The Best Online Betting Sites for Each-Way Betting

Picking the right betting strategy can be challenging. Some punters prefer win-only bets, while others find each-way betting more appealing. This choice often depends on individual preferences and betting habits. For example, Tom Segal, a well-known tipster, typically opts for win-only bets. On the other hand, some bettors favour each-way bets, considering the potential rewards from both winning and placing.

Understanding when to use each-way betting is crucial, as it hinges on various factors. These include the number of runners, the available places, and the terms for those places. Betting each-way at the right time can make a significant difference in potential returns.

Key Takeaways

  • Each-way and win-only betting depend on personal preference.
  • Knowing the right time for each-way bets is essential.
  • Factors like runners and place terms impact each-way betting decisions.

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Sky Bet

Sky Bet stands out due to its frequent offering of extra place races. They provide more opportunities for punters to win with additional places compared to other bookmakers. This makes Sky Bet a top choice for each-way betting.

The best online bookmakers for each-way betting on horse racing in 2024


bet365 stands out for their extensive range of extra place races, including offering three places in seven-runner races. They also feature a price-match guarantee for ITV races, which can enhance the value of your bets. From 10am until 15 minutes before race start, they match the best prices of major competitors on the terrestrial channel. Best odds guaranteed (BOG) applies unless more places are chosen via the each-way extra link. Note that successful bettors may find these benefits limited over time.

Main pros:

  • Extra place races
  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG)
  • ITV Racing price-match guarantee


Betfair includes a fair share of extra place races on their sportsbook, although they don’t offer BOG. The Betfair Exchange provides unique value as each-way terms remain consistent despite non-runners, maintaining the original place count. This could be advantageous, providing solid value under the right conditions, making Betfair a notable option for traditional each-way betting.

Main pros:

  • Extra place races on the Betfair Sportsbook
  • Favourable exchange odds in certain scenarios


Betfred is known for their bonuses on multiples and offers a respectable number of extra place races. Although they may not match the volume of competitors, they ensure the availability of BOG from 8am on race day, adding value to your bets.

Main pros:

  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG) from 8am
  • Numerous extra place race offers
  • Attractive bonuses on multiples


Coral is selective about the races they offer extra places for, sometimes differing from their sister company Ladbrokes. Despite this careful selection, they provide BOG, making them a reliable choice for favourable odds and extra place options.

Main pros:

  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG)
  • Extra place race offers


Similar to Coral, Ladbrokes is discerning in their selection of races for extra places and does not always mirror Coral. They uphold BOG and also include price boosts up to £50, retaining BOG on these enhanced prices.

Main pros:

  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG)
  • Extra place race offers
  • Price boosts available

Paddy Power

Paddy Power provides numerous extra place races from declaration time, although most will show SP until races are priced closer to the event. To utilise BOG, customers need to opt-in on their website, with a daily cap of £1,000 per customer.

Main pros:

  • Abundance of extra place races
  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG) with opt-in

Sky Bet

Sky Bet excels in offering extra place races and often provides more places compared to rivals. Despite not offering BOG on extra place races, their terms are attractive. They set their own prices, which might be more conservative, and limits on SP betting might apply.

Main pros:

  • Industry-leading extra place race offers
  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG)


Unibet provides a substantial number of extra place races, though without BOG. Their price boost tokens are applicable only to the win portion of each-way bets.

Main pros:

  • Extra place race offers

William Hill

William Hill has removed BOG from all bets, impacting their value proposition. However, they confidently offer bets at extra place terms and provide top price guarantees on certain races, maintaining a competitive edge.

Main pros:

  • Extra place race offers
  • Price-match guarantee


Boylesports offers a wide selection of horse racing events, with best odds guaranteed (BOG) on single and multiple bets placed from 8am. Punters can take advantage of extra place race offers. There is a limit of £1,000 on extra winnings per customer each day, ensuring a rewarding experience.

What Do We Mean by Each-Way Betting and How Does It Work?

Each-way betting is a popular option for punters in horse racing and other sports. This form of betting involves two separate bets: one for the selection to win, and another for it to place within a specified number of positions. This approach covers more outcomes and can be a safer strategy in events with large fields.

Understanding the Stake and the Bet

In simple terms, when you place an each-way bet, you are placing two bets of the same stake. One part of your money goes on the selection to win (the win part), and the other part goes on the selection to place (the place part).

For instance, if you bet £10 each-way on a horse, you’re actually placing £10 on the horse to win and £10 on the horse to place. This means your total stake is £20.

Win and Place Bets

The win bet will pay out if your selection finishes first. The place bet, however, pays out if your selection is among the top finishers within a certain number of places, depending on the number of runners.

  • Fewer than 5 runners: Only win bets are available.
  • 5-7 runners: Win and place bets for the first two positions, often at one-quarter the odds.
  • 8 or more runners: Win and place bets for the first three positions, typically at one-fifth the odds.
  • Handicap races with 16 or more runners: Win and place bets for the first four positions, usually at one-quarter the odds.

Calculating Returns on Each-Way Bets

Consider a seven-runner race where all horses are priced at 6-1. If you bet £10 each-way on one horse, your total stake is £20.

