Can You Bet On Badminton?

Betting on badminton offers a lot of excitement and opportunities to earn and helps you get close to the action on the court. Read this article to learn all you need to know about betting on badminton.

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Can You Bet On Badminton?

If you are an ardent badminton fan, you would be pleased to know that you can leverage your game knowledge and analytical skills and put them to good use to place profitable bets on badminton. Badminton tournaments happen regularly around the globe, including continental or international tournaments, national championships, and even the Olympics.

For most punters, sports betting is synonymous with football, horse racing, basketball, etc. However, with the increase in the number of major sporting competitions, and growth in the sports betting community, it comes as no surprise that the bettors’ have varying betting preferences and like to bet on different kinds of sports. 

Hence you have plenty of opportunities to bet, and with easy access to a wide range of betting markets, it gets even easier. Read on to learn what kinds of bets you can place in badminton.

How to bet on badminton

There are plenty of different options for betting on badminton. If you are a novice to betting, you can begin with the basic bets, and if you are a seasoned bettor and exploring more sports avenues for wagering, you can opt for more complex bets too. 

Here are some of the popular badminton bets available online:

Betting on Badminton spreads

Betting on badminton spreads implies that you can wager on the number of points by which a player may win or lose. You can wager on a player winning by a certain number of points or losing by a certain number of points.

Betting on Badminton over/under

This is a common bet in which you can bet over or under the number set by the sportsbook. There are multiple possibilities in this bet type, for instance, the number of games and the total points or points scored by each player. 

Betting on Badminton Totals

 In this bet type, you wager on the total number of points players may score. You can wager whether the players will score over or under the projected numbers.

Betting on Badminton future bets

Just like any other sport, betting on future bets in badminton implies that you can wager on an instance in advance, be it a particular game or an entire season. Future bets enable you to bet on games in advance, so you can wager on who will win the competition even before it starts, and you can also wager on which player will play in the championship game.

Badminton Handicap betting

In this type of bet, you can add weightage to the score. For instance, you can wager on a particular player to beat the opponent with a -1.5 handicap. Hence your bet on a player will have to win by 3-0 for you to win your bet.

What do I need to consider to bet on badminton?

Unlike gambling in a casino, you can thrive in sports betting if you employ your knowledge of the sport and develop deep analytical skills through careful observation and study. Thus if you want to wager successfully on badminton, here are a few critical elements you must pay attention to. 

  • If you are well aware of the tournament rules you want to bet on, you may be able to predict a few possible situations quickly since the rules significantly impact the match outcome.
  • You must be well aware of the player’s fitness and recent records to predict the match’s outcome. Some punters also keep a check on their world ratings to have an idea; however, the recent fitness and records that may not be evident in the ratings also have a considerable impact. Having knowledge about any injuries or personal situations can also be helpful.
  • Keep a check on stats for direct matches. A player may be strong against a particular gaming style and weak against another, so it helps to know how they have fared against a particular opponent in the past.
  • If you follow a player closely, you can gain deep insights into their psyche. For instance, some players tend to give up in the event of a significant breakaway from their opponent and do not fight. On the other hand, some players come out stronger after losing a set and fight back to win ground against the opponent.
  • Air temperature in the badminton hall is an essential factor in the sport. If the temperature is higher and the hall is small, the birdie will fly faster, and the attacking player will have an advantage. Air trajectory also impacts how the birdie flies.
  • Having knowledge of the player’s schedule in the tournament helps as a player playing back-to-back matches or playing in the single and double category is expected to remain very busy and maybe drained towards the end, which can impact their performance.

Betting on badminton Summary

It is important to remember that just like in any other sport, the stronger or most favoured player may not always win. Even after thorough market analysis and great odds, the outcome may not always be in your favour. 

However, you can always increase your chances of winning by analysing the odds and game statistics. Similarly, having sound knowledge about the game and the players is also helpful. Moreover, if you have multiple accounts with different bookmakers, you can leverage the odds difference and earn well from the various bets.

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