How Many Tipsters Should I Follow?

How many tipsters should I follow is a question we often get asked and the answer is you shouldn’t limit yourself to a set number.

The principles behind investing your money in the skills of proven betting tipsters are like investing in other things such as markets or stocks and shares. Providing you’ve got the money to do it correctly, the potential rewards are limitless.

But there are certain steps you need to put in place to be successful when following tipsters, and we urge you to follow them in your quest to profit from gambling.

Start With A Betting Bank

If we could only give one piece of advice to all prospective gamblers, it would be to make sure you start gambling with the betting bank that a tipster advises you to.

A betting bank is a sum of money that you put aside for the sole purpose of betting on the tips of your chosen tipster. Recommended betting banks can vary in size, and this will often be determined by factors such as staking plans and the win rate of the tipster’s selections. But most tipsters will advise you to start with between 50x around 100x their average bet size.

As most tipsters tend to experience downturns in form at some point, your betting bank is designed to cover any bad runs and still leave you with money to keep staking your tipster’s selections when he starts winning again. Of course, this may never be a problem if you start using a tipster in the middle of a winning run.

But you also need to think about what you’re going to do with your betting bank once it starts growing. We recommend you think of making a profit from gambling as a long-term investment. When you start, you should reassess the performance of your tipster over 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or a year.

Hopefully, this will give you time to grow your betting bank significantly, and you can then consider what to do with your profits.

Reinvesting Your Gambling Profits In Tipsters

Let’s say your first venture into following a tipster has been a successful one, and you double your initial betting bank of £1,000 in six months.

You now have £2,000 and you have some different options to consider. You could take your £1,000 profit and treat yourself to something you want like a new set of golf clubs. There’s nothing wrong with this but, if you’re looking to maximize your profits from gambling, you may wish to think about reinvesting it.

If you choose to reinvest your profits, you have two options. Firstly, you could double your per point stake on the selections of your current tipster. For example, if you’ve been betting £10 per point, you can now afford to double that to £20 per point.

The other alternative is to use your £1,000 profits to set up a second betting bank that you can use to bankroll betting on another tipster.

These two choices are like those faced by stocks and shares investors. By investing more money in one tipster, you are doubling your risk and your potential rewards. By diversifying and following two tipsters, you are reducing the risk.

Both these methods are perfectly feasible, but most successful gamblers that we know that follow tipsters tend to diversify their tipster portfolios. Many do this as it also gives them more interest, with more tipsters providing more bets. If you take this route, just make sure you have the time to put all the different bets on and manage the different betting banks you’ll need.

How Do I Pick The Best Tipsters?

Many punters that follow a tipster for the first time tend to choose one who specializes in the sport they like the most. Horse racing remains the most popular sport to bet on and a high percentage of tipsters specialize in betting on the various forms of horse racing.

If you love horse racing, then we’d definitely recommend you start by following a horse racing tipster. This will fuel your love of the sport and you’ll be able to brag to your horse racing betting buddies about the profits you’re making.

But one thing we’ve learned about tipsters over the years is that lots of them that make decent profits from betting on sports that most punters know nothing about. These sports are often prioritized less by bookmakers, which means shrewd tipsters can exploit the markets even more. That’s why you should consider diversifying your tipster portfolio to include tipsters that make profits from gambling on other sports.

What Sports Do Tipsters Bet On?

Here at Betting Gods, we’ve made it our goal to unearth top tipping talents that provide tips for a wide range of sports. We do have top horse racing tipsters such as Quentin Franks Racing, but you can also expand your tipster portfolios to take in tips for basketball, the NHL, golf and tennis, cricket, greyhound racing, and even eSports.

If you’d like to expand your tipster portfolio, we urge you to consider hot tipsters such as The Basketball Geek, NHL Betting Master, Handball Pro Bet, and Premier Greyhound Tips.

You can check out all these tipsters and more on the Betting Gods website, where each tipster has their own profile. You can see stats such as total profits, average monthly profit, win rate, return on investment, and bank growth.

If you want to try any of our tipsters, there are several ways to do it. If you send us your email, we’ll send you daily free tips from a sample of our tipsters. Alternatively, you can start a low-priced free trial of any of our tipsters at any time.

If you know which tipsters you want to follow, you can also take out an affordable monthly subscription that allows you to receive all their tips. All subscription services are also backed by the Betting Gods’ money-back guarantee.

We hope that’s answered your question, how many tipsters should I follow. If you’d like more advice about betting, you’ll find hundreds more interesting and informative articles here on the Betting Gods blog.

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