How To Avoid Bookie Limitations

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How To Avoid Bookie Limitations

It’s a well known fact that most bookies don’t want you to win long-term. Successful punters will see account limitations at some stage, but here’s how to avoid bookie limitations to some extent, and to stay under their radar for as long as possible.

If you do your research, and you’re accustomed to regularly scooping winnings, you might be considered a professional by bookmakers. This is a reflection of your aptitude as a gambler, but it might also present you with some obstacles, namely having your account restricted by a bookie, which is well within the law. That’s why knowing how to avoid bookie limitations is key.

Fortunately, there are ways around the problem of having your account limited, and in this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of them:

Use Betting Exchanges To Avoid Bookie Limitation

A betting exchange is an online platform on which punters, and even some independent bookmakers, offer and make bets. This is a buyers’ and sellers’ forum which is not dissimilar to eBay in its format, and the beauty is that betting exchanges offer no restrictions, and don’t close accounts, within reason. There can be, however, restrictions on the size of the bets placed, but these are typically clearly stated.

So first and foremost, before we come on to tips to avoid the bookie limitations, we should note that betting exchanges can be a saviour to the pro bettor! Popular betting exchanges include Betfair, Smarkets, and Betdaq, and you should also know that a bookmaker called Black Type has a ‘no restrictions’ policy.

Avoid Palps

Among the tips which can help you steer clear of bookie limitations, many are centred around not appearing to be a pro bettor. One of these techniques involves avoiding taking advantage of ‘palps’, which is another word for bookmaker errors, that is, an obvious mistake which has been made when setting the odds.

It might seem like a no-brainer to capitalise on these errors should you spot them, but this might help bookmakers sniff you out as a ‘sharp’ (a pro bettor). There is also a ‘palpable error’ law which allows bookmakers to cancel a bet, should they spot that they have made a mistake.

Keep Betting Deposits To A Minimum

Loading up your accounts with large deposits soon after signing up is a sure-fire way to attract the attention of the bookmakers! A more prudent method is to deposit small early on, and stick to a policy of just depositing enough for a handful of bets at a time.

You can use this policy across several bookmakers at the same time, so you don’t tie up too much of your capital with one firm.

Round-Up Stakes To Avoid Bookie Red Flags

Rounding up stakes to standard amounts – say £50 or £100 – rather than odd numbers involving decimal points gives the appearance of a casual punter. When bets are placed in a precise way – 23.27 for instance – bookmakers are given a hint that a type of mathematical formula used by a ‘sharp’ may be being employed.

Limit Your Bookie Withdrawals

Whipping out all your winnings in one go could indicate to the bookmaker that you are a sharp, so try to go easy when it comes to withdrawals. Aim for a small amount which is not approaching the maximum withdrawal limit, in order to play it safe. You can use sites which list the maximum withdrawal limits for a range of bookmakers to increase your awareness of how much each allows you to take out.

As a general rule, don’t clean out your entire account, be patient with your withdrawals, and when you do come to withdraw, stay well below the maximum. Big spenders rarely go unchecked.

Avoid Betting On Tainted Competitions

Unfortunately, some sporting competitions, from football’s Russian Premier League to some of the Twenty20 competitions in cricket, have had their problems with match-fixing. For this reason, it can be a good policy to steer clear of them all together.

Similarly, betting on competitions in far away lands which are deemed to be obscure could point to the presence of a sharp – after all, which casual bettor would commonly have knowledge of these teams or players?

Use One IP Address For Betting

A bookie may be confused if a bettor has an IP address which commonly changes. There is a common rule of ‘one account per household’, which is designed to counter the problem of players signing up to multiple accounts in order to take advantage of bonuses.

It can be a benefit to have a ‘static IP’, so as not to run into any restrictions or difficulties in making withdrawals.

Place Occasional ‘Mug Punter’ Bets

For a pro bettor, it really doesn’t hurt to throw bookmakers the odd bone with an inconsequential mug bet, which looks for all the world as if it was placed by a casual punter. This can throw them off the scent that you could be a sharp.

So there you have it – various tips and techniques which can allow pro bettors to stay under the bookies’ radar, keep those wins coming in and ultimately avoid bookie limitations!


While this list does not guarantee that you will avoid bookie limitations or restrictions, it does at least give you some insight as to what causes them to flag your account and start making your betting life harder.

Fortunately betting exchanges won’t limit you, and there are a few bookies who do actually welcome winners.

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  1. I think you concept here is second to none im tied up to a wedding and honeymoon atm. Im excited about this way of investing and love a punt I will definitely tell my friends and sign up later in the year good luck Darren and team

    • Thanks for your kind words Darren, much appreciated.
      Hope all goes well with the wedding and honeymoon.

  2. i love this professional advice. alot of us have fallen victims of these circumstances. thanks daren, i just registered to you bettinggods and i find you information professional and good. thanks once more

  3. This must be an old article….Black Type has a ‘no restrictions’ policy!!!! You having a laugh? To start with they guaranteed to lay £500 on the horses….that didn’t last long and that amount went down and down. Now they only will lay me £25. Same as the rest i am afraid.


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