Can You Bet On Chess?

Can you bet on Chess is a question we sometimes get asked and the answer is – yes! Whether you want to or not is a different matter, but it can be more exciting than it sounds.

I confess I’ve not played Chess since I was at school, but this strategic game did teach me some amazing life lessons that have served me well regarding gambling of any kind. The first of those is you need a battle plan, while you also need to be able to read other people and their intentions.

But the biggest lesson Chess taught me came from my teacher who made me sit on my hands to curb my natural enthusiasm to attack my enemy at all costs. He told me I had to sit on my hands while I weighed up all the pros and cons of all the possible outcomes, which is great advice when it comes to gambling.

Betting On Popular Chess Events

While betting on chess may not have captured the imagination of punters in the same way as betting on horse racing, football, and other sports, you should never completely rule out any chance to make money from the bookmakers.

Just like in many other sports (okay, Chess is technically a game), there are a variety of recurring tournaments, while new tournaments are also regularly invented.

The Chess World Cup is the main event, and it takes place every two years. 128 players set out to become world champion and losers are eliminated in head-to-head matches until a champion is found, which is similar to the format of football cups, tennis tournaments, and golf match play events.

Other big Chess events include the FIDE Grand Prix, Candidates Tournament, Super Tournaments, all of which give you the chance to back a variety of short-priced favourites and big outsiders.

Chess Betting Markets

If you’re thinking of betting on Chess, there are a variety of Chess betting markets you may wish to consider.

Chess Match Winners

Chess matches are head-to-head affairs that allow you to bet on either player to win the match. It’s no different from tennis match betting, and matches can take a similar amount of time to play. Odds for players to win will vary depending on their perceived chances of winning, with previous form and head-to-heads, and world rankings giving you a possible insight as to whether you think the bookies have priced up the match correctly.

Chess Tournament Winners

If you’re looking for the biggest chess odds, betting on a tournament winner could be the way to go for you. As we’ve already mentioned, the Chess World Cup features 128 players, so you’ll be able to get some tasty odds about lots of players.

Opening Chess Move

If you’re the kind of gambler that likes bets that are settled quickly, then the opening move Chess bet is the one for you. Yes. You’re literally betting on what the opening move of the match will be and checking past strategies of the players can offer some insight into possible strategies.

Number Of Chess Moves

The number of moves is another popular Chess bet in which you must predict how many moves it will take to win the match. Please note that moves are normally measured by the number of moves the white pieces make, not a combination of moves made by both white and black pieces. But please always check the chess rules of the bookmaker you’re betting with.

How To Pick Chess Winners

Placing Chess bets is easy, but you’ll need to do lots of studying if you want to make a profit from betting on chess. The ELO rating estimates the strengths of a chess player and covers their form in different types of Chess such as Blitz and Rapid. Watch out for changes in ELO ratings of the players, as this will indicate whether they are in or out of form or are improving or declining.

Chess head-to-heads are also important, as these give you an insight in to how players have done against each other before. Just like in many other sports or games, you’ll find players that seem to play well against certain other players or types of players.

When you’ve found a Chess bet you want to place, make sure you shop around for the best Chess odds. There’s no point doing lots of studying only to take a shorter price with one bookmaker when you could get better odds with another.

Should I Bet On Chess?

Here at Betting Gods, we’re happy to explore any avenue when it comes to beating the bookmakers. However, we must confess that we don’t have a Chess tipster. If you’re a chess betting expert, feel free to get in touch and prove your skills to us.

What Other Games Can I Bet On?

Betting Gods is also home to a variety of other tipsters, who provide tips for horse racing in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Australia, and The United States. We also have football tipsters that provide football tips for a variety of global league and cup matches.

Other sports we cover at Betting Gods include basketball, ice hockey, handball, and tennis, and you can enjoy betting on the best sporting action from around the world.

If you’re new to betting, you can find a sample of our tips on our daily free betting tips page. Once you’ve found a tipster that suits your betting needs, you can pay an affordable monthly subscription to get all their tips. These tips also come with an expert staking plan and betting bank advice. Even better, all our subscriptions come with the Betting Gods money-back guarantee.

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