How Do Tipsters Get Their Tips?

We often get asked, how do tipsters get their tips? We can’t speak for all betting tipsters when we answer this question, but we can tell you our tipsters work very hard to find a regular supply of value tips that help them, and their followers, make a long-term profit from gambling.

How Hard Do Tipsters Work?

We often hear people say it can’t be difficult to come up with one or two tips each day, but you’ll be surprised by just how hard tipsters work to come up with tips.

Sure, anyone could just tip one or two horses or other sporting selections each day in just a few minutes. But any tipping charlatans like this soon get found out.

The key to being a good tipster is being able to find value, by which we mean providing tips at odds that are bigger than they should be.

Horse racing tipsters work especially hard. Being a horse racing tipster isn’t as easy as just picking one or two races a day and coming up with a tip or two. Most horse racing tipsters will analyze lots of races each day, disregarding those in which the bookmakers appear to have got the odds right.

When tipsters think they’ve found a race where there appears to be some value, they then invest more time in it to check that everything is in place to suggest that their selection will outrun its odds.

How Do Horse Racing Tipsters Pick Tips?

Horse Racing is a complex sport in which there are lots of criteria to consider when providing horse racing tips.

When analyzing horse racing, it’s important to be aware that the rating of a horse is only the handicapper’s current assessment. This rating does not say whether a horse has the scope for further improvement or appears to be regressing. Ratings also don’t tell you under what conditions a horse should run to that rating, surpass that rating, or run below form.

Let’s face it, if all horses ran to their ratings all the time, picking the winners of races in which horses run off level-weights would be easy. But experienced tipsters know that other factors can give horses a significant advantage over others.

When tipping a horse, tipsters also consider factors such as how the ground is riding, whether a horse prefers flat or undulating tracks, and how the draw may affect the outcome. The potential pace of a race may also suit one horse more than another. Jockeys booking and trainer form are also taken into consideration.

Handicaps are even more complicated, with the horses all carrying different weights that reflect their current ratings. But in handicaps, there tend to be unexposed horses that have the potential to be rated much higher, exposed horses that look vulnerable to these improvers, and out-of-form horses that could come back to form after getting some respite from the handicapper.

Tipsters use all these potential angles to try and find value selections, which is why being a tipster is much harder work than you probably thought it was.

Being A Tipster Is All About Opinions

What’s great about being a horse racing tipster is it’s all about opinions. The handicapper has his opinion about how good a horse is, while the bookmakers have their opinions of what odds a horse should be to win a race. But tipsters make it their goal to make their own opinions, ones that differ from the handicapper and the bookmakers, and this is when they find value.

A good tipster will also offer opinions that don’t reflect the masses. If you check out lots of websites whose writers offer free tips, you’ll often see that many of them seem to come up with the same tips. Sure, there will always be some crossover, but there’s also an argument that many writers simply follow the opinions of other writers.

One of the reasons that many sportswriters follow the tips of other writers is it’s easier than forming their own opinions. They also get paid for writing, with many of their salaries paid by websites that are sponsored by bookmakers.

That’s why tipsters that earn their wages from the subscriptions their members pay them normally provide better value tips than those that don’t.

This type of tipster knows they need to work hard to provide a steady stream of original tips at value odds to keep their members happy. Sure, everyone has winners and losers, but subscription tipsters are much more motivated to make long-term profits from gambling than tipsters that get paid a salary.

How To Follow A Subscription Tipster

Betting Gods was established in 2014, with the goal of finding the best tipsters in this business. And, with over 120,000 members, we like to think we offer the best value subscription tipsters services.

Around half of our tipsters are horse racing tipsters, and they provide tips for flat racing, jumps racing, and all-weather racing in the UK. We also have our very own US Racing Expert that specializes in racing in the USA. If greyhound racing is more your thing, take a look at Premier Greyhound Tips.

Lots of our sports tipsters have also made big names for themselves, including the NHL Betting Master, The Basketball Geek, Cricket Betting Tipster, and Euro Football Tipster. All our tipsters also offer affordable monthly subscriptions that give you access to all their tips. But you don’t have to sign up straight away, you can start by taking a trial of any of our tipsters.

If you’re not sure which of our hard-working tipsters you want to follow, we’ll send you some free tips. Simply register here and we’ll send you daily free tips from a selection of our tipsters.

We hope that’s answered your question, how do tipsters get their tips.

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