Can You Beat The Bookies?

Can you beat the bookies is probably the most asked question by anyone looking to make a profit from betting on horse racing or other popular sports such as football, golf, tennis, cricket, etc.

Most people will tell you no, but professional tipsters and punters who make it their life work to beat the bookies have proven it can be done.

If you’re setting out on this exciting journey, keep reading for some sound advice that should help you to succeed.

What Sports Are You Going To Bet On?

It’s probably a good idea to start trying to beat the bookies by concentrating on one sport. Most professionals adopt this approach, though some can master two or more. It’s a matter of choice but spending 40 hours a week studying one sport is normally more productive than allocating 10 hours studying to each of four sports.

Some pro punters even specialize within a sport. For example, a horse racing tipster may concentrate his efforts on flat racing, jumps racing, or all-weather racing. Some even narrow that down further by concentrating their efforts on races over a select band of distances or at a limited number of courses.

You’ll also need a system, where significant factors indicate when you should have a bet. You may choose to bet only when a horse has its optimum conditions. Other ways pro tipsters may wait until a horse drops down to its last winning handicap mark and takes a drop-in-class. Each pro has his own factors that trigger a bet.

Golf betting tipsters can often spot talented youngsters coming through that are often overpriced against the more established stars, and tennis punting can follow a similar pattern. There are plenty of angles into football and cricket, and top pro tipsters often specialize in exploiting many of these.

Always Find The Value

Finding value is the skill that most pro punters have that amateur punters don’t understand. Both types of punters may think that a horse, football team, or tennis players have a great chance of winning a race or match. But while the amateur punter plays no matter what the odds, a pro punter only plays when he thinks the odds are bigger than they should be.

Always Have A Betting Bank

So, can you beat the bookies? It’s unlikely if you don’t start with the correct betting bank, which is normally anywhere between 100x to 200x your average stake.

The world is full of punters that start each week with a £100 to last them the week but have it all on a horse they thought was a certainty on Monday only for it to lose. They then must watch as lots of horses they would have also backed that week also win.

This is where the betting bank is crucial. Even if you had your max bet on the losing horse, having a betting bank means you still have money put aside for betting on other horses during the following days, weeks, and months. This way you never have to miss a winner.

What you must remember, no matter how good you are, is you will endure losing runs. These can often be because of bad luck, a horse falling, rain arriving that wasn’t forecast, getting blocked in at a crucial stage, etc. A betting bank allows you to endure these frustrating spells and then capitalise when luck turns in your favour.

A Points System

A betting points system normally goes hand-in-hand with a betting bank. Some pro punters believe in only having their maximum stake on all bets and, if they don’t fancy a selection that much, they won’t bet. Others believe that staking plans need to be more flexible to allow for different levels of value.

For example, if they think a horse should be even-money and it’s 5/4, they may have a 1-point bet. If it’s 6/4 a 2 points bet, etc.

Take The Long-Term Approach

Betting has made a few instant millionaires over the years, mainly lucky punters that have somehow strung together an amazing winning acca or combo bet. If you’re hoping to get rich quick, you should probably throw a few quid at bets like this each week.

But pro punters take a more long-term approach to betting, combining their skill of picking winners with a disciplined approach that includes finding value, having a betting bank, and sticking to their staking plan.

There may be an odd downturn in profit at some point, but the time to check out how you’re doing is at the end of say a month, 3 months, and a year. It’s about trying to make a return on investment that’s significantly better than the tiny bit of interest rates you would have earned if you’d tied up your money in a boring savings account.

Have You Got What It Take To Beat The Bookies?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself can you beat the bookies? You’ve probably got a good chance if you can answer yes to the following questions. Do you know what sports or sports you’re going to bet on? You’ve got the time to do the studying? Do you recognise when a selection you think will win provides a value bet? You’re disciplined enough to have a betting bank and apply a points-based betting system? You’ve got the mindset to try and beat the bookies in the long term?

If you’ve answered yes to can you beat the bookies, it’s time to go away and do it. If you’ve answered no, it’s time to think about a second option – following betting tipsters that have already proven they can beat the bookies time after time.

Following A Professional Betting Tipster

Following a professional betting tipster can also be a way that you can answer yes to can you beat the bookies. All you need to do is pay a small monthly subscription and then spend a few minutes following his or her advice.

He’ll explain what betting bank you need to start with, then advise you how many points to bet on his selections. You just need to place the bets and sit back and watch as the profits roll in over a long-term period. If you’re not convinced, check out years of impressive results from proven profitable tipsters that can definitely answer yes to can you beat the bookies.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you could help me, you mentioned professional betting tipster could help with a subscription do you know any please I’ve been betting on horses three weeks ago and done really well that first week winning £700 over three races in one day now it just seems like it’s a bad spell I put in with little coming back me and my girlfriend are looking to buy a house and I thought the extra money will come in handy thank you


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