Best Odds Guaranteed in 2024

Best odds guaranteed (BOG) is a crucial feature for anyone who bets on horse racing. It ensures that if a bettor takes a price on a horse and it drifts to a higher starting price (SP), they will be paid out at the higher odds. This means that over time, taking the best price on offer can significantly impact profits, potentially turning a loss into a win.

One standout example of BOG’s importance is the 2021 Tingle Creek Chase at Sandown, where Greaneteen, initially backed at 5-1, drifted to 12-1 at SP. Those who backed the horse with BOG pocketed considerably higher winnings. With firms becoming aware of BOG’s value, many have changed or removed this concession, making it essential for punters to find the best betting accounts to maximise their returns.

Key Takeaways

  • Best odds guaranteed (BOG) can greatly affect betting success.
  • Finding bookmakers with the best BOG terms is crucial for serious bettors.
  • Recent changes highlight the need for updated knowledge on BOG offers.

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the must-have betting accounts for best odds guaranteed


Bet365 offers Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) on all bets placed from 8am on the day of the race. Additionally, their price-match offer on ITV races from 10am is a compelling feature.


Coral provides BOG on all bets made from 8am on race day. They also maintain competitive odds and a wide range of markets.

The Best Online Bookmakers for Best Odds Guaranteed Concessions in 2024


Bet365 is well-regarded among bookmakers for getting the essentials right, especially with the best odds guaranteed (BOG). This offer is available on all horseracing bets placed from 8am on the day of the race. Additionally, starting from 10am, Bet365 will match prices with Ladbrokes, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral, Sky Bet, and BoyleSports for ITV races. This ensures that Bet365 provides the best market prices along with BOG.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day
  • Price-match available from 10am


Betfred, known as the “Bonus King,” offers BOG on bets placed on UK and Irish races from 8am on the day of the event. However, this benefit does not extend to bets on Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s, Lucky 63s, or super extra place races.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day


Coral provides BOG on all bets placed from 8am on the day of the race, with a daily cap of £50,000 per customer. They are a strong contender with a comprehensive range of racing markets and are highly recommended for serious bettors.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day


As part of the Entain group, Ladbrokes’ BOG offer is similar to Coral’s. They provide BOG on all bets placed from 8am on the day of the race. Although Coral might be slightly more favourable for serious horseracing bettors, Ladbrokes remains a solid choice.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day

Paddy Power

Paddy Power requires users to opt-in for the BOG promotion. Once opted in, BOG is available from 8am on the day of the race. They also offer up to £1,000 per customer daily for BOG and frequently provide enhanced place terms for significant races, making them a good choice for each-way betting enthusiasts.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day

Sky Bet

Sky Bet also necessitates opting in to access the BOG offer. This is only accessible for customers who are part of the Sky Bet Club. Once qualified, BOG is available from 9am on the day of the race for all UK and Irish races.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 9am each day


Unibet offers BOG on all bets placed from 8am on the day of the race. Despite their competitive position in terms of timing and price selection, their BOG offer excludes races with extra places and events with selected promotions, which is a drawback.

Key details:

  • BOG available from 8am each day

other bookmakers who offer best odds guaranteed


BetMGM is relatively new, yet they have been attracting attention with their marketing campaigns and promotional offers. Their Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) promotion begins at 11am on race day, which is later than many competitors. Punters need to be patient to take advantage of this offer. Despite this limitation, BetMGM still stands out because some bigger firms don’t offer BOG at all.


Betway’s BOG policy starts at 9am on race day. They prefer to evaluate the morning markets before making their BOG concession available. This delay can be seen as a drawback, especially for punters who like to bet early. Furthermore, Betway’s BOG offer is valid only for single bets and does not apply to multiple bets, bet boosts, or enhanced prices.


BoyleSports initiates their BOG offer at 8am on race day, making them one of the early birds. For retail customers, the maximum additional bonus per day is £1,000, but this limit increases significantly to £50,000 for their online platform. For those who prefer to bet digitally, BoyleSports offers a compelling option when compared to rivals like Paddy Power. Having an online account can be particularly beneficial with this bookmaker.


Livescorebet, another newer name in the market, features their BOG promotion from 10am on race day. This offer applies to all win and each-way bets. They provide a maximum payout of £50,000 per day, catering to both small and large bettors. Livescorebet is an intriguing choice for those seeking alternatives to the more established bookmakers.

Best Odds Guaranteed: Key Factors to Consider in 2024

Shopping Around for the Best Prices

Getting the best odds guaranteed (BOG) does not mean punters should accept any old price. Many winners return at shorter odds than they were available at in the morning. If making profit is the goal, securing the best early prices remains crucial. For instance, a bettor who gets 6-1 on a winner that returns at an SP of 7-2 will earn more than one who takes 9-2 on the same horse, whether or not BOG is in play.

Being price-sensitive and holding accounts with several bookmakers can help in sourcing the best morning prices. BOG acts as a safety net in case the chosen horse’s odds drift, but it shouldn’t be a reason to ignore prices entirely. Websites like Racing Post provide an easy way to compare prices under their odds comparison tab, listing firms offering the best prices at the top.

