Are Tipsters Sponsored?

Are tipsters sponsored is a question we often get asked, but the answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.

If you’re not very good at picking winners; and tend to lose money when backing your own selections, you probably already follow the tips of one form of tipster or another. But tipsters tend to fall into two different categories.

There are tipsters that are paid by their employers to provide tips for punters, so you could say this type of tipsters are sponsored to provide tips.

There are also tipsters who earn their money by charging people a subscription for their services, so you could say these tipsters aren’t sponsored.

Tipsters That Are Sponsored

Tipsters who get their wages paid by an employer are sponsored, and the tips they provide are designed to attract people to buy what their employers are selling. That’s not to say that the tips from these tipsters aren’t profitable; but making you money isn’t their primary objective.

Tips are readily available in newspapers and online racing and sports publications, but you can only get these by buying the newspaper or publication.

They also tend to take the scattergun approach to gambling, with a variety of tipsters providing tips for a variety of sports, many of which don’t show records of their profits or losses.

There are other types of websites that offer tips for free, some of which are from highly reputable tipsters. But these types of sites are often affiliate marketers that earn money by encouraging you to open accounts with online bookmakers via their website.

Have you also noticed just how many high-profile bookmakers employ famous ex-sports stars to provide tips for potential customers? Last time I went into a William Hill’s in the high-street, they had AP McCoy giving horse racing tips and Robbie Savage giving football tips. Now, I’ve nothing against McCoy or Savage, but they’ve yet to prove their good tipsters, yet punters are happy to follow their advice despite the fact they’re being paid by bookmakers to give it.

Tipsters That Aren’t Sponsored

Professional sports people earn ridiculously big salaries for playing sports, and then cash-in on their fame by having a second career as a pundit/tipster. But professional gamblers must earn their money the hard way by learning their trade and then keeping up the hard work that helps them make profits from gambling.

And while sponsored pundits/tipsters get paid by big media outlets or bookmakers, professional gamblers must earn their wages by a mixture of gambling and charging punters for their advice. They earn money from punters by charging subscriptions, which the punter can easily cancel if the tipster doesn’t keep delivering profitable tips.

So, on one hand, you’ve got sponsored tipsters that earn their wages whether they make you a profit or not, while on the other hand you’ve got professional tipsters that earn their wages by providing profitable tips that keep punters subscribing to their tipping services.
We know which type of tipster we’d rather follow.

What To Expect From Non-Sponsored Tipsters

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