Can You Cash Out On Sky Bet?

Sky Bet does provide a cash out option on some bets. To check out if any bets you’ve placed with Sky bet are eligible for cash out, simply go to ‘my bet’ in your Sky Bet account and click on the cash out section. However, just like at any other bookmakers, Sky Bet do stress that cash out may not always be available due to unforeseen technical issues.

Sky Bet will, however, endeavour to offer cash out on bets as often and as soon as possible. Cash out settlements will be offered on all relevant bets, apart from when betting on the event or events in question is suspended.

How Does Cash Out Work At Sky Bet?

The Sky Bet cash out feature is an innovation that allows you to settle an open bet at the cash out value offered at the time. The value of the settlement offered may depend on market fluctuations and the odds of the bet winning at that time. Cash out settlement offers can be more or less than the stakes you initially placed. It’s also a handy way of cancelling a bet if you’ve screwed up somewhere along the line.

How Cash Out Works At Sky Bet

Imagine you had placed a £20 double on Liverpool to beat Everton at evens (2.00) and Manchester United to beat Chelsea at 2/1, you would stand to get back £120 if both selections won. With 10 minutes left to play, Liverpool are winning 2-1 and Manchester United 2-0. In this scenario, Sky Bet may offer you an early cash out settlement of £100. That’s £20 less than you would get if both teams went on to win, but £100 more than if just one of the teams doesn’t win.

Sky Bet may offer generous cash out settlements when your bets are in a favourable position, whilst also offering small cash out settlements that may help you cut your losses when your bets are in an unfavourable position.

Sky Bet Cash Out Main T&Cs

• Sky Bet cash out is only available on specified sports and sporting markets, excluding any form of permutations. Cash out is also only available on win bets and not each-way bets, while SP bets and ante-post bets are also excluded. Some price boosts may also be ineligible for cash out.
• The stake of any free bet will not be part of any cash out offer.
• £500,000 is the maximum cash out offer for accumulators or single bets

Why Is My Bet With Sky Bet Not Offering Me A Cash Out Settlement?

If you’re bet with Sky Bet isn’t offering you a cash out settlement, it is normally because one or more of your selections are ineligible for cash out.

What Sports And Markets Are Eligible For Cash Out At Sky Bet?

The following sports are available for cash out at Sky Bet, football, horse racing, cricket, darts, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby Union, and Tennis. Some example markets for these sports are also listed below. Please note, these markets may have been excluded or added to after this article, so please always check before placing a bet.

Full Time Result, Some RequestABet Specials, Single Next Team To Score bets, Both Team To Score, Correct Score, Half-Time Markets, Extra-Time Markets, Soccer Saturday Price Boosts, Trebles.

Horse Racing
Win and each-way bets (but not SP or ante-post), Horse Racing Price Boosts, Faller Insurance, bet without markets, insure bets, place betting, match bets.

American Football
Match Results

Match Winners

Bout Winners

Match Winners

Weekly Price Boosts
Match Results

Match Results
In-play price boosts
Current set winner markets

Rugby Union
Match Results

We hope that’s answered your question, can you cash out on Sky Bet. You should now have an understanding of how cash out works at Sky Bet, an example of how cash out works at Sky Bet, the Sky Bet cash out main T&Cs, and what sports and markets are eligible for cash out at Sky Bet.

Of course, you’ll still have to make the decision at to whether cash out your bets or not. If you need more advice about ‘what does cash out mean in betting’, click here.

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