How Long Do PointsBet Withdrawals Take?

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How Long Do PointsBet Withdrawals Take?

The Payments Team processes withdrawals Monday through Friday before 3pm. If you make a withdrawal before 3pm, it will usually arrive in your nominated bank account the same night, although it could take up to 48 hours. If you request a withdrawal after 3pm, the payment will be processed the next business day and could take up to 48 hours to reach your designated bank account.

Pointsbet is a prominent betting platform, and understanding the nuances of its withdrawal process can be crucial for its users. The pointsbet withdrawal time can vary depending on the method you’ve chosen. For instance, traditional bank transfers might take a few business days, while e-wallet solutions could be quicker.

It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the various pointsbet withdrawal methods available. Each method, be it bank transfers, credit cards, or e-wallets, will have its own processing timeline. The pointsbet withdrawal processing time is typically efficient, but external factors, such as bank processing speeds or public holidays, can influence the duration.

How Long Do PointsBet Withdrawals Take?

PointsBet processes ACH/eCheck withdrawals in 1-2 business days. It takes 1-3 business days for the funds to reach your bank account after they have been processed. When you request a withdrawal, you will not receive a confirmation email. You will receive an email from PointsBet confirming that your withdrawal has been processed and is on its way to your bank account.

PointsBet processes PayPal withdrawals in 1-2 business days. Within 30 minutes after being processed, they’ll be in your PayPal account. When you request a withdrawal, you will not receive an email confirmation. If you’ve used PayPal to make a deposit, it’ll only appear as a withdrawal option. If you haven’t deposited with PayPal on PointsBet, you won’t be able to withdraw with it, and it won’t even appear as an option until you do. You will receive an email from PointsBet once processed, indicating that the money is on its way to your account.

Internally, Online Banking withdrawals take 1-2 business days to process. It takes an extra 1-3 business days for the payments to reach your bank account after being processed by PointsBet.

How Do I Register An Account With PointsBet?

It is very simple to make an account on PointsBet. Enter your first and last name and email address by clicking the “Sign Up” button. Then finish the registration procedure by entering your personal and account information. Finally, click “Join PointsBet” after accepting the relevant policies and terms and conditions.

What Payment Methods Are Available At PointsBet?

Here are all of the PointsBet payment options available to participants. Both PointsBet deposit and withdrawal options are available.

Online Banking
PointsBet MasterCard
Credit/Debit Card

Electronic checks (eChecks) and Automated Clearing House payments (ACH) allow you to transfer monies between bank accounts electronically.

Using the cash for deposit option means physically visiting the brand’s land-based casino partner and depositing cash there. Of course, you can use them at the PointsBet online casino.

Another popular technique is to use credit or debit cards, which are usually instantaneous. You can get a PointsBet MasterCard and use it to deposit and withdraw money.

By registering a bank card for internet banking, you can perform online transactions. You’ll need to sign up for the internet banking-enabled card offered by your selected bank.

PayNearMe is a convenient way to make a payment. Once you’ve logged into your account, go to the Cashier and select this payment option. Print the payment slip and bring it to an authorised payment outlet (such as 7-Eleven), where you can pay in cash and have your monies transferred into your account right away.

PayPal is also an option. With over 300 million users globally, it is one of the most popular e-wallets. All of your personal information and transactions are safe on your account, as are all of your payment information.

It’s also worth noting that crypto and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, bitcoin, and Dogecoin aren’t accepted as deposit or withdrawal methods at this or any other sportsbook.

How Can I Withdraw From My PointsBet Account?

The withdrawal process is quite simple. Just by following the simple procedures below, you can request a withdrawal.

Click “Withdraw” under “My Account.”
Fill out the form with your bank account information.
Fill in your complete name as it appears on your bank statement.
Enter the amount you want to take out. (The amount cannot exceed the amount that can be withdrawn.)
To withdraw, click the Withdraw button.
Please remember that withdrawals can only be made to the account holder’s bank account. There are no third-party withdrawals allowed.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Amount For PointsBet?

Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted as deposit methods at PointsBet. When using a credit card, the minimum deposit is $5, and the maximum amount is $50,000.

Can I Join PointsBet From My Phone?

Yes, of course! You can do it through the PointsBet sportsbook app or using a mobile browser.


Withdrawals from PointsBet are fairly simple. You will receive a confirmation email from PointsBet once your withdrawal has been processed within the first 1-2 business days, stating that it will be in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

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