If the horse wins, the returns include:

  • £70 from the win part (£10 at 6-1)
  • £25 from the place part (£10 at 6-4)
    So, you receive a total return of £95 on a £20 stake.

If the horse only places, you get:

  • £25 from the place part, which is £10 at 6-4.

Number of Runners and Place Terms

As the number of runners in a race increases, the terms for placing also change. For example:

  • Eight-runners: Three places at one-fifth the odds
  • Sixteen-runners: Four places at one-quarter the odds

In a sixteen-runner race, you could bet on a horse priced at 15-1. A £10 each-way bet would return:

  • £160 for the win part
  • £190 for the place part (£10 at 3.75-1 for finishing in the top four)

In this scenario, the place part provides a profit of £30, which shows the value in each-way betting when the place terms are favourable.

Variable Place Terms

Bookmakers sometimes offer extra place terms to attract bets. For instance, offering five places in a twelve-runner race might mean the place part pays out at one-fifth the odds. This can occasionally offer better value, especially if compared to traditional terms.

Real-World Betting Examples

In the 2023 Cesarewitch, Paddy Power offered seven places with a higher win percentage. While the win book was well over 100 per cent, the place book returned an under-round 90 per cent. This indicates that while the win margins are tight, the place bets offered considerable value.

Betting Strategy

When placing each-way bets, it’s crucial to consider the terms offered by different bookmakers. Selecting firms that offer additional places might enhance chances of profiting from the place part. This especially holds true in races with a high number of runners and where bookmakers provide extra place terms.

Table of Common Place Terms

Number of RunnersPlaces PaidFraction of Odds
1-4No place terms
16+ (Handicap)41/4


Each-way betting can be a valuable strategy, particularly in large-field events. Understanding the stakes, the different terms, and how to calculate potential returns can help punters make informed decisions. By carefully choosing where and how to place each-way bets, they can maximise their chances of securing both win and place profits.

This clarity and structure are vital for anyone looking to make the most of their betting opportunities. Consideration of the bookmaker’s place terms and the number of runners can turn a good bet into a great one. The more informed you are, the better your chances of making winning bets.

Final Thoughts

When examining the landscape of betting, the significant details often come down to finding the best value. This principle applies across the board, but it’s particularly crucial with each-way betting. Bettors need to navigate a variety of place terms and odds, making choices that align with their personal preferences and betting strategy.

For instance, a wager might offer 7-1 odds with place terms of a fifth the first four, or 6-1 odds with place terms of a fifth the first six. The higher odds can be attractive for the win part of the bet, yet the better place terms could offer more security albeit at shorter odds.

Some bettors favour bookies like Sky Bet, which frequently provides more places on races, even if it means betting at slightly reduced win odds. These extra places can make a significant difference in the overall returns, especially in tightly contested events.

The value of Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) cannot be overstated. BOG ensures that if the starting price is better than the early price taken, bettors get paid out at the higher odds. This feature can sometimes make it challenging to choose the best bookmaker since it adds a significant advantage.

Choosing a bookmaker also involves considering personal preferences. Some might prioritise enhanced odds on places, while others might value the potential of BOG more highly. Ultimately, the selection comes down to individual betting habits and what features one finds most beneficial.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shop Around: Always compare different bookmakers to find the best odds and terms.
  • Effects of Odds and Terms: Higher odds may offer better returns for wins, but place terms can alter the potential payouts.
  • BOG Value: Taking advantage of BOG can significantly boost potential returns.
  • Personal Preference: The choice of bookmaker should align with individual betting strategies and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each-way betting mean and how can potential returns be calculated?

An each-way bet is divided into two parts: a win bet and a place bet. The win part bets on the selection to come first, while the place part bets on the selection to finish in a place position (e.g., top 3). To calculate potential returns, consider the odds for both parts. For example, a £10 each-way bet at 10/1 would cost £20 (£10 for the win and £10 for the place). If the selection wins, both the win and place parts pay out. If it places, only the place part pays out, often at a fraction of the win odds.

Which online betting sites in 2024 offer the most competitive odds for each-way bets?

Several online betting sites in 2024 stand out for their competitive odds in each-way betting. Notable mentions include Bet365, Betfred, and Paddy Power. These bookmakers often offer attractive odds and enhanced terms to provide better value for each-way bettors.

How many places do leading bookmakers generally pay out for significant racing events?

For major racing events, leading bookmakers typically pay out on the first three to five places. For instance, during high-stake events like the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot, several bookmakers offer extended place terms, occasionally up to the first six or seven places. Checking the specific terms for each race is always recommended.

Where can one find the best value for each-way betting with additional places paid?

For the best value in each-way betting with additional places, look for bookmakers such as Bet365, BoyleSports, and Sky Bet. These companies frequently offer promotions that include extra places, particularly for significant events, enhancing the opportunity for returns.

Do any bookmakers allow immediate access to winnings post-race, and who offers this service?

Yes, several bookmakers provide instant access to winnings after a race. Prominent names offering this service include Bet365, BetVictor, and Betfair. These bookies generally update accounts rapidly, allowing bettors to access their funds almost immediately after the race results are confirmed.

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