Can You Bet On Muay Thai?

While it may not be a popular participatory sport globally, Muay Thai, a boxing sport, is one of the most popular sports in Thailand. However, in terms of viewership, it has a close following worldwide as millions watch these matches live and bet on the exciting games as well. 

Muay Thai is one of the most bet on sports in Thailand, and stats suggest that the Muay Thai betting industry is worth billions and the activity continues to gain traction. If you, too, are wondering how you can get in on the action, here is a brief guide to help you get started. 

How To Bet On Muay Thai

If you were unaware of whether it is possible to bet on Muay Thai, you may also not be aware of the brilliant opportunities you can leverage from betting on the sport. 

If you want to indulge in the experience of wagering on Muay Thai, you must take into account the unique game features. The good news is that bookmakers offer extensive listings during major national and international contests and the world championship. 

The major Muay Thai events are held three to four times a year or even less. So, if you want to benefit from betting on these events, you must carefully analyse and guess possible outcomes by considering all the pertinent factors that may impact the game outcome.

What type of Muay Thai bets can I place?

While there may not be a lot of variety when it comes to betting types for Muay Thai, you may find a few interesting options which are regarded as classics in the betting industry. However, before you consider which kind of bet you want to place and which tactic you want to adopt while gambling on the sport, you must consider the type of gambling you prefer. 

Here are a few common bets you can consider if you want to get started betting on Muay Thai.

The game outcome: You can bet on the game outcome, i.e. the winner. For this bet type, you must choose the boxer you think is most likely to win in the upcoming meet. You can also bet if you think the game will end in a draw.

Total bet: In this type, you must choose the expected number of rounds for the game.

Game Completion bet: In this bet type, you can bid on whether the game will be won through a knockout or a technical defeat.

Game Time bet: As the name implies, you can bet on the duration of the fight and the total number of rounds.

One-round win bet: This is a high odd bet as it is hard to bet who may win which round of the game.

Muay Thai Betting Strategies

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the basic bet types you can consider for betting on Muay Thai, here are a few strategies that can help increase your winning prospects. 

Choose the right match to bet on- It implies that you adopt a winning strategy and pick a match where one of the players has a strong likelihood of winning in the first or second round of the match.

Bet on a knockout- In this case, you may need to wager on a knockout in any of the rounds and not bet on the complete win of an outsider.

Arbitration strategy– Like other forms of sports, you can also create an arbitration situation to make a profit by searching across bookmakers for opposite meets with varying odds.

Betting on your favourite without considering who they are pitched against is not mandatory. Always observe the participants, their records and their fitness level, as this significantly impacts the game outcome. 

If you are interested in knockout bets, study the percentage of wins by knockout to assess if there is a likelihood of the same happening in the upcoming game.

Most importantly, if you are a novice, you must familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the game and know the game format and rules. It helps if you have good analytical skills, based on which you can make a calculated assessment and a possibly correct outcome.

For instance, if you analyse the last game of the fighters, you may be able to understand their game tactic and approach.

It is also important to monitor the odds as they shift since quotes can change. Also, you must keep track of your bets and your gambling funds. Do not make haste and place big bets in the beginning. It helps to start small, enabling you to gain more experience and bolster your confidence.

Is Muay Thai better than MMA? 

MMA and Muay Thai are one of the most effective martial arts forms. While MMA is more versatile and can be applied in various situations, Muay Thai is limited in comparison. MMA is also harder to learn as you have to learn a variety of forms, including boxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai, to master the technique. 

Is Muay Thai better than boxing for self-defence?

While Muay Thai takes the lead regarding versatility, boxers may have a better chance in instances of self-defence as they have better footwork and can throw in more punches. However, it also depends on who you are pitched against and the situation in general. 

How popular is Muay Thai betting?

Muay Thai betting is an integral part of the sports culture in Thailand, significantly contributing to the landscape of Thailand sport betting. Muay Thai, a traditional form of boxing, is not only the national sport of Thailand but also a major attraction in the realm of sports betting in the country. This form of betting is so ingrained in the culture that it’s humorously remarked in Thailand that people attend Muay Thai matches not merely for entertainment but primarily to engage in gambling. Ringside betting at these events is particularly prevalent and sophisticated, with many participants treating it as a full-time profession and travelling across the country to partake in this activity.

The popularity of Muay Thai gambling in Thailand is underscored by the substantial amount of money wagered annually on these matches. It’s estimated that Thai people spend around 40 billion baht a year on gambling, with a significant portion of this going towards betting on Muay Thai fights. This substantial figure indicates the high level of engagement and enthusiasm for Muay Thai betting among the Thai populace.

Moreover, the passion for Muay Thai extends beyond participatory sports, with a vast audience worldwide watching these matches live and actively betting on them. This international interest in Muay Thai betting suggests its global appeal, transcending the borders of Thailand and engaging a global audience.

In terms of sports betting Thailand, Muay Thai stands alongside other popular sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). This association with other combat sports further emphasizes the significance of Muay Thai in the sports betting scene in Thailand, appealing to a wide audience passionate about combat sports.

In summary, Muay Thai betting is not only a crucial aspect of sports betting in Thailand but also an activity deeply embedded in the country’s cultural fabric. The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai, attracts significant betting interest both domestically and internationally, reflecting its widespread popularity and the enthusiasm of its followers for engaging in Muay Thai gambling.

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