How Long Do Withdrawals Take At Tipp24?

Once you place a withdrawal request, for which we have already shared the method above, it will take between one and three days for the amount to appear in your account, depending on the bank’s processing time.

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How Long Do Withdrawals Take At Tipp24?

If you are new to lottery buying and considering buying a ticket or a scratch card from Tipp24, you may also be interested in knowing what happens if you win. Read our guide on the payment mechanisms of Tipp 24, with particular emphasis on the withdrawal process and how long it takes to get a payout from the platform.

Tipp24 offers a mix of conventional and quick payment methods for its customers to cater to varying preferences. The site’s users can conduct financial transactions through the following payment methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Sofort
  • Giropay
  • Klarna
  • PayPal
  • Sepa Lastschrift

When it comes to making deposits at Tipp24 to buy lotteries, you have the option of making a deposit account for instant lotteries or regular lotteries. Moreover, besides making deposits for the lottery tickets via the deposit function at the Tipp24 website, you can also add credit to your gaming account via bank transfer.

This bank transfer feature was added after the enforcement of the New German State Treaty on Gambling in 2021, and Tipp24 claims to be the only German lottery site that offers bank transfers. However, a deposit via bank transfer is not accepted if the account holder’s name differs from the game account holder’s. Similarly, deposits will not be accepted if the bank account is registered in the name of a company or an organisation.

To buy a product from a lottery, you can click on buy now to add the specific product to your shopping cart. You do not necessarily need to deposit into the Tipp24 lottery deposit account before you submit the lottery ticket.

However, you can only participate in games and scratch cards if sufficient credit is in your instant lotteries account. You can deposit by clicking on the pay-in link in your account. Choose a payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit. 

How to make withdrawals at Tipp24

To withdraw at Tipp24, log into your gaming account and go to My payment Details to make the payouts. Now enter the amount you want to transfer to your account so that the desired amount is transferred to the bank account for which you have provided the requisite details.  

Tipp24 also has an automatic payouts feature whereby you can arrange for an automatic transfer of your winnings. You can specify the amount after which the payment must be transferred to your account. The minimum limit you can set for automatic payouts is €10.

If you do not set an amount, all the winnings will be credited to your Tipp24 winning balance by default, and you can use them to play more or withdraw later.

It is important to note that individual winnings are considered for automatic payouts. For instance, if you set the stake amount at €30, every time you win €30 or more, the amount will be automatically transferred to your account. However, the amount will not be paid out individually if you have won thrice with payouts of €10.

The amount will be automatically transferred to your bank account if your store balance has €250 or above in winnings.  

How To Receive Tipp24 Winnings

When you win at Tipp24, you are notified by email. If you have registered a mobile number, you may receive an SMS conveying the same. After determining the official odds, the winnings are credited to your Tipp24 account. You can use the winnings as credit for future games or transfer them to your account. 

Tipp24 withdrawal conditions

To ensure that your payout request is approved at Tipp24, you must consider the platform’s stated requirements and comply so that the winnings are easily transferred to your account. Read below to find out. 

  • If you have activated the automatic payouts feature for your account, the winnings up to €9999 will be automatically transferred to the account. 
  • For transfer of payments above €10,000, Tipp24 will require you to provide a photographic identity card or passport for verification.
  • You can withdraw winnings after determining the final odds for a certain lottery.
  • You can only withdraw once you have completed your account verification process and your age is verified. 

How can I redeem a voucher at Tipp24?

You can redeem a voucher directly in your shopping cart. The option is available above the pay now link, where you can redeem the voucher, and the amount will automatically be adjusted in the payment.

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