How Long Do WOLF.BET Withdrawals Take?

Wolf.Bet is an online casino and sportsbook that deals specifically in crypto. The site is one of the most entertaining gambling sites on the planet with players about to bet using crypto. The types of crypto allowed are USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, BNB, TRX, SHIB, LTC, XLM, SUSHI, UNI, ETC, BCH, ADA, and DOT.

All currencies are available through Wolf.Bet and because of this, players are able to deposit and withdraw funds super-fast and do not have to deal with any banks in doing so. Wolf.Bet allows its players to play without exposing their identity and offers players a much bigger variety of games that regular casinos do not have which is great for players who want something different.

The Quick Answer

How Long Do WOLF.BET Withdrawals Take?

For Wolf.Bet, the withdrawals are processed straight away but there are times where you may have to wait up to 24 hours due to security reasons and a manual check might be done on your account just to make sure everything is ok with your account.

For WOLF.BET, withdrawals are typically processed immediately. However, there can be instances where you might have to wait up to 24 hours due to security reasons. During this time, a manual check might be conducted on your account to ensure everything is in order. This delay is a standard procedure to ensure the safety and security of both the player and the platform.

In summary, while WOLF.BET aims for instant withdrawals, it’s prudent to anticipate a potential wait time of up to 24 hours in certain situations.

How Do I Make My Wolf.Bet Account Secure?

For many online sites, the best way to make sure your account is secure is to use a password that is hard to guess and make it really complicated by putting symbols, letters and numbers into the password.

Alternatively, customers can activate 2FA and that can be done at

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings From Wolf.Bet?

Customers who want to withdraw their winnings can go to Wolf.Bet’s withdrawal page which can be found at Once a customer is on the page, they will be able to check their available balance on their account along with the current withdrawal fees that the site has in place.

When you are logged into your Wolf.Bet account, you can simply click on the Wallet menu or go to and then you can choose which cryptocurrency you would like to payout.

Are There Minimum Bets For Flashmode With Wolf.Bet?

Yes, there are. Like many other betting sites, most will have a minimum amount that a customer has to bet. As per the website, these are the minimum amounts that a customer can be with each currency.

– For BTC – min bet is 0.00000005 BTC
– For ETH – min bet is 0.00000082 ETH
– For XRP – min bet is 0.00327209 XRP
– For DOGE – min bet is 0.01407989 DOGE
– For BNB – min bet is 0.00000525 BNB
– For TRX – min bet is 0.03590235 TRX
– For SHIB – min bet is 95.78360567 SHIB
– For LTC – min bet is 0.00001865 LTC
– For XLM – min bet is 0.01028022 XLM
– For SUSHI – min bet is 0.00044494 SUSHI
– For UNI – min bet is 0.00019155 UNI
– For ETC – min bet is 0.00008453 ETC
– For BCH – min bet is 0.00000692 BCH
– For ADA – min bet is 0.00193273 ADA
– For DOT – min bet is 0.00010893 DOT

How Do I Deposit Cryptocurrencies With Wolf.Bet?

For customers who are depositing cryptocurrencies, you can visit You will then be prompted to click “Generate” for a new unique address for each cryptocurrency that you want to use for a deposit.

Is There Max Bet & Max Profit Per Sportsbook Bet With Wolf.Bet?

Yes, there is. Like other betting sites, there is always a minimum and maximum amount that customers/players put on a single bet. Here are the max bet along with max profit for each cryptocurrency as per the Wolf.Bet site.

– For USDT – max bet is 100000 USDT and max profit is 10000 USDT
– For BTC – max bet is 2.72142495 BTC and max profit is 0.27214249 BTC
– For ETH – max bet is 41.17080113 ETH and max profit is 4.11708011 ETH
– For XRP – max bet is 163604.55181997 XRP and max profit is 16360.45518199 XRP
– For DOGE – max bet is 703994.69866084 DOGE and max profit is 70399.46986608 DOGE
– For BNB – max bet is 131.48240143 BNB and max profit is 13.14824014 BNB
– For TRX – max bet is 1795117.84707222 TRX and max profit is 179511.78470722 TRX
– For SHIB – max bet is 2394590141.9513035 SHIB and max profit is 239459014.19513035 SHIB
– For LTC – max bet is 932.60974221 LTC and max profit is 93.26097422 LTC
– For XLM – max bet is 257005.5675003 XLM and max profit is 25700.55675003 XLM
– For SUSHI – max bet is 11123.53276088 SUSHI and max profit is 1112.35327608 SUSHI
– For UNI – max bet is 4788.80976762 UNI and max profit is 478.88097676 UNI
– For ETC – max bet is 2113.33262566 ETC and max profit is 211.33326256 ETC
– For BCH – max bet is 346.48276267 BCH and max profit is 34.64827626 BCH
– For ADA – max bet is 48318.49068348 ADA and max profit is 4831.84906834 ADA
– For DOT – max bet is 2723.44456638 DOT and max profit is 272.34445663 DOT


WOLF.BET is a pretty slick and efficient crypto sportsbook. Withdrawals and deposits are simple, and the available markets are decent. We can see a good future and lots of potential with this operator.

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