A Guide To Betting On ESports

eSports are a global phenomenon, and their popularity is sure to continue to grow exponentially over the next few years. The increasing popularity of eSports has also led to an increase in betting on eSports.

If you’re not familiar with eSports or betting or eSports, this article is a must-read for you. We’ll start at the beginning, tell you about a variety of the options that you have, and explain what’s the best way to start betting on eSports.

What Is eSports Betting?

eSports is short for electronic sports and, as the name suggests, eSports are played by players via computers. Fortnite is an example of an eSport that has taken the world by storm since the game’s release and the best players on the planet now compete for the Fortnite World Cup.

Millions of fans watch events such as the Fortnite World Cup via online streaming platforms and many choose to make these events even more exciting by betting on them. Many experts even predict that there could soon be more people watching the Fortnite World Cup than watching major sporting events.

The prize money for the winners of such events is also massive, eclipsing that won by even the world’s best tennis players at grand slam events.

The proof that eSports betting is here to stay is shown by just how much money is bet on eSports, with the figure predicted to be around $13 Billion during 2020. The year-on-year increase in eSports betting also indicates that eSports betting has yet to reach its peak, with the 2020 total predicted to be over 130% higher than the amount bet on eSports in 2016.

Like any other form of betting, eSports betting has quickly developed into a massive contest between bookmakers and punters, both of whom are looking to profit from eSports betting.

Why Are eSports So Popular?

eSports are similar to normal sports, as they can be enjoyed by amateurs and professionals, and amateurs tend to idolize their favourite professionals. Over 250 million people regularly watch professionals play eSports, and this number continues to grow.

Of course, eSports are also readily accessible to people, with eSports tournaments streamed on a variety of platforms around the world. There are also a huge number of different tournaments that take place each week.

eSports Tournaments You Can Bet On

We’ve already mentioned just how big the Fortnite World Cup is, but there are lots of other eSports tournaments that you can bet on.

There’s The International and League of Legends World Championships, where players compete playing legendary games such as CS:Go, League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, Call of Duty World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Rocket League, and Heartstone. These are the most popular games to bet on, but there are also lots of other games to get involved in.

What Types Of eSports Bets Are There?

The most popular way to bet on eSports is match betting. Just as you would in any match or tournament, you simply bet on which player you think will win. Other markets that eSports punters love to bet on include handicap betting, race to # kills, and map winners.

For example in football you would bet Team A vs Team B, eSports is exactly the same in that you bet on a team (or player) to win.

Also similar to football you can bet over/under X maps – much like over/under goals bets in football.

There are bets again also like in football, Team A to score a goal, but this would be Team A to win a map.

As you can see, it’s very much like football betting, just different terminology.

In-play eSports betting is also available with some bookmakers, and this has taken esports betting to a new level of excitement.

How Do You Start Betting On eSports?

The first thing you’ll need to do is open an account with a bookmaker that offers betting on eSports. Once you’ve done that you can make a deposit, at which point you may be able to take advantage of a welcome bonus or free bet.

If you’ve placed sports bets before, you’ll find placing bets on eSports is just the same. Simply choose a selection, then fill in your stake on the electronic bet slip that pops up. It really is as easy as it sounds.

What Bookmakers Bet On eSports?

Lots of bookmakers offer betting on eSports including, but not limited to, Betway, 888Sport, William Hill, LeoVegas, bwin, Sporting Bet, and Bet365. You can open accounts with as many as you like to take advantage of welcome offers and the best available odds.

Betway has made a big name for itself in the eSports market by sponsoring a variety of tournaments, as well as professional eSports teams such as Invictus Gaming, BIG, and my personal favourite Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Bet365 is another popular bookmaker with eSports bettors, as they stream live eSports on their website. You can also take advantage of big range of eSports events, markets, and odds.

Should I Bet On eSports?

Just like with any type of betting, you need to ask yourself why you want to bet. If you want to bet on eSports to increase your enjoyment of watching live eSport events, then go for it. Just remember to never net more than you can afford to lose, and always stop if the fun stops.

If you’re serious about trying to make money from betting on eSports, then you need to ask yourself how are you going to do this. If you’re great at picking the winners of eSports events, then you should find making a profit easy.

But you’ll also need to consider what sort of betting bank you’ll need to start with and what staking plan are you going to use to maximise your potential return on investment and profit.

For example, you don’t want to invest all your money on your first bet. If it loses, you’ll then have nothing to bet on your next selection. We’d advise you to try and make a long-term profit and not simply seek to get rich quick.

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