How Long Do Sky Bet Withdrawals Take?

Sky Bet is a popular online bookmaker where you can withdraw your winnings in times that are on a par with many other bookmakers.

The Quick Answer

How Long Do Sky Bet Withdrawals Take?

New customers making deposits by debit card will be able to withdraw funds from their account, typically, in two to five days.

Existing players that have registered e-wallets, such as PayPal, will be able to continue to use this payment method to make quicker withdrawals. However, Sky Bet is no longer offering e-wallets as payment methods to new customers.

You may also make withdrawals using Google Pay or Apple Pay, but these payment methods may only be linked to a debit card and not to credit cards.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use At Sky Bet?

Sky Bet lists Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Maestro, Solo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay as its withdrawal methods for members based in the UK.

How Many Withdrawal Methods Can I Register At Sky Bet?

You may register up to three payment cards at Sky Bet.

How Do I Make A Withdrawal At Sky Bet?

To make a withdrawal at Sky Bet, follow the three easy steps below:

1. To make a partial or full withdrawal at Sky Bet, go to your account and then click on ‘manage payment methods.

2. Click on withdraw and enter the amount you want to withdraw before confirming your withdrawal request.

3. Double-check your withdrawal has gone through by checking your banking history.

Why Can’t I Register My Credit Card At Sky Bet?

Credit cards are no longer a viable payment option at Sky Bet for players in the UK because of the responsible gambling mandate in the United Kingdom.

Why Can’t I Register My E-Wallet At Sky Bet?

E-wallets are no longer accepted at Sky Bet, due to Sky Bet’s wish to comply with the responsible gambling mandate in the United Kingdom.

Why Have I Not Got My Sky Bet Withdrawal?

If you have requested a withdrawal from Sky Bet for the first time and have not received your money, the most likely reason is you have not completed your KYC verification checks. If this is the case, you can normally complete these checks by sending a photocopy of the requested forms of identification, such as a photo driving licence and a bank statement with your address on it.

If you are a regular punter at Sky Bet that has withdrawn money before, you may not have received a withdrawal because your payment card has expired. If that’s the case, you can quickly and easily update your details in the banking section of your account.

If none of the two reasons above are true, make sure at least five working days (including weekends and bank holidays) have passed.

Start by checking with your bank to see if the transaction is pending or has been stopped for some reason. If the bank has not received your withdrawal request, contact Sky Bet.

If Sky Bet has processed your withdrawal request, it will provide you with an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number, which you will be able to present to your bank so that it can trace the transaction.

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw At Sky Bet?

The minimum amount you can withdraw at Sky Bet is £10.

Can I Withdraw Funds From Sky Bet To A Friend Or Family Member’s Bank?

No. You can only make withdrawals to an account registered in your name when you bet with Sky Bet. This is also true of any other online bookmaker that adheres to the gambling rules of the UK and most other leading legislators. This is to stop money laundering.

Are Withdrawals At Sky Bet Free?

Yes. All withdrawals to payment cards are free at Sky Bet.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Sky Bet Withdrawal?

You can’t cancel withdrawals at Sky Bet because not allowing players to do this is part of Sky Bet’s responsible gambling policy. If you wanted to withdraw the money in the first place, Sky Bet does not allow you to cancel your withdrawal and gamble money you may need for other reasons.

Should I Bet With Sky Bet?

Sky Bet is one of the most popular online bookmakers because it offers competitive odds and popular concessions on an excellent selection of sports and markets.

Sky Bet also has a strict responsible gambling policy designed to make sure the fun never stops, but of course if the fun does stop then you may wish to considering deleting your Sky Bet account completely.

We hope that’s answered your question, how long do withdrawals take at Sky Bet. Happy punting!

*Please note, Sky Bet’s rules and payment options may change without notice.

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