How Does Virtual Horse Racing Work?

What is a bumper horse race is a question we often get asked, and the answer is…

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What Is A Bumper Horse Race?

Bumpers are flat races for horses that are primarily seen as future National Hunt horses. They’re are a way of giving these types of horses some racing experience before they are sent hurdling or chasing, and are traditionally run over distances ranging from one mile five furlongs to two miles four furlongs.

How does virtual horse racing work is a question we often get asked. The answer is the winners are picked by a random number generator (RNG), similar to the ones used in slots and non-live online casino games.

That means there’s no point trying to study the form of virtual horse racing, despite the pre-race build-ups suggesting there might be. Winners are simply picked at random so, when you bet on Virtual Horse Racing, you’re really playing an elaborate game of horse racing roulette.

How Do The Odds Work In Virtual Horse Racing?

Just like in any other form of betting that uses an RNG, the operators that offer Virtual Horse Racing build in a percentage for themselves to increase their chances of winning and your chances of losing.

For example, if you have a 10-runner virtual horse race in which all horses have an equal chance of winning, their odds should be 10.00 (9/1). This means, if you had a £10 bet on each of the horses, you would stake £100 and get a return of £100, no matter which horse wins.

But bookmakers build in a percentage for themselves by offering, for example, 9.0 (8/1) about each horse. This means, if you had a £10 bet on each of the horses, you would stake £100 but only get a return of £90, no matter which horse wins. This means you would lose £10.

Of course, you’re unlikely to bet on each horse in the race. But bookmakers work on the principle that all horses will get backed. Even if not all horses get backed to win the same amount of money, the bookies know they will be unlucky not to make money in the long run as the odds are stacked in their favour.

However, unlike a roulette wheel where all red and black numbers are 35/1, the bookies price up different virtual horses at different odds.

But all they need to do is program the RNG to give some horses a better chance of winning. For example, a horse at 5.0 (4/1) will be programmed to have twice as much chance of winning as a horse at odds of 9.0 (8/1). But the winner is still drawn at random.

Should I Bet On Virtual Horse Racing?

If you like betting on games of complete chance, then betting on virtual horse racing is no different from betting on roulette, slots, or even the lottery. If you’re lucky you’ll win, and if you’re unlucky you’ll lose. But just be aware that the odds of you making long-term profits from these types of fixed odds games are firmly against you.

Why Should I Bet On Horse Racing Over Virtual Horse Racing?

Some people will argue that there is no difference between betting on horse racing and virtual horse racing, but that’s nonsense.

It could be argued that bookies will price up a 10-horse race, in which all 10 horses had as much chance of winning, identically to that of a 10-horse virtual horse race. This may be true, but people that bet on horse racing have a chance to increase their chances of winning by finding ways to disagree with the bookies’ assessment of a horse’s chances. There is no way of doing this when betting on virtual horse racing.

There are lots of other factors to consider in horse racing, ones that have no effect on virtual horse racing.

Punters that bet on horse racing have the chance to factor in form, the effect of the going, the distance of the race, and the type of racecourse. There’s also trainer and jockey form, while the draw can be a major factor in flat races.

All these factors give us as punters a chance to find flaws in the bookmakers’ logic and allows us to find the type of value bets that DO NOT EXIST IN VIRTUAL HORSE RACING!

For example, a bookmaker may price up a horse at odds of 5/1. But after carefully studying all possible factors, you decide you think the horse is more like a 3/1 shot. This horse has now become a value bet.

How Do I Pick Horse Racing Winners?

Whilst you might as well pick numbers out of a hat when trying to pick winners of virtual horse races, hard work can give you a much better chance of picking horse racing winners. There may be no such thing as a dead cert, but hard work can swing the odds in your favour when betting on horse racing.

Most professional gamblers and tipsters that specialize in horse racing spend their days watching re-runs of races and studying the formbook, looking for reasons why horses will or won’t run up to form. Finding horses that you don’t think will run up to form is one way to swing the odds in your favour, as this, theoretically, increases the chance of the other horses winning.

If you can then find a reason why one of the remaining horses might outrun its previous form, you’ll certainly have found a value bet. As already mentioned, the going, the course, the distance, the draw, and the form of the trainer and jockey are all ways you can swing the odds in your favour.

If you’ve not got the time or skills to be able to analyze horse racing as well as professional gamblers, don’t worry, as many professional gamblers are also willing to offer their advice to punters for an affordable monthly tipster subscription.

What Horse Racing Tipsters Should I Follow?

You’ll find a variety of horse racing tipsters at Betting Gods, many of which have been picking winners and making profits from horse racing for years. We also pride ourselves on being able to unearth new tipping talents.

All our horse racing tipsters offer affordable monthly subscription services that give you access to all their tips. But we also let you try before you buy.

You can check out the profiles of our horse racing tipsters on the Betting Gods website, where you can see important information such as profit, winning percentage, and return on investment. Other stats you might want to check out include average monthly tips and the average odds of their tips.

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