How Long Do Neds Withdrawals Take?

When you want to withdraw funds from your Needs account, requests are processed by the site during the week (Monday to Friday). If you want your funds available for the weekend, then Neds suggests you put in your request to withdraw money by Friday at 2:30 pm at the latest.

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How Long Do Neds Withdrawals Take?

When you want to withdraw funds from your Neds account, it will take anywhere between one and three days for the funds to fully clear. This will largely depend on who you bank with.

What Are My Payment Options With Neds?

There are several payment options available for customers who have signed up with Neds. These include:

Debit / Credit Card

By using a credit or debit card, the money will go into your Neds account instantly. Neds accepts both Mastercard and Visa however AMEX and Diners cards the site does not accept. It is important to note as well that some Australian banks do decline the transactions that result from gambling and they are SunCorp, CitiBank, and Bank of QLD.


This is a pre-paid voucher that lets customers put money into your account and allows customers to make easy online payments. They can be bought at service stations and some newsagents. Head to the deposit page on Neds site and choose the Flexpin option.


Deposit in cash at thousands of retailers across Australia. With Cash-In, you can make instant payments directly into your online betting account. Cash-In is available at thousands of participating news agencies around Australia. Find your closest store using the interactive map found on the Neds app and Website deposit pages.

Apple Pay

For customers who have the Wallet App on their phone, you can use Apple Pay. This lets customers deposit funds instantly into their account and there are also no fees when depositing with Apple pay. Your phone must be at least an iOS 10 or higher to be able to use the Apple Pay feature.


This allows customers to instantly transfer funds into their chosen betting account from selected Australian banks and Credit Unions. It is super quick and really efficient for the user.


Using BPAY is another option for Neds customers, however, deposits usually take around three business days to go into your account. It lets customers put funds into your Neds account via your phone bill payment service. When selecting this option, you have to use the code and reference that is given to you when you select the option of BPAY to deposit funds.

Bank Transfer

A good option for most customers. You can deposit funds into your Neds account however it does take between one to two business days to get into your Neds account. Simply follow the details on the Neds site that has the bank account details and everything else you need to make a bank deposit transfer.


PayPal is also an option for customers to use with Neds. You do not have to give your bank details as funds can be deposited from your PayPal account. Money is instantly in your Neds account when selecting this option.

How Do I Open A Neds Account?

First, you will need to download the Neds app and then complete the sign-up form that includes setting up a username and password. Next, you will have to decide what the deposit limit you will impose on your betting account will be. Then you click create an account and then you are set up. After this, the last thing you will have to do is to set up the deposit preference for yourself.

Where Can I See My Neds Account Balance?

Finding your account balance with Neds is super easy. It does not matter if you are on a laptop or on your phone, it is super easy. Once you are logged in to your Neds account, you will see the balance of your betting account in the top right corner of the screen.

The balance will include your winnings as well as your deposited funds. Along with that, next to your balance, you will also see any bonus bets that you are able to use. If you do not want to see your balance on the screen, you can hide it by selecting the hide button that is seen next to your balance. To see everything else related to your account, you can go to your account statements that are always available to customers.


Neds gives its customers lots of options for making withdrawals and deposits to accounts. For regular punters who want an easy life, Neds seems a great choice.

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