Can Football Players Bet On Football?

Can football players bet on football is a question we often get asked – and the answer is NO!

Of course, we’re talking about professional footballers being unable to bet on football, so you don’t have to worry if you play amateur Sunday afternoon football, as having a flutter on the football is okay for you.

Measures Taken By The FA

The FA is the governing body of the English Premier League and many of the other professional football league in the United Kingdom, and it has put in place measures that make it illegal for professional footballers to bet on any football matches around the world. These measures also apply to everyone else involved at professional football clubs, including the manager, club staff, and the match officials.

The ban on football betting also includes any other football-related betting markets, such as manager appointments, player transfers, or any team or squad selections.

This worldwide ban on football betting for professional footballers extends to all Premier League clubs, English Football League clubs, and National League clubs. It also includes the FA Women’s Super League, Championship clubs, and the Southern, Northern, and Isthmian leagues.

Can Footballers Pass On Inside Information?

Professional football players also can’t pass on inside information (information that is not available to the public) to other parties to be used for the purpose of betting on football. For example, footballers can’t seek to profit from selling information about team selections, or injuries, or transfers. Passing on inside information includes, but is not limited to, word of mouth, email, written correspondence, or social media.

Football players are also banned from instructing other parties to place bets on their behalf. Players may even be held in breach of the rules if they pass information to someone, even without any intent to profit from it, if that person then uses that information to place a bet.

Match Fixing

There have been several scandals about professional footballers fixing matches, which means they have arranged in advance to directly affect the result of a match so that someone can profit from that result. These scandals have implicated many professional players, who are believed to have received bungs for their parts in the match fixing.

Match fixing is now prohibited by the FA and is treated extremely seriously. Any players or match officials found guilty of match fixing will face an FA charge, the result of which will either be a lengthy suspension or a lifetime ban from the game.

How Does The FA Monitor Match Fixing?

The FA is so serious about abolishing match fixing and the passing of inside information for betting purposes, that it has a variety of sophisticated systems in place to track and trace any possible breaches in its rules.

These systems flag and unusual issues or patterns in betting markets where someone seems to have profited to unreasonable amounts.

If a players or other official falls under suspicion of profiting from football betting, the FA has the right to ask those under suspicion to provide records such as betting account statements, bank statements, and phone bills.

Betting Gods Football Tipsters

Here at Betting Gods, our football tipsters aren’t professional football players nor do they try and profit from football betting by using illegal inside information passed on by professional footballers or anyone else involved in the game.

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We hope that’s answered your question, can football players bet on football. If you want more advice about football betting, you’ll find loads more free-to-read articles here on the Betting Gods blog. Happy punting!