How To Delete A Palmerbet Account

If you are a betting person in New South Wales, chances are you have heard of Palmerbet. Synonymous with Sydney and the racing industry for nearly half a century, the Palmer brothers have followed in their grandfather’s footsteps. They operate on most interstate and local betting rings and are Sydney’s biggest and best on-course bookmakers.

Palmerbet is online as the digital world takes hold, the site offers several interactive experiences for all its customers and gives out superb odds with even better value.

The Quick Answer

How To Delete A Palmerbet Account

You can delete your Palmerbet account by simply sending an email to the company stating that you want your account to be deleted from their database. Simple!

How To Delete A Palmerbet Account

This is how you do it….

First, you are going to open your email account (the one that your Palmerbet account is registered with) and write an email, and type in the Palmerbet email which is When looking at the subject section of your email you will need to put in capitals “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

Then you will write the email, detailing for the company to delete your account from its database and wipe out all of the information you have with them (if any)

If this is not your style, then you can also call them on 1300 12 HELP (1300 124 357) and they will give you more information regarding how to either delete your Palmerbet account or to delete it altogether.

Is Palmerbet Owned By Clive Palmer?

Palmer Bookmaking Pty Ltd owns and operates Palmerbet and no not “that” Palmer. The directors of the company in Andrew and Grant Palmer run the company and both are licensed to operate under the guidelines and regulations of Racing NSW. Their offices are located at the Canterbury Racecourse in New South Wales.

How To Open A Palmerbet Account

The best way to create/open a Palmerbet account is online. Simply click on the signup toggle on their homepage and follow the prompts. If this does not suit you, you can do it by phone by calling 1300 124 357 and open your account that way.

If you are an international client, you can call +61 2 8073 5352 and do the same. Once you have set up your account and have your UserID, the next step is to put money into your account and then away you go.

How Do I Deposit Funds Into My Palmerbet Account?

There are three ways that customers can deposit funds into their account.

The first is via credit card. Simply click on the account button and then on the left-hand side menu click deposit. The handy thing is that once you deposit funds from your credit card, you will never have to re-enter your details until your chosen card expires.

If you use multiple cards when depositing funds, then a small drop-down list will appear for you to choose from. Also, Palmerbet does not charge any fees on transactions.

Next are cheques. Palmerbet accepts payments electronically only, not cheques or money orders.

BPay – More and more betting companies are expanding their deposit options and Palmerbet is no different, they now have BPay. The biller code to use BPay is 100982 and in your account section under deposit funds, you will find your unique reference number for the transaction.

Palmerbet does not accept any form of cash payments.

Lastly is a funds transfer or EFT (funds transferred electronically). The customer will do this by using your chosen bank’s website. Once you have deposited the funds, go directly to the deposit options – Bank transfer section and tell Palmerbet about your deposit to notify them. Do not deposit funds over the counter at your bank.

Is There A Minimum Deposit Amount With Palmerbet?

As with any online betting site, yes there is and it will largely depend on how you are choosing to deposit your funds. The minimum deposit amounts are:

Credit Card – $10
Poli – $10
BPay – $25
EFT/Bank deposit – It could be different for each bank so check to see what the minimum deposit amount is.

How Do I Withdraw From My Palmerbet Account?

Via your chosen bank account, Palmerbet members can withdraw funds and have them deposited into them. For Palmerbet to process your request to withdraw, customers are going to have to satisfy their identification requirements. To do this, go to the Banking section of Palmerbet’s website to get all the information.

What Hours Does Palmerbet Operate?

The site’s online betting service is operational a full seven days a week, 24 hours a day over the phone and online as well. However, their customer service only operates from 8 am to 6 pm every day.


It’s a very simple process to delete a Pamerbet account, but ensure it’s definitely what you want before going down that path.

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