How Long Do BoomBet Withdrawals Take?, one of Australia’s most well-known sports betting websites, has been renamed and rebranded as BoomBet.

The brand chose rename after being put under pressure by a trademark violation complaint brought in 2020 by Sportsbet. The no-frills bookmaker appears to be planning a slew of unique features and promotions for us to enjoy as part of the BoomBet relaunch, which is good news for punters in Australia.

Though they never became Australia’s largest bookmaker, their stable fixed odds, great customer service infrastructure, user-friendly mobile app and website ensured they maintained a loyal following. Even though the company’s name and website colour scheme have changed, many of the strengths at Sportsbetting have been carried over to BoomBet.

The Quick Answer

How Long Do BoomBet Withdrawals Take?

When you withdraw money, it will be removed immediately from your Boombet account, but it will take two to five business days to reach your bank account, based on who you bank with.

Registering An Account On BoomBet

Click the ‘download now’ button in the upper right of the webpage, or any other download button on the website, to begin downloading the Casino. You have the option of saving the download file by following simple instructions.

The download time varies based on the Internet connection, but it normally takes 2 and 8 minutes. You will only have to go through this process once, following which you will be able to enter the Casino immediately.

The app will prompt you to create a new account after downloading the file. All you have to do now is fill out a few fields, and your registration will be complete; after that, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your unique account information. You can immediately begin playing at the Casino.

Payment Methods For BoomBet

They don’t have a wide choice of payment options to compete with the finest in the industry, and they’re definitely on the wrong side of the spectrum. Most individuals, though, will be happy using their credit/debit card to both deposit and withdraw, and if this is the case for you, you’ll be OK with BoomBet’s alternatives.

It’s simple to use this approach; all you have to do is enter your card information, and you’ll be able to deposit right away. There are a couple of additional options if you don’t want to use your credit/debit card.

You can also use all of POLi, EFT notification, and BPay notification with the former receiving funds in your account almost immediately, but the latter two require money transfer into BoomBet’s account followed by a notification, which generally takes a few minutes, if not longer.

Overall, BoomBet’s payment options should be adequate to meet the majority of customers’ requirements, but they could probably add a few more. In this aspect, they lag behind some of the industry’s biggest players, but whether or not this is a problem depends on the person, and the vast majority will most likely find a payment method that fits them.

Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, VISA/MasterCard, POLi, Debit Card, BPay,
Withdrawal Methods: Credit Card, Bank Transfer


MasterCard and Visa are payment networks that enable electronic money transfers between banks, other financial institutions, and businesses.


POLi is similar to online banking. It allows you to use your existing bank accounts to conduct online payments and deposits.


BPAY is another convenient way to deposit money. It functions similarly to online and mobile banking and is extremely fast; payments are done immediately.

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is a typical technique of making online payments in which the required money is transferred via the bank’s website or online application. However, payments made for gaming purposes are subject to limitations at some institutions around the world.

BoomBet Withdrawal Process

To withdraw your wins, go to the “cashier” section of your account and follow the simple instructions. Credit cards and bank transfers are all options for withdrawal. Withdrawals are not subject to any minimum or maximum limits. Within one business day, the processing is completed. Withdrawals are free of charge at the bookmaker.

BoomBet has KYC (Know Your Customer) rules, so you’ll have to send in some documentation to withdraw your funds. It’s a simple procedure that usually entails sending an email with a copy of your driver’s license and proof of address, as most respectable bookies require.


BoomBet is a decent bookmaker concentrating on solid racing fixed odds and excellent customer service that appeals to a certain sector of the betting public. BoomBet’s withdrawal process is fairly straightforward to understand, but it may take a few days to receive your refund.

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