How To Bet On Cricket (and win)

When it comes to betting, cricket is not everyone’s favourite sport. But whether they like cricket or not, professional punters see it as one of the easiest sports to bet on to make long-term profits.

In our article, how to bet on cricket and win, we’ve discussed the nuances of cricket and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Are The Different Cricket Formats?

Cricket is popular around the world and most UK-based bookmakers offer betting on matches every day, many of which are televised. If you want to bet on cricket and win, learning the five different cricket formats is a good starting point.

Test Matches

Test matches are played between two international sides and take place over five days. The matches consist of two innings for each side and each match is normally part of a three or five match series.

Four-Day Matches

Four-day matches consist of two innings for each team, but they are played between two English counties as part of a league or cup competition.

50-Over Matches

50-over matches are normally international matches. They consist of one innings for both teams, with each side limited to 50-overs each. These matches are normally part of a series, while this format is also used for the Cricket World Cup.

40-Over Matches

40-over matches are normally English county matches. They consist of one innings for both teams, with each side limited to 40-overs each. These matches are normally part of a league or cup competition.

20-Over Matches

20-over matches normally fall under the banner of twenty/twenty matches or T20 matches in which both sides are limited to 20 overs. Since this format was established, it has quickly become the most exciting cricket format, with teams regularly scoring 10+ runs an over. The format is used for many popular cricket competitions, such as the Big Bash and Caribbean T20

What Are Popular Cricket Betting Markets?

Bookmakers continue to create more and more cricket betting markets, but professional cricket punters often stick to the tried and tested markets.
Match winner markets are when you pick one of the teams to win a match, while some markets also offer the draw as an option.

You can also bet on which batsman will score the most runs in an innings or which bowler will take the most wickets. These markets can also be extended to matches and even tournaments or series.

Bookmakers also offer markets on how many runs or wickets there will be in a session, such as before lunch or after tea.

Know Your Cricketers

We’ve probably all heard of Freddie Flintoff but if you want to bet on cricket and win, it’s important to know your cricketers. While some cricketers have the skills to prosper in all cricket formats, it’s often the case that players will excel in one type or another. Batsmen with explosive power are often ideal for 20-over matches, while those with superb technique and patience are made for test match cricket.

Many cricketers also perform best in certain conditions. For example, swing bowlers will only perform to their best when weather and pitch conditions are ideal for swing bowling. Equally, fast bowlers often struggle to make an impact on slow pitches.

Understand Your Cricket Pitches

How much a pitch will deteriorate is something that is often discussed by cricket pundits before a match starts, and it can be a massive factor when deciding what cricket bets to place.

If a pitch is going to deteriorate throughout a test match, calling head or tails to win the toss and bat first can be the most important decision a captain makes in the entire match.

Of course, it’s also important to know your cricketers at this point, so you can decide whether the teams have picked players that can get the job done in the prevailing conditions.

How Does Weather Affect Cricket Matches?

The weather can play a massive part in deciding the outcome of cricket matches. For instance, if there is a lot of rain forecast, there’s a good chance that a test match will end in a draw because there won’t be time to complete all four innings.

In limited-overs cricket, such as 50, 40, and 20 over matches, rain delays reduce the number of overs each side can bat for. A match may then be decided by the Duckworth Lewis method, an algorithm that sets the side batting second a total that they must achieve in their reduced number of overs.

But it’s not only rain that can affect cricket matches. Overcast conditions make a cricket ball swing more, which makes it much harder for batsmen. In such conditions, teams normally score much fewer runs than in sunnier conditions, providing the bowling team has picked the type of swing bowlers that prosper in such conditions.

Know Your Cricket Grounds

Cricket grounds vary in size and conditions, so it’s important to know how previous matches have played out at the different grounds in a variety of conditions.

Some grounds regularly produce high-scoring matches in some conditions but not in others. There are also lots of useful cricket statistics that are readily available that will help you with trying to predict runs or wickets in a session, etc.

If you hear that the boundary rope has been moved up for a match, this could mean that there are more sixes scored. It may also make a big hitter a much more appealing bet in the top batsman markets.

Follow A Professional Cricket Tipster

We hope our article has given you a good basis for understanding how to be on cricket and win. If you want to make a profit from cricket, your first option is to put in plenty of hard work and start studying the nuances of different cricket formats, popular cricket betting markets, and in which formats cricketers excel. You’ll also want to study the different cricket pitches and how the weather can affect cricket results.

But don’t worry if you don’t think you’ve got the time or skillset to make a profit from betting on cricket. All you need to do is bet on the cricket tips of a proven professional cricket tipster who will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each day placing his advised bets.

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