How To Delete A TAB Account

TAB is the number one site in Australia for horse racing and sports betting. There are numerous totalisator organizations in both New Zealand and Australia and is often THE site that sports bettors choose first when new to betting on sports.

Things To Check Before Closing Your TAB Account

Keep in mind, before you close your TAB account, make sure you have done a withdrawal to take out any funds that are still in your account. You can also call their customer service to do the withdrawal via cheque by calling 131 802.

If you withdraw via an electronic fund transfer it will take around two to three business days to reach your bank account. If you chose the cheque option, then the wait will be a little longer, around five to seven days. If you are located overseas, this may take longer.

To make sure that your request to close your account is done swiftly, TAB recommends that your account is verified, you take out all of your funds, and that you have no bets that are currently pending.

If you do close your account and still have funds in your account or have a pending bet that is a winner, the money will be transferred into the bank account that is associated with the account in the My Details section.

Can You Watch Live Sport Streaming On TAB?

This is what separates TAB from other betting sites. They offer customers live sport via a live stream on selected sports like NBA along with the Finals. If you want to watch live sport, you have to download the app or simply log on to the TAB website on your laptop and watch live sport.

Is TAB A Good Betting Site?

TAB is a superb site and is the number one site in Australia for a reason. TAB matches other bookmakers’ odds to give their customers great odds, along with giving incentives for customers who first make a deposit.

There is also a cash-out option on selected sporting codes which is one of the best features for its customers. TAB also has a Rewards Program for its customers and the site is looking for ways to continuously improve the site to make it the best possible experience for their customers.

How Long Do TAB Withdrawals Take?

Normally a withdrawal from your TAB account will take around 24 hours but this will depend on who you chose to bank with as each bank has different wait times.

You can expect your withdrawals to be in your account in one to three business days. For this to happen, you need to supply the details of your bank so the money can be deposited and the name on your bank account needs to match that of the TAB account.

Does TAB Have A Maximum Bet?

Like most betting sites, TAB does have a maximum amount that a person can use to bet. For all of TAB’s outlets, the maximum limit for a single bet is $10,000 without the person needing to provide a form of identification.

What Are TAB’s Deposit Options?

There are three ways that customers can deposit funds into their accounts. You can go into a TAB outlet, or do it via phone or like many do, online. If you are making a cash deposit, you will have to visit a TAB agency, PubTAB, or ClubTAB venue across all states in Australia.

If you want to deposit your funds online or via phone, you can do that by using a Credit Card or via Apple Pay, PayPal, Credit Card IVR (CCIVR), BPAY, and TAB Retail Outlets. There are a whole host of options for customers to put funds into their betting account and nearly all the bases are covered.

Deposits with TAB take between one and three business days so if you are wanting to bet on a specific sporting event or race, it is recommended to deposit it well ahead of time.

Do I Get Special Offers Or Free Bets With TAB?

Sometimes yes. But keep in mind that the site will need two days (48 hours) to process your new registration so, during that time, there will be no bonus bets or special offers during that time after you sign up.

How to deactivate TAB account temporarily

If you’re looking to close your TAB account temporarily, you are best contacting TAB’s customer service for the most accurate and tailored advice. They can guide you through the steps on how to close your TAB account temporarily if you feel that the temptation of simply not logging into your TAB betting account will be hard to resist.


Deleting or closing your account with TAB is pretty easy, but be sure to withdraw your funds from TAB first before pressing that button!

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  1. My son put a bet on for us, we have the receipts but he has suddenly deleted his account with our pending bets on the account. If the bets come in, is there any way we can access our winnings using the receipts?


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