out.

If you still think you are due a pay out, contact the Betdaq customer support team. Please note there may be a longer than average delay with first past the payouts, as there may be an objection or steward’s enquiry which may change the official result. In this scenario, your payment will be made using a manual adjustment.

Does Betdaq Offer Any More Horse Racing Concessions?

Yes. The Betdaq sportsbook has a couple of other offers you may be interested in.

Betdaq Sportsbook Welcome Offer

If you’re not already a member of Betdaq, you can take advantage of a small welcome offer. Simply place your first bet of £10 and get another £10 bet free. Terms and conditions apply.

Best Odds Guaranteed

When you place your UK and Irish horse racing bets at Betdaq, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Betdaq best odds guarantee. If the early price you too on your selection is shorter than the SP, you’ll be paid out at SP. Terms and conditions apply.

Do Betdaq horse racing markets have good liquidity?

Liquidity is a crucial factor when considering betting on any exchange, as it determines the ease with which bets can be matched. The Betdaq betting exchange, while not the largest in the industry, has made significant strides in recent years to enhance its market presence, particularly in the realm of horse racing. When it comes to Betdaq horse racing markets, the liquidity can vary depending on the specific race, time of day, and the prominence of the event.

Major horse racing events, especially those with significant public interest, tend to have better liquidity on Betdaq, offering competitive Betdaq odds that attract both casual and seasoned punters. However, for some smaller or less popular races, the liquidity might be lower compared to the leading betting exchanges.

While Betdaq’s horse racing markets do offer good liquidity for many events, it’s always advisable for bettors to check the available liquidity for specific races before placing their bets to ensure they can get their bets matched at the desired odds.

Where is the Betdaq login?

Betdaq, a renowned betting exchange, operates primarily in the UK and Ireland, catering to a wide range of punters in these regions. For those based in the United Kingdom, accessing the Betdaq UK platform is straightforward. Similarly, Betdaq Ireland serves the Irish betting community, ensuring that users from this region have a tailored experience.

To access your account on either platform, you would typically look for the Betdaq exchange login option. This is usually prominently displayed on the homepage of the website. Once you click on the login or sign-in button, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password. If you’re accessing the platform for the first time or from a new device, additional security measures might be in place to verify your identity.

In summary, whether you’re in the UK or Ireland, the Betdaq login is easily accessible from the main page of their respective websites, ensuring a seamless experience for users wishing to engage in betting activities.

Should I Bet at Betdaq?

Betdaq is a popular online sportsbook and betting exchange where you can get competitive odds about lots of UK and Irish horse racing selections. Be aware that Betdaq’s first past the post concession applies only to UK and Irish horse racing bets placed on the sportsbook and not the exchange, but the other betting exchanges also don’t offer this concession.

First past the post means you can get paid out on losing selections that cross the finishing line first, while Betdaq also offers best odds guaranteed on UK and Irish horse racing.

We hope that’s answered your question, do Betdaq pay first past the post. Happy Punting!

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