How Long Do BetDogs Withdrawals Take?

BetDogs is a highly-rated Australian betting website where people bet on racing events like greyhound racing. Greyhound racing is a popular sport in Australia, New Zealand and the UK; hence Betdogs make sure that its customers worldwide have a convenient experience with its easy access site. 

Since it’s such a followed game in these countries, betting on such races is an old tradition and part of their gambling business. Anyone interested looks for the best bets, and that is why BetDogs provides a variety of services that attracts more and more customers. 

The Quick Answer

How Long Do BetDogs Withdrawals Take?

Withdrawals can take up to 3-5 days through BetDogs; however, certain things need to be kept in mind while making them. Firstly, withdrawals are only done through a Debit/Credit card or a bank transfer. Other payment methods are not used while withdrawing. 

The time taken to receive the money-back also depends on the method of withdrawal. Debit/Credit cards can take up to 2-3 business days, while bank transfers usually take 10 working days for them to be processed. 

How Do I Register For An Account On BetDogs?

Registering for an account on BetDogs’ website is fairly simple and easy. As soon as you open the website through a browser, it shows two options of ‘Login’ and ‘Join’ on the right top corner.

To register a new account, click the ‘join’ button, and it will take you to all the different details that need to be submitted to get registered.

The registration page will show three different tabs, including personal information, account information and the review and confirm tab. Once all the details have been put in the required tabs, an account is registered. The user can now add money to the account by different payment methods and begin betting on races available on the site.

What Payment Methods Are Available At BetDogs

Following are the payment methods used and allowed on the BetDogs website for its users;

Debit/Credit cards

Deposits through debit and credit cards are accepted, but only those serviced through either MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. Any other affiliated debit or credit card is not accepted.


BPAY is another easy method to deposit your betting amount at the BetDogs website. It works just like online and mobile banking and is quite quick, the payments are done immediately as long as there are funds available in your bank account.


POLi is also similar to online banking, where it facilitates online payments/deposits from your existing bank accounts. It is another convenient payment method as the banking details are already in the system, and just the depositing amount needs to be put in.

Bank Transfer/EFT

Bank transfer is an old way of making online payments where a person can transfer the required amount using the particular bank’s online application or website. However, some banks worldwide restrict payments used for gambling activities.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) works similarly to a bank transfer where funds are electronically transferred from one account to another. It is easy to pay for BetDogs as it does not require much detailed work.


Bank cheques are another way of making payments on the BetDogs website. It is an easy and secure method as no third party is involved in the payment; however, the payment processing can take up to a few days because the approval of the cheques takes time.

How To Withdraw From A BetDogs Account

Once you have become a registered member on the website, you can easily log in on the website. When logged in, you can access the option of ‘My account’ from the menu on the front page. The ‘My account’ option will further lead you to the option of requesting a withdrawal from the website.

The initial step is to request a withdrawal, which is led by the second step, where you have to fill in a few details regarding the withdrawal on the website. The request is then processed immediately if the identification of the account is completed before the request.

The withdrawal process is relatively simple, with no withdrawals charge from the website itself. It takes the withdrawals sometimes up to 3-5 days to return the money. If the registered account withdraws an amount of more than $2000, then the amount will be deposited back into the original account from where the deposit is made.


Withdrawals from BetDogs might take some time to process and reach the amount back to the user; however, the whole process is fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

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