Can You Cancel A Bet On Sky Bet?

Can you cancel a bet on Sky Bet is a question we often get asked, and the answer is – MAYBE! Sky Bet does offer to consider any request to cancel a bet, but there’s a good chance that they won’t.

Bet Cancellation Policy For Sky Bet

If you read Sky Bet’s bet cancellation policy, you’ll see the following paragraph, “Once bets have been confirmed with us (Sky Bet), they can only be cancelled or changed by mutual consent. If you’ve placed a bet and wish to cancel or change it, please contact our Customer Care team in good time before the start of the event for their consideration.”

But while Sky Bet will consider cancelling a bet in the best interests of customer relations, Sky Bet also stipulates some circumstances in which it will not consider cancelling a bet.

These include when:

1. the price of your selection has changed
2. when an event has started,
3. you’ve changed your mine

While points one and two are self-explanatory and perfectly reasonable, point three is a little vague. We take it to mean that if you have £100 on a horse to win but you change your mind, your request to cancel your bet will be ignored.

However, perhaps if you make a genuine mistake, your request may be considered. For example, if you normally bet £10 on a horse and you enter £110 and confirm it before, only to notice your mistake seconds later, perhaps Sky Bet will cancel your bet. So, if you do make a genuine mistake, contact the Sky Bet customer support team immediately.

Consider Sky Bet Cash Out

If Sky Bet won’t cancel your bet, the other option to consider is Sky Bet cash out, providing you’ve placed your bet in a qualifying cash out market.

To see your cash out options, log in to your Sky Bet account and go to ‘my bets’. If your cash out option is the same as the stake you bet, simply cash out and confirm it to get your stake back, which is just the same as cancelling your bet. Your cashed out stake will then appear in your account balance.

The problem you may have is, if the odds of your selection have increased, your cash out option may be lower than your original stake. If this is the case, you’ll need to decide whether losing some of your stake is better than risking it all by letting the bet ride.

But the opposite also applies, in that the odds of your selection may have contracted in the time since you put your bet on. If this is this case, you may find your cash out option is more than your original stake.

Are There Other Ways To Cancel A Bet?

If Sky Bet refuses to cancel a bet, and there is not a cash out option available at Sky Bet, another possible option is to use the betting Exchanges to lay your bet.

For example, if you’ve accidentally had a £100 bet on a selection at 2/1 (when you mean to have just a £10 bet), you could lay your bet back on Betfair or another of the Betting exchanges. Once again, you may have to settle for a small loss, but this is still better than losing all your stake.

The big negative is that you will have to fund your betting exchange account with enough money to lay the amount you’ll win if your original bet wins. In this instance, that would be laying a bet of £200 to win £100.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it’s also a good idea to ask yourself why you want to cancel a bet?

Why Do You Want To Cancel A Bet?

Before I learned to be a professional gambler, I made mistakes such as over-staking bets. Those mistakes came in the times before betting exchanges and cash out features existed. They were costly mistakes too, and ones that made me ask myself why I had made them.

The answer was that I was rushing to have a bet, chasing losses when I shouldn’t have been, and generally betting without a plan. It was a lesson I learned quickly, and it was one of the reasons that made me want to gamble like the professionals.

Professional gamblers are never rushing to put bets on. They’re never unsure of how much money to stake or hurrying to chase losses. They never bet impulsively or when simply following a gut-feeling.

If you’ve made any of those mistakes or have those urges that can hurt you as a gambler, it’s time you started gambling like a professional.

how do you request a bet on sky bet?

You can request a bet on Sky Bet in two primary ways:

Request A Bet Through Twitter:

1. Send a tweet to @SkyBet detailing your bet and use the hashtag #RequestABet.
2. Ensure you mention all bet specifics, like the event, teams or players, and the kind of bet you’re aiming for.
3. Sky Bet’s trading team will assess your request, and if feasible, they’ll set a price for the bet.
4. After setting the price, Sky Bet will tweet you a link to finalise the bet.

Request A Bet Using the Sky Bet app or website:

1. Sign in to your Sky Bet profile and navigate to your desired event.
2. Select the “Create a RequestABet” option.
3. Construct your bet by merging individual bets.
4. When satisfied, hit the “Request a price” option.
5. The trading team at Sky Bet will evaluate your request, and if possible, they’ll determine a price.
6. Upon pricing, you’ll get a notification, allowing you to confirm the bet.

It’s crucial to understand that not all requests might get a price, especially intricate ones or those related to distant events. If Sky Bet can’t set a price, they’ll inform you.

When requesting a bet on Sky Bet, consider these suggestions:

Clearly describe your bet to aid the trading team in accurate pricing.
Refrain from overly complicated bets. Simpler bets have a higher chance of getting priced.
Exercise patience, as pricing might require some time.

How To Gamble Like A Professional

The fact that you’ve made a mistake and want to cancel a bet suggests you’re not currently gambling like a professional. It suggests you haven’t carefully made your selections based on rational analysis of the form-book, adhered to a staking plan, and placed your bets in a timely and stress-free manner.

But don’t torture yourself, as there are millions of punters just like you who have made those same mistakes and still are doing. And, while it’s difficult to become a professional gambler overnight, it’s easy to follow the advice of professional gamblers who are willing to share their tips and advice with you.

Betting Gods is a tipster platform that works hard to find established and new tipping talent that are willing to share their advice and tips with you. All you need to do is register here and we’ll send you a daily selection of tips from our tipsters. This is a great way to get to know the tipsters you like the most and learn how to bet like a professional gambler.

You can continue to enjoy our free tips for as long as you want but, of course, all our tipsters also offer affordable monthly subscriptions that allow you to receive all their tips. Our subscriptions also come with a staking plan and invaluable advice about betting bank management.

Our professional tipsters send out their tips the previous evening or on the morning of the sporting event they’re for, meaning you’ll have lots of time to place your bets. This means there’s no reason to get flustered about what stake to put on or start betting on random selection to start chasing losses.

This advice should help you eradicate the types of mistakes you’ve previously made and wished you could cancel.

We hope that’s answered your question, can you cancel a bet on Sky Bet.

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