Can You Bet On I’m A Celebrity?

We’re always getting asked can you bet on I’m A Celebrity?, and the answer is – yes you can! Lots of bookmakers offer betting on what is one of Britain’s most popular reality TV shows, and loads of people like to enhance their enjoyment of the show by having a bet on their favourite celebrities to be the last to leave the jungle.

How Can I Bet On I’m A Celebrity?

Betting on I’m A Celebrity normally comes in three stages. Many bookmakers are willing to offer odds about which celebrities are going to be the stars of the next series, and there are often substantial gambles after a bit of insider information slips out from ITV slips. But be careful when following these gambles, as many of them are simply social media rumours that have spiralled out of control.

Once the line-up of celebrities has been established for the forthcoming series, most bookmakers offer odds about which contestant will win. A variety of different types of celebrities have been crowned either king or queen of the jungle, such as singers, actors, sports stars, and reality TV stars.

Another popular way of betting on how to bet on I’m A Celebrity is to pick which contest will be eliminated each week. This is all about popular opinion, so you’ll need to a good judge when it comes to working out what the public is thinking.

Where Can I Bet On I’m A Celebrity?

Lots of different bookmakers offer betting on I’m A Celebrity. If you’ve not already got an account with a bookmaker, it’s easy to open one online on Android, iOS, or your computer. You will be even able to claim a welcome offer, such as a free bet or a bonus, at many bookmakers. Examples of popular online bookmakers include Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfair, Betfred, and Paddy Power.

If you don’t want to open a betting account, you can also bet on I’m A Celebrity by popping into one of the many high-street bookmakers. Betfred, Coral, Ladbrokes, and William Hill all have hundreds of betting shops up and down the UK, and you can place your I’m A Celebrity bets in any of them.

If you’re trying to get the best odds about one of your I’m A Celebrity selections, then have a look at the I’m A Celebrity betting on an odds comparison site, where you’ll be able to see which bookmakers are offering the best odds.

Popular betting exchanges such as Betfair also offer odds on I’m A Celebrity, so you might want to consider opening an account with them.

I’m A Celebrity Betting Strategy

You’ve got to be flexible when it comes to your betting strategy for I’m A Celebrity, as the voting public can be a fickle bunch that quickly swap their allegiance from one celebrity to another depending on how they endear themselves to their fellow contestants. Social media gurus can also have a big say, as they have thousands of followers that hang on their every word, giving them the power to influence public opinion.

A look back at the past winners of I’m A Celebrity will give you some insight into what sorts of celebs do well. Inaugural I’m A Celebrity winner Tony Blackburn is the only radio DJ to have won, but singers Kerry Katona (2003), Matt Willis (2007), Dougie Poynter (2012), and Kian Egan (2014) also struck a chord with punters.

Stacey Solomon (2011) also has some musical roots, having been a popular star of X-Factor, and that link to another reality TV show ties in nicely with other I’m A Celebrity winners such as Vicky Pattison (2016), Scarlett Moffatt (2017), and Georgia Toffolo (2018).

Actors have also proven popular, with Christopher Biggins (2008), Joe Swash (2009), Charlie Brooks (2013), and Jacqueline Jossa (2020) all securing the public vote. Comedian Joe Pasquale (2005) also endeared himself to the British public.

Sports stars have also worn the I’m A Celebrity crown three times, with hilarious ex-cricketer Phil Tuffnell being the first in 2003. Since then, former superbike champion has raced to success in 2015, while everyone’s favourite ex-football manager Harry Redknapp claimed the title in 2019. The oddest winner of all was probably Carol Thatcher in 2006, as she was a journalist and the daughter of the ex-Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Should I Bet On I’m A Celebrity?

Yes, you can bet on I’m A Celebrity, but whether you should bet on I’m A Celebrity is a whole different ball game.

If you like to bet for fun, and I’m A Celebrity is one of your favourite TV shows, having a bet on your favourite celebrity will make the show even more exciting. You might even want to take to social media at every given opportunity to try and influence the public to vote for your selection. But don’t be too disappointed if you lose, as predicting who the public might vote for in any walk of life has become something of a minefield.

Here at Betting Gods, we prefer to take a more pragmatic approach to gambling, and we’d rather bet on sports where you can study the form and make logical assumptions about what results will be.


Where Can I find I’m A Celebrity Betting Odds?

To find the betting odds for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! 2023, you can visit several online betting platforms and bookmakers. Websites like Oddschecker provide a comprehensive range of I’m A Celebrity betting markets. For example, Sam Thompson, known for his appearances on reality TV shows like Made in Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother, is a favored contestant to win.

Additionally, Paddy Power is another option where you can find the odds for I’m A Celeb 2023. This site often features detailed odds for leading contenders and updates them regularly. At one point, Sam Thompson was listed as the favorite with odds of 10/3 to win the 2023 series.

What Other Celebrity Betting Events Exist?

Celebrity betting encompasses a wide range of events and shows, attracting significant interest from the public. Some of the most popular celebrity betting events include:

Eurovision Song Contest: This annual song competition featuring participants from various European countries is a hotbed for betting. People bet on which country will win, the top-scoring countries, and sometimes even on specific outcomes during performances.

Oscars/Academy Awards: Betting on the Oscars is extremely popular, with categories like Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, and Best Director being the focus. People speculate and place bets on who will win these prestigious awards each year.

Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing: These dance competition TV shows are also popular for betting, with odds offered on which celebrity or dance pair will win the season.

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother: These reality TV shows have a strong betting culture, with bets placed on who will be evicted next, who will make it to the finals, and who will ultimately win.

Reality TV Show Competitions: Shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and The X Factor also attract bettors who predict winners, finalists, and various show outcomes.

Presidential Elections and Political Events: Though not strictly celebrity events, these often involve public figures and garner significant betting interest on outcomes like who will win an election or a party’s nomination.

Sports Personality of the Year: In countries like the UK, betting on who will be named the Sports Personality of the Year is common.

Celebrity Boxing Matches: Recently, celebrity boxing matches have become popular betting events. These often involve famous individuals from various entertainment sectors competing in boxing matches.

Reality TV Show Romances: Shows like The Bachelor, The Great British Bake Off, or Love Island also see bets on outcomes such as which couple will stay together or who will be the final pair.

Royal Family Events: In the UK, betting on various aspects of the Royal Family, like the name of a new royal baby or the outcome of royal marriages, is quite popular.

There really is a vast range of celebrity-related happenings that attract the interest of bettors, giving plenty of opportunities for celebrity betting fans to get involved in various events.

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