Are Betting Apps Safe?

Are betting apps safe is a question we often get asked and, providing you stick to using apps from reputable betting sites, the answer is yes.

While you can bet with most betting sites directly from the internet browser of your mobile phone, betting apps are designed to give you the best on-the-go betting experience. Many provide you with the easiest way to navigate the site, and some also have extra features that you won’t find on the main site.

Betting apps use SSL encryption to make them secure, which makes depositing and withdrawing funds safe and protects all sensitive personal data. Betting sites are also licensed in the same jurisdictions as the betting sites that provide them, with sites in the United Kingdom and Malta having to pass the strictest security regulations.

Betting apps are also safe and easy to download, with apps for iOS available to download from the App Store and apps for Android available to download from Google Play.

There are also lots of other reasons why betting apps are the best way to bet on the go.

Use Betting Apps For The Best Navigation And Special Features

Most betting apps have been designed to give users the optimum on the go experience. This means they’re often easier to navigate your way around than just accessing the main website through your internet browser.

Bet slips are easily accessible and even easier to fill in. It’s also easy to see your bets and the latest promotions. Some betting apps also have special features, such as being able to access your account using Touch ID/Face ID.

Betting Apps Markets And Odds

Betting apps offer all the same market as the main website, but you’ll often have easy access shortcuts to many popular sports and events. Of course, you’ll also get all the same great odds you would on the main site.

Betting App Payments

Betting apps are designed to accept all the same payment methods as the main websites, and all deposits, withdrawals, and personal data are protected by SSL encryption. You can use a variety of debit cards, e-wallets, and mobile payments to fund your account, while non-UK members may also be able to use credit cards.

Customer Support On Betting Apps

Most modern betting apps come with a support feature, allowing you to get help on the go. Many provide 24/7 live chat support, with many offering quick response times, while professional live agents are equipped to deal with a wide variety of queries.

Other betting apps offer phone support, but you need to make sure this is toll-free, or phone calls will cost you money. Email support is also popular, though you normally need to wait longer to get a response than you do with live chat.

Take Advantage Of Special Betting App Promotions

Many betting sites encourage you to bet using their app by offering special betting app promotions, that you’ll only be able to take advantage of when betting on the app. You should find that you can create your account on the app and claim any welcome offers, bonuses, or free bets that are available. Just make sure you comply with any terms and conditions to make sure you make the most from these promotions.

Customize Betting Apps

Another great feature that betting app creators are incorporating into their apps is the option for punters to customize certain parts. You can often change how apps look and create shortcuts to your favourite pages, making using an app a more personalized experience.

How To Pick Winners On A Betting App

While using betting apps can give you a customized and personal experience that you can enjoy on the go. One that’s secure and gives you easy access to popular payment methods and a great range of markets, betting apps won’t help you pick winners.

You’ll still need a lot of luck if you’re a pinsticker or you just bet on your favourite horses, players, or teams. This is fine if you’re just having a bit of fun but, if you’re regularly losing money, are you really having fun?

To back winners on a betting app, you need the same level of expertise and hard-working philosophy that professional gamblers have. You’ll need to put in hours of studying the formbook to come up with a steady stream of value-priced winners that will help you make a profit from gambling.

If can’t put in the time, don’t worry, you also have the option of following the advice of professional gamblers who provide tips for a wide variety of sports.

Betting Gods is home to some of the best sports tipsters in the world, including established stars and some of the hottest new talents we’ve discovered. Our tipsters provide tips for horse racing, greyhound racing, football, basketball, ice hockey, American football, cricket, tennis, and golf.

All you need to do is send us your email address, and we’ll start sending you daily free tips from a sample of our tipsters. This is a great way to get the most out of your favourite betting app, and it’s also a great way to find your perfect tipster.

All our tipsters also offer affordable monthly subscription services that allow you to receive all their tips. Subscription services also come with advice about staking and betting bank management. Even better, all our subscriptions are backed by the Betting Gods money-back guarantee.

If you’d like to know more about any of tipsters, please read their Betting Gods profiles. These tell you a bit about their background, as well as providing many important statistics regarding their tipping performances. You can see all their past tips since they joined Betting Gods, and view their total and average monthly profits, return on investment, and percentage of winners to runners.

Using betting apps to place bets on tips from Betting Gods is also great advice, as you’ll never have to miss a bet ever again when you can bet on the go.

We hope that’s answered your question, are betting apps safe.

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