BOG and Ante-Post Bets

It’s crucial to note that BOG is generally not available on ante-post bets. Given the fierce competition among bookmakers to offer the best prices on race mornings, the value of ante-post betting has decreased. For example, a horse backed at 5-1 on the Monday before a race may not offer the best value compared to its SP on race day.

Let’s consider horse Greaneteen, which was available at 5-1 earlier in the week but returned an SP of 12-1 on race day. Bettors who secured the morning price of 5-1 with BOG would have benefitted from the 12-1 SP, unlike those who placed an ante-post bet at the earlier price. Therefore, careful consideration is necessary when dealing with ante-post bets as it does not always yield the best returns.

Timing Your Bets

Timing plays a critical role in making the most of BOG. Most bookmakers offer BOG only on the morning of the race, and some may delay until 11am. It’s thus vital to place bets at the right time. Betting, for instance, at 7:58am with a bookmaker who starts offering BOG from 8am could mean missing out on the best terms.

Knowing when different bookmakers begin to offer BOG can provide an edge. Without this knowledge, punters could find themselves betting at unfavourable times which might result in financial loss.

Choosing the Right Bookmaker

Some of the leading bookmakers offering BOG include bet365, Coral, BoyleSports, Betfred, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Betway, and BetVictor. Each has its own times when BOG becomes available, and understanding these timings can make a significant difference.

Bookmakers and Their BOG Timings

BookmakersBOG Timing
Bet365After 8am
CoralFrom 8am
BoyleSportsFrom 8am
BetfredFrom 8am
LadbrokesFrom 8am
Paddy PowerFrom 8am
BetwayFrom 9am
BetVictorFrom 9am

Benefits of BOG

The main advantage of BOG is that it provides punters with the best possible return if their chosen horse wins. If a horse’s odds improve from the time the bet was placed to the starting price (SP), BOG ensures the bettor receives the more favourable SP. This minimises the risk of losing out on better odds and can add significant value to horse racing bets.

Challenges and Considerations

While BOG can be advantageous, it’s not available across all bet types. For example, BOG is typically not offered on ante-post bets or certain special promotions. Additionally, not all bookmakers provide BOG for every race, making it important to check the terms and conditions beforehand.

Wagering with BOG can be a strategic tool for bettors, maximising potential profits while reducing risks associated with fluctuating odds. However, maintaining a sharp focus on early prices and timing bets appropriately is essential to fully benefit from this concession.


When selecting the best bookmakers for guaranteeing the best odds, it is wise to stick with well-established names. Among these, Bet365 and Coral shine due to their consistent performance and reputation.

Bet365 stands out for its commitment to offering unbeatable prices after 10am on ITV racing days, combined with their best odds guarantee (BOG). This gives them a slight edge over competitors. On the other hand, Coral provides BOG in their high-street shops, where punters can benefit by presenting their Connect card.

Not All Giants Offer BOG

While many top bookmakers offer BOG, notable exceptions include William Hill and Betfair Sportsbook, which have decided to withdraw this concession despite their long-standing presence in the industry.

Each-Way Considerations

For those interested in each-way betting, Bet365 and Coral might not be the optimal choices due to their weaker place promotions. Alternatively, Paddy Power excels with extra place races and remains competitive with BOG offers.

Current Opportunities

There is a prevailing sentiment that the golden era for punters is over. However, as long as BOG concessions continue, it’s an opportunity worth seizing. The convenience of securing the best odds in the morning eliminates the dilemma of choosing between morning prices and the SP.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Bet365’s Best Odds Guaranteed promotion begin?

Bet365’s Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) feature starts at 8am. This promotion ensures that customers will get the best possible price on their bet, even if the starting price (SP) is higher.

Which betting firms offer Best Odds Guaranteed on bets placed the night before?

Most firms only offer BOG from the morning of the race. Examples include BoyleSports, Bet365, Betfred, Coral, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power, which all start offering BOG from 8am. Betway and BetVictor join at 9am. However, it is less common to find firms extending this feature to bets placed the night before.

How does the Best Odds Guaranteed feature work at William Hill?

At William Hill, if you place a bet and the starting price (SP) turns out to be higher than the price you took, they will pay you out at the bigger odds. This means you get the best possible payout whether the odds you initially took are lower or higher than the SP.

Is opting-in necessary for Paddy Power’s Best Odds Guaranteed offer?

Yes, to benefit from Paddy Power’s BOG, you need to opt-in on their promotions page. This ensures that you are eligible for the BOG, where they compare your taken odds with the SP and pay out the better value.

From what time is Coral’s Best Odds Guaranteed accessible to bettors?

Coral begins offering their Best Odds Guaranteed from 8am on the day of the race. This means you can place your bets confident that if the SP is higher than the odds you took, Coral will pay you out at the higher price.

Are Ladbrokes’ prices included in the Best Odds Guaranteed from the time the bets are taken?

Yes, Ladbrokes includes BOG from the time the bets are placed and starts this from 8am on the day of the race. This ensures that if the SP is better than the odds you initially took, you will receive the higher payout.

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