How To Delete A Neds Account

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How To Delete A Neds Account

If you have come to the point where you would like to delete your Neds account, like with most other sites, it is as simple as clicking on the “My Account” tab and scrolling down the options presented to you until you see the “close your account” option.

What Banks Can I Use With Neds?

With Neds, they accept a variety of cards, and these include both MasterCard and VISA. But AMEX and Diners cards will not be accepted by the site. Also, some banks will decline any gambling transactions and they include Suncorp, Virgin Money, CitiBank, and Bank of QLD.

Where Can I See My Neds Account Balance?

You can find your account balance really easily with Neds, even if you are on your phone or computer. Simply log into your account and go to the top right-hand corner of the screen where you will see the balance of your account at that time.

There you will also see any bonus bets you might have available, and you can see any winnings you have had as well as all the funds you have deposited. If you would like to see everything regarding your account, you can simply go to your account statement which is readily available to all customers.

What Payment Options Are There With Neds?

Neds have a wide variety of payment options for their customers and they include:


What this is, is a pre-paid voucher that allows customers to make payments online super easily and also lets bettors put money into their accounts as well. They can be purchased at several newsagents and some service stations too. If you want to use a Flexepin voucher, simply go to the deposit page and choose the Flexepin option and follow the prompts.


This option allows customers to make instant deposits into their Neds account and can be done at various news agencies around the country. If you are having trouble finding your nearest location for a news agency, simply log into your Neds account and use the interactive map found on the app and deposit pages.

Direct Debit / Credit Card

If you chose this option, any funds will go directly into your Neds betting account. As mentioned above, Neds does not accept certain cards but does with VISA and MasterCard. Keep in mind that if you do choose to you’re a credit card or direct debit option, some banks refuse to accept gambling transactions. See above for the list of banks that do not accept gambling transactions.


PayPal is another option for bettors with Neds. No bank details are required which is great for some customers scared of having their details on the internet. The money will be instantly put into your account with Paypal which is great if you want to make a quick deposit to be able to bet on something last minute.

Apple Pay

This option is an ideal one for customers who have the Wallet App and have an iPhone. You can put funds into your account in an instant and another great thing is that there are no fees when you deposit funds with Apple Pay. Keep in mind, that your iPhone will need to be at least an iOS 10 or higher to use the Apple Pay option.


This is an increasingly popular option for customers but keep in mind that deposits with BPAY are not instant and will normally take around three business days to reach your Neds account. So if you want to bet on something and need a quick option, this is not it.

When you choose BPAY, you will need to use the code and reference that will be given to you when you select the BPAY option.


Unlike BPAY, POLi is instant with its transactions, and it is extremely efficient and quick for customers who use this option. IF you want fast and reliable payment options, it is hard to go past POLi.

Bank Transfer

The last one is a bank transfer. Still a good option for some customers but its only drawback is that funds will take between one and three business days, so if you are in a hurry for funds, this option will not work for you.

If you do want this option, simply follow the steps on Neds site and type in all that is required such as your bank details, BSB number, and everything else.

Can I Change My Deposit Limit On Neds?

Yes, you can, but if you want to increase the limit on your account, you will have to wait two days (48 hours) for them to take effect on your account. All changes that involve you removing your limit or increasing it will have a cooling-off period of 48 hours so keep that in mind if you want to change it.


It’s simple and fast to delete your account with Neds, but just be sure it’s what you really want as it may be some time before you can regain access to your account.

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