What Is Acca Edge On Betfair?

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What Is Acca Edge On Betfair?

Acca Edge is a form of acca insurance offered by Betfair Sportsbook. Betfair has designed Acca Edge to be the most competitive acca insurance offered by any online sportsbook, and there are a variety of reasons why you should consider using Acca Edge when placing an accumulator.

Why Should I Use Acca Edge On Betfair?

While many sportsbooks and betting sites offer acca insurance, there are several reasons why Betfair Acca Edge might be your best alternative to acca insurance.

For starters, Acca Edge Betfair can be applied to accumulators with three or more selections (a treble or above). This is much more generous than many sportsbooks that require your acca to be a five-fold or bigger before you can apply acca insurance.

Most sportsbooks also insist that acca insurance can only be applied to accumulators in which all selections are for the same sport, e.g. football. But Acca Edge can be applied to mixed-sport accumulators.

Many sportsbooks also insist that acca insurance can only be applied to accumulators with minimum odds stipulations. These can vary from anything from 1.2 (1/5) to 2.0 (evens). But there are no minimum odds stipulations with Acca Edge.

The maximum refunds on acca insurance is limited with many sportsbooks, with that limitation often being £25. However, refunds from Acca Edge bets are unlimited.

Acca Edge returns all refunds in cash, whereas many sportsbooks offer their acca insurance returns as free bets.

You’ll also receive your Acca Edge returns shortly after the last leg of your acca is settled. Many sportsbooks do not credit your account until the following day.

Important Terms & Conditions Of Acca Edge

If you are considering applying Acca Edge to any accumulators you place with the Betfair Sportsbook, you should be aware of several terms & conditions.

Acca Edge can be voided from accas for a variety of reasons. If one of the legs of your acca is voided for any reason, Acca Edge will be void and your bet will be settled at the odds of your bet before Acca Edge was applied. This is also the case when one of your selections is involved in a dead heat.

While it’s still possible to accept a cash out offer while your accumulator is in play, accepting this offer obviously voids Acca Edge.

Acca Edge works in tandem with Rule 4 and Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). If one of your selections is subject to a rule 4 deduction, both this % and the Acca Edge % will be deducted.

SP accas do not qualify for Acca Edge, but all selections that qualify for BOG concessions will be paid out at SP if it is bigger than the odds on your betting slip. The 9.9% Acca Edge deduction will simply be deducted from the larger accumulative odds.

Acca Edge can’t be applied to accas placed with a free bet. But all Acca Edge bets will count towards any wagering requirements of any bonuses.

What Is The Acca Edge Deduction?

When applying Acca Edge to accumulators, you are agreeing to take a deduction of 9.9% from your winning accumulative odds in exchange for having your stake refunded if just one of your selections fails to win.

Should I Use Acca Edge?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to using Acca Edge or not, but there are a couple of things that you should probably consider before applying it.

The first thing to consider is whether Betfair Sportsbook is offering the best odds about your acca selections. For example, your three selections may all be priced up at 2.0 (evens) at Betfair, meaning the accumulative odds are 8.0 (7/1). But if the odds of your selections at another sportsbook are 2.0 (evens) 2.0 (evens), and 2.25 (5/4), the accumulative odds are 9.0 (8.0). This means you are forfeiting a large % of your bet before you take off the additional Acca Edge %.

While Acca Edge may be the best acca insurance in the market, you should also be asking yourself why you’re adding acca insurance to any of your bets. Acca insurance is only beneficial if you have a habit of picking accas with one losing selection in them. If you frequently do this, you are only ever going to get your money back.

However, if you’re good at picking lots of winners and just the odd loser, you may find that you would benefit from a change in betting tactics. You may find that it is profitable to back all your selections as singles. Sure, it’s not as sexy as landing an acca, but slow and steady long-term profits are the goal of most professional gamblers.

If you land quite a lot of accas, then you might not want to bother with acca insurance of any type, as you’re basically giving away a % of your winnings every time.

If you’re not sure whether you should apply Acca Edge on your next acca bet, keep a record by paper trading all your accas to see whether you would have made more overall profit by using it or not.

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