How To Delete A TopSport Account

Betting site TopSport is a registered trading name of MERLEHAN BOOKMAKING PTY. LTD. They are fully licensed by the government of NSW and are regulated by Greyhound Racing NSW. What is perhaps a little surprising is that TopSport is a fully owned Australian Corporate Bookmakers and their offices are located within the Tweed River Jockey Club facility in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

The directors of Merlehan, Tristian, and Lloyd Merlehan are both licensed bookmakers and collectively have over 30 years of experience in service Aussie punters.

How To Delete A TopSport Account

It is a little unconventional but with TopSport, you can ban yourself from their site. If you want to have a break or exclude yourself either for a set time or permanently, you can contact the staff at TopSport for assistance to close your account forever.

Alternatively, you can access the self-exclusion and can do so via the My Account section on TopSport’s site.

Also, if you feel like gambling is a problem for you, there is software that you can download to stop you from getting access to any betting site. Look at TopSport’s website for more information.

Is There A Minimum Or Maximum Amount You Can Bet With On TopSport?

As with every betting site, there is a maximum and minimum amount that customers can bet. For TopSport, the minimum bet is just $2 for transactions online but for phone transactions, that goes up to $10.

For a maximum bet amount, that is determined by TopSport and depends on what your bet is and how much you want to bet. On their website, TopSport does state that they will do their very best to satisfy all bet requests by their customers.

However, in some instances, TopSport will reject or partially accept bets but that is at the discretion of TopSport.

Is There A TopSport Sign Up Offer?

Certainly! TopSport is a popular platform for sports betting and racing, offering a variety of promotions to its members. However, the specific information about a TopSport sign up bonus was not available on their promotions page at the time of my search. It’s worth noting that you must be logged in to view the details of TopSport promotions, which could include a sign-up offer.

That said, TopSport does offer other types of promotions to enhance your betting experience. For instance, they have a ‘Top-Up’ feature that allows you to get more value for your bets. Just tap the Top-Up button in the Betslip, and your bet will be topped up. They also have a Loyalty Rewards Program where you can earn points while betting, which can be redeemed for Bonus Bets and other benefits. Additionally, TopSport provides a Protest Payout offer, which pays you out as a winner on selected races even if your selection is first past-the-post but relegated due to an upheld protest.

If you’re interested in TopSport betting, they offer a wide range of options for both racing and sports events. They also have ongoing betting promotions, including free bet promotions, bonus bets, and credits. These promotions are exclusive to their members and run 24/7, making your TopSport deposit bonus and other betting activities more rewarding.

For the most current promotions, it’s advisable to log in to your TopSport account or become a member to gain access to exclusive offers and promo codes.

What Hours Does TopSport Operate?

For some betting sites, their online section will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week but their telephone section will only operate for certain hours a day (6 am to 8 pm). However, with TopSport, they are fully operational both by phone and online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I Redeem My Bonus Bets With TopSport?

Yes, you can. To redeem your bonus bets that you have, all you have to do is enter the code of the bonus bet in the box that is provided once the link above your bonus bet’s balance in the balance menu.

You will then submit the code and simply follow all the steps that relate to your bonus bet and your funds will be credited. However, for all information relating to bonus bets with TopSport, check out the terms and conditions on their website.

What Deposit Options Does TopSport Have?

As other betting sites have, TopSport has several options when it comes to depositing funds into your TopSport account. They include:

Cheques: TopSport accepts personal cheques, bank cheques, and personal cheques as well as money orders (must be in Australian dollars).

Fund Transfers (EFT): You can deposit funds by EFT (electronic funds transfer). Customers can do this by using their selected bank website. Once you have deposited your funds, click the deposit button on the menu bar and when the EFT tab pops up, let TopSport know that you have deposited funds. When doing this you MUST give TopSport your UserID as a reference on any bank transfer you make with TopSport.

BPAY: TopSport does have BPAY facilities for BPAY transactions. The biller code for TopSport is 189498 and you can find the BPAY reference number by clicking on the deposit button on the TopSport site and then selecting the BPAY tab.

Credit Card: If customers want to deposit funds via a credit card, you can do so by selecting the deposit button that appears on the menu bar and then proceeding to select the credit card deposit option.

What is special about this is that once you have entered all of your details regarding your credit card, you will not have to re-enter those details again unless your card expires. All of your selected cards will be available to see on a drop-down menu, then you choose the card you want to use, then provide the CCV number (found on the back of the card) and you are good to go.

This makes it super easy to deposit funds into your account. Also, TopSport does not charge its customers any credit card fees which is superb.

Cash: TopSport is one of the few sites that accept cash deposits. However, they all need to be done at a Westpac branch. When you do this, you are going to have to let Westpac know what TopSport’s bank account number is.

That number can be seen when you click on the deposit button and then you need to select the EFT tab. To be able to do this you MUST be logged in to your account. Lastly, you will need to tell Westpac to include your UserID number with the cash deposit.

POLI: The last one is POLI. TopSport members can deposit funds into their account via POLI. To be abler to do this, customers can choose by selecting the deposit button and then choose the POLI option.


It is possible to delete a TopSport account but in some cases it may be more appropriate to take their self-exclusion route.

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