Can I Cancel A Bet On Coral?

There are not many punters, me included, that will be able to hold their hands up and say they have never made a mistake when filling out a betting slip. It’s also much easier to make a mistake when filling out an online betting slip. For example, a clumsy finger can easily type in £55 rather than £5. If you’re already watching another race, you might not notice and then press confirm before realising your mistake.

The moment you notice your mistake, you want to cancel the bet. But not all bookmakers will let you do this. One bookmaker who states that you can’t cancel a bet you place is Coral. They say that once you’ve placed a bet, it can’t be cancelled or amended in any way.

Coral strongly advise that you thoroughly check that all details of your bet are correct before you place it. If not, click back and amend the error before you place your bet.

You can’t blame Coral for taking this stance, as online bet slips aren’t difficult to fill out and it’s basically your own fault if you make a mistake.

However, Coral does have a line in its terms and conditions which eludes that they might consider cancelling or amending a bet at their sole discretion. This means that you can ask for a bet to be changed, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

Are There Any Other Ways To Cancel A Bet At Coral?

Cashout is a feature at Coral that can, in some instances, help you cancel or amend a bet you’ve placed. For example, imagine that you meant to place a £5 bet on a horse, but you typed in £55 and placed the bet without checking it.

If you’re lucky, you can go to the cash out option and you may find that you’ll be able to cash out your bet to the same stake that you put on. This is often the case if you notice your mistake almost immediately.

If you’re not lucky enough to notice your mistake immediately, you may still want to consider the cash out option. If the odds of your selection are still the same as when you placed the bet, you may still find that you can cash out your full stake.

But if the odds have drifted, you will probably have to settle for a bit less than you put on. For example, you may have to cash out £48 instead of £50, but this may still be a better option than losing all that extra money.

You could also get lucky as, if the odds of your selection have contracted, you may find that you can cash out a little bit more than your original stake.

But as cashing out some bets on some sports may not be an option, try not to make the mistake in the first place.

Why Did You Make The Mistake?

Another question you need to ask yourself is why did you make the mistake? Was it because you were rushing to put a bet on that you probably shouldn’t have been having in the first place?

If you’re the kind of impulsive gambler that bets with no real plan of action and normally loses – perhaps it’s time you changed the way you bet. Perhaps it’s time you followed the advice of a professional betting tipster.

Following the advice of a professional tipster will help you control your betting and help you limit the mistakes you make, whether that’s filling out a betting slip wrongly or simply losing money regularly.

Tips from professional tipsters are either sent out on the previous evening or on the morning of the races, giving you lots of time to place your bets without any stress. Professional tips also come with a recommended staking plan, meaning you’ll be thinking clearly when you place your bets.

Here at Betting Gods, we have a variety of professional horse racing and sports betting tipsters to choose from. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can also check out our tipsters first using our daily free tips service.

If you’re simply looking for more advice about betting, there are hundreds of more free-to-read articles here on the Betting Gods blog. Happy punting!

4 thoughts on “Can I Cancel A Bet On Coral?”

    • Wish we could help you Brian but if the issue is with Coral you’ll need to speak to them directly. Though realistically the chance of cancelling a bet (as mentioned in this blog) is unlikely.

  1. I put placepot on last Saturday but it went wrong but still took 3 pound off me not right anyway I pressed wrong button on stopping betting for three weeks I did not know it was that a mistake can I cancel so I can put bet on please


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